The Surprisingly Spacious Volkswagen

Most of you have probably seen the new VW advert, but I thought I’d include it on the blog for you overseas leggy lovelies who might enjoy watching the dating misadventures of a fellow tall girl.

Sore point… I actually went in to cast for this and DIDN’T get it! I know, preposterous. Still, it was a novelty to be surrounded by a sea of women over 5’10. (And very little men).

Let me know what you think!

L x

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6 Responses to The Surprisingly Spacious Volkswagen

  1. hahaha i love it! Did you read “The Tall Book”? I just finished it and the author has an entire chapter on “fitting” as in fitting in cars and trains and anywhere. I recommend it.

  2. allthetallthings

    Yup, it’s a good ‘un! The “Tall fetish” bit freaked me out though. And I’ve had a fair few suspect emails since writing this blog! x

  3. Haha! That was great! Thanks for sharing with us over the pond.

  4. Long Legs in Paris

    It bothers me a little that the tall girl in question isn’t happy until she finds a man taller than she is, but hey. Definitely an ad I can at least relate to – I do that French leaning-over-to-kiss-a-shorter-person-on-the-cheek thing EVERY day!!!

  5. I thought the commercial was cute. I drive a VW Golf and have always enjoyed the leg and headroom of the car as have a 6foot 5inch tall boyfriend and my grandfather who is 6 foot 6inches tall.

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