Tried It On: The Oscars Gown

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a Leggy Lovely like the prospect of a black-tie ball. Back in 2011 I recalled my experiences of my school prom, and having to have my floor-length skirt made especially by my Auntie Anne.

Occasionally though — with a bit of perseverance — you can strike gold, and even buy OFF.THE.FLIPPIN.RACK.

6ft ATTT reader Katie shows that a good old scavenge can really pay off, after chancing upon this beautifully embellished dress from TK Maxx.


Katie writes, “I recently had a late works Xmas do, with an Oscars theme. So the impossible task of finding an evening dress long enough. I found this one in TK Maxx, luckily it was reduced to just £32 too. I wore it with 4 inch heels and am 6ft. Other than my wedding dress I have never found a dress this long without having it made for me.”


Thanks Katie. You’ve nailed the perfect Oscars starlet look. And I ruddy LOVE that you’re rocking four inch heels under there too. 

If you’ve got the patience to root through the rails, TK Maxx can yield some gorgeous long-length pieces. Over the years I’ve found a coat, jeans, maxi skirt and numerous summer dresses. Don’t give up after your first try. It’s one of those places where one day you’ll find diddly-squat, and another where you’re wishing you had a trolley.

What amazing long-length bargains have you found in TK Maxx? And have you spotted any other tall-friendly ballgowns on the highstreet?

L x

P.S. This dress is available online in a size 18, but it’s not at the discounted price. Worth a rummage in store though.

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3 Responses to Tried It On: The Oscars Gown

  1. Ghost dresses are similar and they come up very long, sometimes they are in TK Maxx, I’m guessing because the hang like curtains on anyone else!!

  2. allthetallthings

    Oooh never thought to look at Ghost dresses. Thanks Sarah x

  3. Love this. Bout time I had a rummage through the jumble sale that is TK maxx!

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