Where the HECK do you buy your shoes? (And a few other questions…)

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Can we talk about shoes? If you have what you consider to be larger-than-average feet, I want to know how easy or difficult you find it to buy shoes, where you’re getting them, and what you DREAM of wearing on them.

I would love you to the moon and back if you could fill out one of these surveys for me here. It will take five minutes and at the very least will inform how I write about footwear on All the Tall things, but will hopefully establish the viability of a shoe business I’ve been dreaming of creating since I started All the tall things. I’m sure there must be other women out there, who — like me — are tearing their hair out when it comes to buying shoes to match a wedding outfit or finding a pair of flats that looks smart but pretty for the workplace.

I’ll be conducting focus groups and further sizing research at some stage so if you’d like to be involved, then please look out for more information on All the Tall things’s Facebook page. You can also contact me there or via Insta if you’re keen to play a part in other ways.

Thanks a million,

Laura xx

My large-size women’s shoes survey can be found here. Please share it with your large-footed friends too.

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8 Responses to Where the HECK do you buy your shoes? (And a few other questions…)

  1. Robin Anne Palmer

    I am sorry that I missed your survey . I don’t know what It asked or anything but I will tell you one thing I have trouble finding shoes to fit me in I wear a size 17 women’s shoe in American standards I will tell you that I get my heels from a place in Columbia that does custom made shoes. It is a little pricey but at least I can get shoes to fit me as they are made from Mike booked. But I sure would like to get some other shoes that are less high and less pricey. Something like ballet slippers or flats.

  2. Thanks for this Robin… must be really difficult for you hun. If you DM me on the All the Tall things facebook page I can email you the Qs from the survey and will add them to my research. Thanks lovely xx

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