Tried It On: (Almost) EVERYTHING in New Look Tall

When a Tall range launches exclusively online, it can be a wee bit daunting making that first order. Will the clothes really be cut for a genuinely tall woman? Or will I be spending a fortune on postage and packaging and ending up with more ankle-swinging trousers and crop tops that would look just perfect on a 5’8 pseudo-leggy lovely?

That’s why you’re going to LOVE this next Tried It On feature, sent in by the amazing Mary (who at 181cm is just shy of the 6ft mark). Get ready for one of the most useful ATTT posts yet…

“Hi Laura. After a disappointing trip to LTS where everything was too big for me – I don’t have the gorgeous curves some taller girls have, I am a quite boyish straight up and down – I gave in to a bit of a online New Look Tall Shopping Spree! Unfortunately I cannot afford to keep them all!!! But am definitely holding on to a couple of bits!! It was free delivery over £45 so I just kept adding things to the basket… ooooppps.

Blue Feather Print One Shoulder Belted Maxi Dress, £22.99


I really like this – it has a split down the front, but has a blue under layer a bit above knee length so no embarrassing flashing moments in the wind hopefully! It has a chain effect belt. It is a tight squeeze as the waist is fitted and there is no zip, so trying to get it either over your hips or rib cage is a bit tricky.

Tall Black and Teal Jersey Belted Bandeau Maxi Dress, £16.99

Black Bandu Maxi 1

Teal Bandu Maxi 2

I am keeping the black one of these- though was tempted by the teal one to wear on holiday! Maxi dresses do not tend to suit me – but this one fits me well, and the length is perfect. The material has a stretch to it but has some weight to it as well so it doesn’t show every lump and bump.

Tall Black Off the Shoulder Midi Dress, £14.99

Black off the shoulder Midi

This is definitely made for the tall ladies! It is long for a midi dress, my sister who is shorter than me at 5’8 tried it on and it practically came to her ankles!!!

Unfortunately it isn’t very forgiving on lumps and bumps – but if you’re happy with your shape and want something that is actually long enough not to be flashing your thighs then its a nice little piece. I love the off the shoulder look – or you can wear the shoulder straps higher.

Tall 36in Blue Ripped Turn Up Boyfriend Jeans, £15

Back Boyfriends

I was actually looking for a pair of boot cut jeans – but these skinny/boyfriend were in the sale and jumped out at me. I gave in and they are definately not going back. They have a turn up so are very generous in length. They dont fit as tight as skinnies as they have a boyfriend slouch to them, so much more comfy after a Sunday Roast!

Tall 36in Navy Bootcut Jeans, £9.99

Dark Jeans & Jean Jacket

Boot cut Jeans were actually what I had been shopping for originally before the other things sucked me in! I’d been avoiding these boot cuts as the material collects every bit of animal hair going. But after a long search for boot cut jeans  these ones fit me the best and at £9.99 I can afford a few lint rolers to get off the cat hair that they collect. Definitely a bargain!

Tall Pale Blue Denim Jacket, £17.99

Dark Jeans and Jean Jacket closer

Like you I was not really sure why Tall Sections were bringing in cropped tops for us. Surely I can buy a regular size if I want a crop?!!!  But this cropped Jean Jacket showed me actually how much better it is when a crop is made to fit and tapers in at the right places.

I like the way the jacket fits on the body, I like the colour. The sleeves for a tall garment are on the short side – just about fitting my arm length – but could do with being a tad longer. However I noticed online that they roll the sleeves up – so if that’s the look you are going for then I LOVE THIS jacket! I haven’t quite decided whether I am keeping this one yet – its the sleeves that are my catch.”

Phew, I’m exhausted just looking at all that shopping. Mary, I think I speak for everyone when I say a big fat THANK YOU. And give you a little round of applause. Totally in awe of your model-like figure too.

What’s your favourite piece in Mary’s loot? And have you bought anything from New Look’s revamped collection?

L x

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5 Responses to Tried It On: (Almost) EVERYTHING in New Look Tall

  1. I bought a few things. The maxi dresses are the best and the maxi skirts are such a good staple (I’ve got 3!). Just need some summer sun to wear it all.

  2. I really like the jeans, and the black midi dress is gorgeous. Wouldn’t mind being able to buy the figure too lol 🙂 I didn’t know they had a re-vamped tall collection, once my baby arrives, I am sure I will buy a few things 🙂

  3. I would kill for a figure like that! Buying jeans is always a depressing experience for me as I’ve yet to find a pair that fit my pear-shape properly. I’m really loving this tall range though… if only they’d bring it back into stores! x

  4. the stuff fits great. i especially like the maxi dresses! great style and fit! awesome!

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