Win a £100 voucher to spend at Nine West

Long time readers of the blog will remember me getting just a tad excited about buying a pair of buttery-soft leather boots from Nine West back in 2011. Well, the boots are still going strong, and so is Nine West’s range of size nine shoes: it currently consists of 83 pairs in a UK size 9.

shoes nine west size 9

Now Nine West has teamed up with All the Tall things to give one lucky UK or Ireland based reader a £100 voucher to spend online, with free delivery. And since we wouldn’t want to leave out those leggy lovelies whose feet are bigger than a size 9, the voucher can be spent on any of Nine West’s fabulous bags or accessories too. Hurrah.

Nine West

I road-tested its best-selling Flax pair of courts (£95). Fortunately for me, they come up in a generous size 9 (think Next rather than Topshop), and the cushioned sole kept my feet feeling supported and comfy; qualities that are often lacking in cheaply made courts.

shoes with dress

Top: Embellished blouse, Mango £34.99/ Black shift dress, Long Tall Sally £75 / Bag, Zara £49.99Shoes, Nine West £95. Bottom: Red jacket, Miss Selfridge/ Blouse, H+M/ Necklace, Vietnam/ Jeans, Topshop £40/ Shoes, Nine West £95

These courts are ideal for the office but are built for walking and dancing too, with a sturdy heel, soft leather, and no pinching at the sides or the opening. It’s only in my late twenties that I’m starting to realise a little extra investment in quality shoes goes a very long way.

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning the voucher, answer this question in the comments section below this post.

What advice would you give your younger self? 

Give us your wise old words about height, love, life or style. The best answer wins the spree!

L x

Ts & Cs

Due to licensing laws, this competition is only open to residents of the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands. You must include your email address in the relevant box with your comment, but this will NOT be visible and will only be used if you are the winner and we need to contact you regarding your prize. Prize consists of a £100 Nine West voucher and free delivery. No cash alternative can be given. Competition closes at midnight on Sunday 2nd June. Winner will be announced on the ATTT Facebook page on Monday 3rd June.

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76 Responses to Win a £100 voucher to spend at Nine West

  1. Dear 21 year old Helen,

    I would kill for your body. Try showing it off before it all falls south.

    Love from 46 year old Helen

  2. Dear younger me,

    Do not worry about what other people think, you are wonderful as you are and do not need to be like anyone else. You will eventually make friends who will understand you for being you. Just keep being brilliant!

    Older me!

  3. Oh gosh, there really are so many things I would do very very differently. Don’t squeeze your feet into shoes that are two sizes too small. Your toes will forever look like they’re clinging on for dear life!

    Love Nine West, I still use a very pretty handbag that I got in there about 6 years ago. And those court shoes are lush!

  4. Dear teenage Emma,

    You may feel like everyone is watching and judging you-I can assure you they are not. They are so busy worrying themselves about what people think of them that they haven’t had time to judge you!

    Mid-20’s Em

  5. Dear Jane,

    By the time you are 30 your teeth will have returned to the same higgledy piggledy state in which they started prior to the 2.5 years of orthodontic treatment you are about to commence. Prevent this. WEAR YOUR RETAINER.

    Also don’t take up smoking. It really is very bad for you.

    Kind regards,


  6. Dear younger me,

    Don’t worry too much about friendships or even romance – there are people out there who are right for you and you will find each other and if it’s a good friendship or relationship, it will last.

    WEAR CLOTHES THAT FLATTER YOU. Don’t wear ugly, baggy clothes. Skinny tall girls like you will get told countless times that you should be a model. Don’t get irritated when people draw attention to your height, there’s no point. Just enjoy the admiring looks and envy.

    Don’t be too cynical and make sure you spend lots of time doing things that you enjoy and that are important to you.

    Hugs xx

  7. Dear me

    Life’s too short for vanilla.


  8. Rebecca Boyle

    Dear Awkward, Teenage Rebecca,

    Even though you feel like you don’t fit in and all the boys tell you that you are too tall for them, eventually they will all regret not taking you to prom. You eventually become a lot less awkward and learn to own your height. You will wear 4 inch heels because you love how people stare and wish they were as tall as you and you will learn to embrace the fact that you will always be asked to reach things on high shelves. Continue being you because the people that matter love you just the way you are.

    The older & wiser version of yourself

  9. Dear Younger Me,

    Please learn to use a sewing machine and start making your own clothes. You do not have to wait until you are on the wrong side of 40 before realising that the ONLY way to get clothes that fit properly is to make them!

    And I miss your flat stomach 🙂

    Older and Wiser Me

  10. Dear Younger Me,

    Why are you ignore the hot guy you lived with in halls? Ah yes because you always said you would never date a shorter guy…..and he is ‘only’ 5ft11(and that precious little half)

    Well guess what, 3 years down the line you will give short stuff a chance, fall madly in love with him, he will move to the other side of the country to be with you, propose to you with a GORGEOUS ring and you will get married in the most stunning wedding dress ever!!

    Lots of Love – Mrs L to be x

    PS….That electric blue grecian style mini dress is foul, stop wearing it at once.

  11. Wear high heels because you actually get less comments about your height and more about your beautiful shoes! And the boys will want to dance with you, their just too scared to ask!!!

  12. Riah Fairweather

    Dear 6’2″ school girl me,
    All your friends getting the roles in the school shows cos they ‘fit the part better’, the name calling in the corridors and all the boys putting you in the friend zone won’t last. When you leave and head to uni everything changes! Standing out is most definitely an advantage. The people who used to fit in with the crowd can no longer be seen in the masses while you stand head and shoulders above the rest.
    And don’t listen to every drunk short bloke you encounter who reveals his disgust in the fact you’re wearing 2inch heels. So yes, buy those purple 6 inch wedges and flaunt what you’ve got!
    Love from,
    Lanky and loving it older self

  13. Stand up tall and be proud of those long legs – they’re going to take you to places you’ve never dreamt of. Don’t worry what other people think – they’ll soon be looking up to you. Make the most of being the tallest – when you’re dwarfed by your sons and their friends and you’re shrinking, you’ll be wishing you had a few extra inches.

  14. Dear Teenage Laura,

    Some people will like you, some won’t and some won’t care either way – don’t spend anymore time thinking about it! Most people are too wrapped up in their own issues to worry about you.

    The availability of tall fashion/large size shoes WILL improve and you will have so much more choice in the years to come – no more men’s jeans from Asda I promise you!

    Finally, love life, it goes so quickly!

    Lots of love,

    30 year old Laura

  15. Forget about boys indefinitely because they are all idiots, and don’t let the people that tease you about your height get you down.. They are just insanely jealous of you! Stand up tall and proud!

  16. Dear the younger me

    If we could turn that clock back, Id give you the advice to hold your shoulders back, hold your chin and neck up and proudly stand tall above your friends without feeling ashamed. Tallness is a true beauty which should be embraced. Your true love will love you for who you are even if an inch or two shorter 🙂 I found mine luckily despite trying to hide my real tall self…

  17. To my younger 16 year old self
    When I had shot up to 5ft11 where all my friends were nearly a whole foot shorter and I towered above the boys,id tell myself not to let the snide nasty comments affect me. When I was called the “BFG” or asked if I hit my head when walking through doorways,being asked if I was secretly a boy becuase “normal girls arnt that tall” or when I couldn’t get a date for my prom becuase no boy wanted to go with tall lanky me. Id tell myself to
    Stop slouching to try appear shorter to stop wishing I could shrink and feeling like the ugly giant and embrace my height becuaae now 4 years later when I’m in my 5 inch heels showing off my long legs those Girls always come up and say they wish they were as tall as me. I’d tell myself in a few years time your be asking whose laughing now and to not let it cause crippling insecurities and to love myself

  18. Louise Stanley

    Dear younger me….there’s more on the horizon, keep looking up

  19. Dear 8 year old Nikki,

    Don’t cry because you can’t fit into the same school shoes (you know the ones with the little secret compartment) like all the other girls – who wants to be a sheep? Break from the flock, be an individual and be proud – it’s just another thing that makes you unique!

    Love a 20 year older you x

  20. Anne-Marie; don’t slouch, don’t take ‘striking’ as an insult and believe your mum when she tells you that you’re beautiful and that one day you’ll see it too – she’s right, she’s always right!

  21. Sophie Wolfenden

    Dear younger me,
    You may be 12 years old and the tallest girl in your school but your height has advantages ! Embrace being tall and love your body… As when you grow up people will envy your long legs and your big feet will not be odd they will simply be the norm (almost) in 15 years time at size 8.5!
    Enjoy being tall and enjoy the admiring looks you will receive from both men and women 🙂 happy days xxx

  22. Dear younger Me

    Enjoy being tall, nuff said x

  23. Dear Rach,
    Try and stand up straight or it’ll take you 5 years of yoga to sort your posture out. Try not to worry so much about the size label on your clothes- they mean nothing at the end of the day and if it bothers you that much, just cut them out.
    Also, you won’t have to buy your jeans from Burtons forever, eventually shops will start making clothes for tall girls!

  24. Dear girl,

    I know how you feel, all your doubts and questions. But:

    1. Yes, you will find shoes that fit you and you won’t have to squeeze in one number smaller anymore
    2. Yes, you will find clothes that flatter you and you will look fabulous and stylish
    3. Yes, you will find the tall nice man who adores you and you will marry the love of your life

    So relax, enjoy your care free time because: yes, you will have very busy and challenging job by the time you are 30 🙂

  25. Just buy the shoes and accept your big feet!

  26. Dear angsty introverted teenage self,
    The sooner you realize that only a few people’s opinions matter, and the rest don’t because they have their own agenda, you’ll be the confident person you are now.
    Love, Me

  27. Hello, teenage me. The advice I’d give you now is the same as I’d give anyone else. Feeling awkward and uncomfortable? Congratulations, YOU’RE A TEENAGE GIRL. That’s how it works. Look around you, let go of your insecurities for a second and you’ll notice that everyone else is probably feeling the same. Some people are better at hiding it than others, but for every time you wish you were shorter, someone else is hating their hair colour, or their big shoulders, or the way they occasionally get carried away laughing and make a noise like a walrus. (Always in front of THAT boy.) You don’t have to worry so much, because everyone is different, and differences are what make people special. Different is brilliant, GO WITH IT. (Unless we are talking about that burnt orange velour shirt. Don’t go with that.) Be the person everyone remembers, and make it positive. Also, Joey and Pacey end up together. Yay!

  28. Dear “Giraffe”,

    I know you’re probably welling up at being called that, well stop it! All the boys calling you that at school are so madly in love with you and that’s the only way they know how to get your attention at this stage! They will be clamouring to date you when you stand up straight and smile a little more.

    Don’t compromise on your ideals to “fit in” – standing up and standing out for what you believe in will feel more comfortable in the end…

    With love,

  29. My partner and i delight in, bring about I discovered what exactly I used to be writing about intended for. You’ve got broken my personal 4 day time prolonged quest! Lord Appreciate it person. Possess a terrific working day. Ok bye

  30. Dear younger me,

    Enough with thinking you’re not good enough! Those girls you admire and wish you were cool enough to be friends with are having the same anxiety issues. Go and say hey right now your life will be better for it.

    Love me x

  31. Love your height 🙂 it makes you stand out from the crowd!

  32. Dear younger me,

    Stand up straight for god sake!
    Don’t let it bring you down that german shoe shops only produce grandma or Transvestite shoes in your size. And no, don’t bother with the Netherlands. They might be the tallest country in the world but are just as barren when it comes to big shoes.
    Soon you will discover that the UK have a much nicer range for some reason. And you thought only small people live there…
    You will be following fellow tall girls blogs that give fabulous outfit ideas and forget that getting shoes was once such a mission.

    So in conjunction, thanks ATTT! You are doing a great job!


  33. I’d say, don’t waste your time getting hung up about finding a man taller than you, go out have fun and the man of your dreams will come along in good time!

  34. Hold your head up high and ignore anyone who asks ‘how’s the weather up there?’.

  35. Alison Somerville

    Number 1-You will stop growing eventually!
    Number 2-Listen to your Mum. She is right. Always. 🙂

  36. Dear 18 year old me,

    I know it’s been a tough old slog getting here, but believe me everything is about to change. You’re finally getting out into the world – FINALLY getting the chance make your own decisions, to pick your own clothes after years of being forced to wear horrible, poorly sized outfits forced onto you by your crazy mum. I know you’ve been teased mercilessly for your home hair cuts and lanky gait but that all. stops. NOW.

    Don’t waste your time worrying what other people think of how you look, or what you do or how you live your life – there’s literally only one person you need to please and that’s yourself. Start now, because otherwise it will take you 10 painful years to realise nothing feels as good as being comfortable in your own skin, wearing clothes you love and knowing without needing to hear it from anyone else that you look fabulous. Do remember to be a little kinder to yourself – you had a hard start, but that’s all the more reason to treat yourself to all the dresses in the world now. One day you’ll love being tall, and realise what good company you’re in!

    Plus, everything always turns out pretty well. Trust your instincts!

    Lots of love,
    You, in 10 years time.

  37. Dear awkward, scared and painfully shy schoolgirl:
    I won’t lie to you and say it will be easy.
    The thing about the bullies is that they can hide so easily in crowds, and you can’t. But, although standing out from the crowd might make you feel like the victim, in about 10 years time (I did warn you it won’t be easy) you will discover it actually makes you the hero. You see, those who hide behind a crowd can’t see outside it. But you can see right over their heads to opportunities and goals further off on the horizon. And once you focus on them you won’t even notice the crowd as you pass.
    I guess what I’m saying is: I know how you long to be “normal”, but normal does normal things and tells normal anecdotes at her funeral. Be the hero.
    Oh, and stop listening to “Bad Boys Inc.”, its really terrible and Take That will win.

  38. Dear younger self,
    Don’t let those boys make you feel down about your height. Don’t listen to the names they call you and don’t listen to the girls that talk about it behind your back. Don’t get upset when you get known as ‘that tall girl’ because it is what makes you different from everyone else.
    So yeh, now you have trouble getting shoes and clothes but when you get older so many more shops have tall ranges at affordable prices. You will also have trouble getting a guy because they all think you’re TOO tall but the right guy will come along so don’t worry about it.
    Just be confident in who YOU are and don’t worry about anyone else, just make sure you are happy that is all that matters. You will be successful and graduate 🙂 you will have the best group of friends and you will finally be confident within your own skin. Keep in there 🙂 being tall is worth it, and you’ll meet alot of other leggy girls along the way!!!

  39. Dear 18 year old me,

    The man twice your age will give you the hardest, most horrible life. He is not in love with you, please leave him before he grinds you down to nothing and leaves you homeless, alone and pregnant.

    You ARE a strong, confident young woman and you will find someone who loves you for who you are but please save yourself from the heartache.

    You are worth so much more and you have so much strength and courage. Hang on in there.


    The 27 year old you


    P.S. Condoms and the pill are free from the Sexual health clinics, use them!

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  41. Message to younger me, don’t get a perm ever again, you have naturally wavey hair. When you are choosing your wedding dress don’t let them tell you that you are too tall for a full skirted dress, get it, Simon fell in love with ‘big Sarah’ he is not expecting a tiny bride. Wear flats on the big day because heels just hurt standing for hours and who ever tells you that you can wear pearlescent cream sling backs on any other occasion is lying.
    Be confident now.


  42. Im not sure I’ve learnt much wisdom to share but…

    At age 9 I’d tell myself, you know how you think your brother is a super hero coz he’s 6 ft tall, one day you’ll qualify for super hero status too. Always stay this excited and in awe of height and embrace it, love it, and be a super hero always.

    Age 14… Don’t worry just yet, boys have their growth spurt on year 10.

    Age 18… I know you hate standing head and shoulders above people in clubs, but on a tube in the middle of summer it also means you’re head and shoulders above the arm pits. (by 2am this is also a bonus in clubs too!)

    Age 24… Sharing an umbrella with your smaller friends will never work – GIVE UP NOW!

    Age 28… Boot cut jeans will disappear from the high street tall sections, invest now!

    Age 32 (now)… Your collection of trainers is awesome, but they now make shoes in your size, its time to break the mould!

  43. Don’t let what you can’t look like interfere with what you can really can look like.

  44. Don’t let what you can’t look like interfere with what you really can look like.

  45. Dear younger me,
    I could tell you NOT to get that perm, and NOT to date the 6’7 guy (but rather notice the lovely only 5’10 guy under your nose) but I know you probably wont listen 😉
    Have fun, be confident and enjoy life x

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