Tried It On: H+M Shirt Dress

Get yourselves to H&M and grab this cheap and chic shirt dress, as recommended by 6’2 ATTT reader Catherine. Super premium looking, despite the bargain price tag, and ready to take you from office to bar with a few well chosen accessories.

Catherine writes, “At £20 each I thought they were an absolute bargain and they both fit beautifully; I’m a size 12 but quite curvy, so I usually wear dresses that are cinched at the waist to avoid looking like a sack of potatoes, and the tie belt that comes with the dress is an absolute godsend. I’m 6’2”, by the way and 22 years old.

In the pictures, I’m also wearing the jeggings from New Look that one of your readers recommended a few weeks ago (also bought the black pair).”

Dress, H+M £20/ Jeggings, New Look £14.99

Thanks Catherine. Everybody loves an H+M bargain. How cute would this look with tights and ankle boots for autumn, or a pretty pair of heels for office glam?

Anyone else found any tall friendly pieces in H+M lately?

L x

P.S. You can send photos of your long-length finds to be included in Tried It On by emailing or tweeting @tallthings

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27 Responses to Tried It On: H+M Shirt Dress

  1. That looks so much better on Catherine than on the model on the H&M website!!!

  2. Thanks Catharine & Laura!
    I ordered the Khaki one and it is really tall indeed (i am 6’3). Plus true to size..almost a bit bigger then i expect from H&M. Actually wore it for my birthday drinks last night and got loads of compliments 🙂

  3. That’s lovely to hear. Thanks Mary xx

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