Tried It On: 257 Dresses Later….

Last week I really did have nothing to wear. With my friend Beth’s wedding just two days away, everything in my wardrobe was either too white and lacey (bridey) too worn-a-million-times, or too really-should-have-popped-that-into-the-drycleaners-instead-of-thinking-that-Febreze-would-do-the-trick.

I’m normally a little bit hyper-organised in my wedding outfit planning. I’ve usually got it all sorted about three months in advance (I swear I’m not a loser, I’m just tall. Forward-thinking is a necessity). I’ll probably then change my mind four times in the interim, but at least there’s a PLAN.

But the last three months haven’t exactly allowed for such meticulous planning, and come Thursday, I found myself charging round the shops in Kingston like a woman possessed, desperate to find something for Saturday’s shindig. You’d think that my husband’s brain surgery would have given me a sharper sense of perspective. Apparently it hadn’t.

After wrestling with the tiny sizes in Karen Millen, having a body confidence crisis in the H+M changing rooms (WHAT is that lighting about?!), and wondering if I could justify spending £250 on a dress in Reiss after taking a month off work (I couldn’t), I found myself freaking out in the Monsoon changing room at 5.55pm (it was my third trip there that day), as the doors were about to close. Nothing in the shops had succeeded in covering my bottom, and everything seemed to have a waistline that sat neatly under my boobs.

And then my angels arrived. I’m ashamed to say that in all my flustered panic, I can’t remember their names, but two lovely personal shoppers calmed me down, gave me a hug (yes, they actually gave me a hug), and said that they wouldn’t close the shop until I’d found something to wear. How nice? I felt like (a slightly more stressed out, demonic) Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

After they’d brought a few high-waisted dresses and too-short maxis, let me stay on in the shop for a whole 45 MINUTES after closing, and probably wondered if they’d bitten off more than they could chew, they brought me this lovely little tunic dress.

Dress, Monsoon £75

I must have walked past it about a gazillion times without any further consideration, but once the lovely girls/angels-sent-from-shopping-heaven had convinced me to try it on, I decided it was rather ruddy lovely. And less than a hundred quid. So I might even be able to eat this month. Possibly.

During my trip to little sister’s house to show off my purchase (post-shopping bedroom catwalks are the norm in mine and Julie’s world), she dug out this lovely colour-block clutch from New Look. Now I’m never one for matchy-matchy styling, but when colour-coordination is this immense, you’ve just gotta roll with it, right?

Once I’d got home and styled it up with an old H+M jacket, peep-toe heels (purchased during my last pre-wedding breakdown… oh dear, I seriously need to get a grip), some obnoxiously massive headgear and a gallon of fake tan, serenity was finally restored.


And the wedding? Amazeballs. Did you ever see a group shot as cool as this one?

Picture courtesy of Matthew Joseph Photography

Too much fun. Right, I am now going to send a very happy email to the people at Monsoon and say a big fat THANK YOU to the girls who helped me. No one ever gets the praise they deserve, right?

L x

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16 Responses to Tried It On: 257 Dresses Later….

  1. Stories like this restore my faith in the high street, I’m properly smiling after reading that. What fab ladies and what a fab dress, at the risk of sounding like Gok Wan I would say you are definitely working it! I have a wedding to attend in September, is it too early to start planning my outfit?!

  2. Laura Schofield

    September? I’d say you’re cutting it fine hun! Xx

  3. Geat blog, I’m not a tall woman but still appreciate the writing and simply the term ‘amazeballs’ !

  4. I used to work for Monsoon and customer service was always number 1 priority. Its great when head office calls to say the store has had a positive mention. Wish more shoppers did. Cx

  5. Hey, you look really great!

    I’ve got a wedding on Saturday too and have not planned *at all*. Eek!

  6. What a fun outfit! I’m going to a wedding in July, and I am already freaking out – for me it’s always the shoes (sometimes I just don’t plan well enough to order them from specialty places…).

    • allthetallthings

      It’s always the shoes for me too! Did you ever read this wedding shoe post?

      I reckon it’s probably worth getting a pair of nude heels and a pair of black heels for weddings and posh dos. They don’t need to be expensive pairs, just ones that you keep aside so they’re looking their best for when you need them. And then you can build your outfit around either pair!

      L x

  7. I’m sitting here on the couch giggling uncontrollably as I read this and my husband is giving me sideways looks wondering what my deal is. I informed him I’m reading my favorite (always hilarious) blog. I couldn’t agree more about outfit planning. I’m trying to get better about it! P.S. Extra points for using amazeballs in the post. P.P.S. You looked fab in your outfit!

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  10. Awesome dress is awesome! love the styling, clutch, shoes, eveything.

    Just found your blog after searching for tall fashion blogs (the only ones ive found before are really frumpy and.. boring) and i LOVE it! Im sorry for sounding over extatic, but its great to find a blog for us tall ones.

    Im 179cm (5,11-6ft?), boyish and proportional, and i want to say that im proud and that I dont hunch, but I feel so big sometimes, and therefore never wear heels anymore. Your blog is giving me so much confidence only from reading backposts this last hour or so. You are so worthy all cred imaginable for giving us “leggy loves” the confidence!

    • allthetallthings

      Thanks Caroline! Glad you’re enjoying the blog 🙂 and SUPER glad that you’re not a huncher! Let me know if you’ve got any ideas/ requests for features. L xx

    • I’ve recently began worikng on a plot for a new musical called Dark World: A Surrealistic Musical Coming soon, if you wish to provide some ideas, feel free to subscribe to my youtube, and PM me your ideas

  11. your blog site is really awesome! you

  12. My sister-in-law, Nicki and I both bought the same white summer strapless dress from monsoon last summer. It’s a lovely dress which I have not worn that often. I did briefly consider texting Nicki to examine she wasn’t going to wear her model of this dress to the wedding.

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