The Olympics. Are you addicted?

I really thought I’d just watch the opening ceremony, dip into a couple of the games and mostly have a little whinge about the extra traffic in London. But now I’m completely possessed by this Olympic spirit.

I’ve suddenly became a beach Volleyball expert. And started looking forward to the athletics. And I’m throwing an Olympic-themed barbecue on Saturday. I’m an addict.

This morning things got a little out of hand. I found myself sitting in my living room (by myself I might add) glued to the television, experiencing heart palpitations and and generally screaming my throat raw as I watched rowing leggy lovelies Helen Glover (6’1) and Heather Stanning (5’11) storm to victory in the Women’s Pair Final.

26-year-old Glover’s story is particularly inspiring; she hadn’t even stepped onto a boat until hearing about a new scheme called “Sporting Giants” — a drive by the UK Talent Team to find tall men and women who could potentially become the next set of Olympians. So in 2008 (yes, that was just FOUR years ago — I Kissed a Girl and Sex on Fire were in the charts, so pretty much yesterday), she started rowing and began her journey towards winning the first British gold medal in the London 2012 Olympics. Wow. Take note little leggy lovelies. That could well be you.

So to celebrate a serious triumph of the Tall, I thought I’d drop in a few patriotic pieces to add to your wardrobes — all made with champion-sized limbs in mind.

Clockwise from Top-Left: Pumps (Up to a Euro 44) £130, French Sole , Striped Top, Long Tall Sally £28, Camden Jeans, Long Tall Sally £50, Shoes (Up to a Euro 43), Irregular Choice £59.99, Peplum Dress, Topshop £48, Union Jack Sweater, Topshop £46.

Don’t forget that Anna Watkins will be rowing in the Double Sculls final with her partner Katherine Grainger on Friday. You can catch my interview with her here, where she talks heels, confidence and going for gold. (Now I’m super excited about the fact that I’ve interviewed an Olympian. Go me).

L xx

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4 Responses to The Olympics. Are you addicted?

  1. Oooh, I heard the BBC mention Sporting Giants yesterday, and immediately leapt up shouting WHY DID NOBODY CALL ME?!?! I would have been so up for it, but this is the first I’ve heard of the programme, and now I’m too old! Sob. Some of the stories on the website are so inspiring, younger readers take note. Don’t let us oldies down!

    I’m loving the Olympics. Also loving those shoes. But what I’m loving most is seeing so many tall women doing so well! I’m all fuzzy inside 😉

  2. allthetallthings

    How old is too old?!

    Yay for warm fuzzy tall feelings! x

    • That sporting giants programme could do with taking a leaf out of ATTT’s book if you ask me… 5’11” and over indeed! Talk about discriminating against those of us who are 5’10” grumble grumble grumble…
      Great post though, I’m hooked on the olmpics xx

  3. I’m completely addicted, (and have also signed up for the Sporting giants programme haha!) My whole leggy family (bar my smurf sister) have been loving it too so you are not alone, OLYMPIC FEVER!

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