The LTS Jumpsuit

Hey you bunch of leggy beauts,

Hope you’re all very well indeed. I want to say a big THANK YOU to those of you who have leapt to the rescue of your fellow Leggy Lovelies on the ATTT Facebook page recently by coming up with solutions to their fashion dilemmas. It’s been a big help and certainly given me lots of new ideas about where to find long-length clothing. Make sure you sign up to the Facebook page for regular updates if you haven’t done already!

ATTT reader Krista recently posted a request for a long-length jumpsuit, and wasn’t having much luck with her search. I’ve since discovered that you can avoid camel toe, chilly ankles and looking like you’re wearing an adult-sized baby grow in this loose-fitting black LTS number.

You can keep it looking smart with a blazer and flats for the office, or wack on the heels and chunky jewellery for evening time. There’s a conspicuous zip detail down the front that keeps things looking fresh and utilitarian too, and as reader Charlotte writes, “It’s got a zip so I’d still be able to breastfeed.” Genius.

I’ve added a bit of an Ibiza spin to mine with a beaded cascade necklace from Miss Selfridge and and metallic flats from New Look.

Excuse the mental hair (this photo was taken by my hubby after our night out last night and mid-takeaway so I’m a little bit frazzled from the rain and slightly bleary-eyed. Never a good way round to do things.) You can hover over the image above for links to the accessories. I can’t seem to add the jumpsuit link above but you can buy it here. The model on the website wears hers nipped in at the waist, but I find mine fits better and balances my proportions when I wear it a bit drop-waisted.

Anyone else found a decent long-length jumspuit? Or got another fashion dilemma you’d like readers of All the Tall things to solve? Let me know below…

L xx

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6 Responses to The LTS Jumpsuit

  1. FIT necklace! New Look has sold out of those gold flats in a size 9 by the way. I just tried to order them. x

  2. allthetallthings

    Ah boo. The necklace is still available 🙂 Hope you’re well lovely xx

  3. allthetallthings

    P.S. Is it wrong that I copied this necklace off a girl on “ex on the beach”? Probably very. x

  4. I wouldn’t purchase the jumpsuit with how it looks on the LTS website, but your styling makes it much more appealing – and THAT necklace! Takes the statement part to another level, I need it in my life 🙂

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