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Have you checked out the new TTYA collection at LTS yet? It’s definitely my favourite so far, so I was very grateful when the lovely LTS team gifted me this 70s inspired outfit combo, which has already seen a classy night out at Clapham Grand with the girls and a rare date night with the hubby.

The suede skirt (£85) is the perfect mini length on a tall girly, and having a black polo jumper (£50) with sleeves that I can almost hide my hands in is another  #lifegoal realised. 


The fashion choices available for extra-tall women like us have massively increased over the last few years, but there’s definitely still a long way to go. I would LOVE to see more of this sort of thing at LTS. Which brings me on to my next question. What would you like to see more of? Tall workwear? Runway-inspired evenings gowns?

If you get a spare minute, I’d love you to pop your LTS wishlist in the comments below. If you don’t mind, I’d also be really grateful if you could let me know your age as well.

L xx

P.S. This isn’t research that LTS has commissioned me to do. I just a) am nosey and b) think it’s a great way of getting our voices heard.

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23 Responses to Write your LTS Wishlist

  1. I’d love to see more basics like plain black trousers in different styles – particularly some slim leg trousers for work and some basic cap sleeved dresses.

    I still find LTS on the whole for workwear quite outdated.

  2. I second slim-leg (washable!) black work trousers.

    Also, skinny jeans in a cut I would actually wear, so *properly* skinny! I felt LTS was for much older women when I was a teenager. I’m 26 now and still feel the same.

  3. I’m 24 and still find LTS very much too ‘grown-up’ for my tastes. Luckily I don’t yet have to buy special workwear. I’ve found a few things on Asos Tall I like and shop mostly on Topshop Tall (although could be better, the Petites do seem to get all the best stuff). My style is quite girly, casual and comfortable – I’m sure there are plenty of tall girls 10+ years younger than me who want genuinely on-trend clothing that fits too!

    • Becky I remember my 18th and I ended up in Topshop bought red top and blue denim skirt but that’s when colour and Tall in Topshop was available in town, I recently caused scene in some shops that used to stock Tall and found sales managers a pain and very heightest! I was told quite abruptly in Shrewsbury Topshop they only catered for Tall people online as they were an abnormal height, I did say back well at least I wasn’t an ompalumpa in shite heels
      .. oops and New look said no demand for it in store as no Tall folk in shropshire…. that rifled me but I walked away xx

  4. I used to work for long Tall Sally in Shrewsbury on Sundays about 7 years ago it’s still behind the times in my opinion, hurrah to getting in the swede skirt but bit out of my budget at £50 , I use next Tall still battling to find my ideal outfits for nights out and refuse to pay £££££ for basics! I admit I will buy more in sales and do a lot of Internet shopping as our sizes and leg length are never in store! Shame as next xl ( extra long) was 10yrs ago you can’t tell me average height is 5.3 &under! My other bug bare is being told at my height you don’t need heels… great made to feel I can’t do it again so bought heels recently and I love them wear lots xxxx

  5. P.s in Asda they have faux swede skirt in £14 looks good and seems good length and I’m 5ft 11 inside leg 33.5 🙂 and am 32 yrs old fairly slim 8-10 on top and 10 on bottom half 🙂

  6. Hi, I recently left a comment on LTS Facebook pages along with another tall customer about the lack of any truly flat boots in their range of shoes. I had hoped that as they catered for tall women it would be the one place to find a choice of flat size 43 boots, I love being 6′ but some times I don’t want to be 6′ 3″. To their LTS’s credit they did reply a couple of days later, saying their range of boots was very successful ( pleased to hear it) and they had one long boot that had only an inch and a half heel….one boot!.
    I’m 48 & I think quite a lot of their fashion is to ‘old’ for me!.

  7. Hi, I really shop around and try to source tall friendly items from lots of different stores.(Have bought a few items from M&S Limited Collection recently, worth checking out.). I think that’s literally years though of trying to find something other than LTS! I think more recently the choice at LTS and the recent collaboration with TTYA is great. The prices of some items are however not great, I really don’t like seeing items made of polyester at such high price points. I try to wait and buy in the sales or when there’s a discount offer (including free p&p – & that’s a whole other topic!). I do tend to shop a lot from Next Tall, can’t beat the quick & free delivery to store. I think the last LTS purchase was a pair of flats, the ones with the pointed toe! Very happy with those.
    What would I like to see more of, well, free p&p and returns, I’d try more things then and who knows might find a gem! Oh, I’m 46yrs young too! X

  8. There isn’t a LTS where I live, but I’ll comment anyway. I’m happy the it exists and adds to choices. A few years ago it may have been the only choice for many of us, but now we’re seeing more online. That is good.

    The brand isn’t exactly my style, but then again I’m trying to figure out what exactly that is. These days I’m looking for pieces that will last a long time in construction and style. I find myself looking at fashion from the 40s and 50s that still looks sharp today. I’m looking for the longer trends.

    To look good many of the pieces need to fit well and that means tayloring even if I can find something in my size. I don’t find much in my size anyway, so I save and go with some made to measure and having a small closet.

    I would agree that LTS isn’t up to the second fashion. At the same time most of it, like most fashion, isn’t timeless. What I’d like to see is a focus on very well made timeless basics. I’d be happy to pay a premium as I would intend them to last. I’d love to see a made to measure line as some of us are out of the normal tall and body shape.

  9. Quality fashionable tailoring is my biggest wish list. I find their workwear so dowdy (I’m in my mid 30s). I would love a sharp navy pinstripe suit. Also on my wish list for this season is a warm black work coat and have not been able to find one to my taste from any of the tall clothing suppliers. I want it to be both quality and last a few seasons fashion wise. Also, less mumsy jeans please!

  10. I still think some Lts stuff is old fashioned. However; some of their newer range seems to be better.
    I’d really love to see more maxi dresses (especially for Christmas parties) They did one last year and I’m hoping I’ll get another this year as fit like a glove.
    I also want some truly flat boots too. I don’t want heels. I want flats. Tall enough thanks!
    Finally I’d really like some nice Blazers for going out. They all seem so formal like suit jackets. More like boyfriend blazers and other colours than black!

  11. I’m 24 and struggle to find many pieces that target my age group. When I do find one it is very expensive for what it is made from (go away polyester!) I’d happily part with my money for more expensive, quality clothing that I know will last years. Also, I stuggle with the sizing at LTS, ranging from xs – medium fit for different items on me, and 8 – 12 in trousers. It would be great to order one size and know it will fit me. And I love a set of comfy pyjamas a much as the next girl but it would be nice to have some long pj bottoms that sit on my waist, not hover somewhere between my belly button and my boobs! I do however like more of the new range they have brought out, ordered four things yesterday so fingers crossed they will all be fabulous.

  12. I’m 33 and generally feel like LTS’s clothing fit my needs. I’m more into good fabrics these days than anything else so I would like to see LTS offer more items with cotton, linen, wool etc. rather than low-quality synthetics. I’ve noticed they’ve gotten slightly better in this area with the new fall range.

    xo – Beth – TallFashionAdventures.com

  13. Hi,
    Where should I start… Since I’m currently on the look out for a classic brown boot, I’ll start there. At 5’11, with a UK size 6 foot I struggle to find a boot that is truly knee high with a shaft that is narrow enough. I have no trouble finding a size 6 boot, but the narrow part is tricky. And as we leggy people know, the fit of the boot many times leaves us wanting. So LTS, extend your boot sizes to fit all of us, and it would be nice if they could cater for us with narrow calves as well.
    Clothing wise, I too would like more quality materials such as linen, cotton, wool in LTS clothing, as I strive to have a classic and as a sustainable wardrobe as I can. I struggle to find LTS-items that fit my style, as comparison I could by all tall items at JCrew in a flash if I had the funds for it. I liked the light grey suit they had in their spring collection this year but then I got pregnant so I didn’t end up buying it. If LTS clothing would be a mix between Boden and JCrew, classic style with a twist with great quality, I would definitely buy more. And if they also did international free postage and returns, even better.
    Thank you for addressing the issue, Laura. It seems like you hit a spot with your question 🙂 and I for one wouldn’t mind if you would take all our comments to LTS…
    Best, Emma from Gothenburg, Sweden, age 41
    ps. great to have you back blogging

  14. Hi Laura!
    Hope LTS reads our comments because as many readers have pointed, there’s still some room for improvement regarding fabrics and designs. As Beth says, fabrics have gotten slightly better in the fall range but working-girl clothes are still too classy. I’m 29 and wear suit since I was 23 and although I need to show a smart look, it could also be possible without dressing like a 50 year old woman. They’re increasing the blazers and and pants offer, which I’d keep working on that and I’d introduce a wider range of shirts and long sleeved-tops separated from the basic top range collection.

    Thanks for asking our opinion!! There’re so many LTS ambassadors through these lines 😉

    xo – Paty – antes Alta que sinsilla

  15. Thank you ladies! Apologies for late reply… This week has been all about first birthday celebrations!

    Great points, I think LTS does a great job considering it is tasked with creating clothes for every kind of tall woman. I’d love to see some Whistles/All Saints esque pieces because this is what ASOS is lacking and I’d be prepared to pay higher for quality. It’s tricky though… LTS make comparatively smaller runs because they are so specialist and it’s difficult to keep the prices low. But more styles like the above and I’m definitely shopping there a lot more xx

  16. Hi there. I started a new blog that tackles this very issue. I just started it, but am looking at tall pants offering first. Each week, I will highlight another clothing type and help tall shoppers find excellent product offerings.

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