The Big Tall Shopping Debate

Happy Wednesday leggy lovelies. Now push your work to one side, pull up a chair, and grab a cuppa.  It’s time to have a big juicy discussion about shopping.

I’ve been writing, raving and ranting for All the Tall things now since November 2010. In that time I’ve discovered — with your help —  lots of new suppliers of long-length clothing and large-size shoes. But I’ve also witnessed Tall ranges shrink in size or vanish forever.  (Disclaimer: I take no actual responsibility for the demise of these ranges. All I do is bloody well promote them).

But why are all these Tall ranges failing when the demand for clothing in longer lengths is so evident? Why am I left with even less choice on the highstreet now than I had a year ago?

In short: What are the Tall specialists getting so wrong?

Are the highstreet’s Tall ranges designed by not-very-tall people?

Topshop’s Tall range had always been my go-to when I needed a quick clothing fix. I’m lucky that I live in London and that most stores near me do contain a Tall range.

"Tall" Crop T-Shirt, Topshop £18. Sure, it's nice. But does it belong in the Tall range?

But over the last year I’ve noticed that its clothes have become a bit… senseless. Cropped tops. Cropped trousers. Yes, I get that this is in fashion. But I can buy cropped stuff ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE SHOP. It’s perhaps no coincidence then that I noticed more Tall range items in this year’s January sale than I ever had before. Tall women don’t need (and a good deal don’t want) short stuff. Am I right?

Shoe shops can be the worst offenders. A few will make shoes in bigger sizes. But how many women with size 10 feet actually want a six-inch stiletto on their shoe? (For those that do… I applaud you. But seriously… has anyone stopped to actually think about the needs of women with feet of this size?)

What’s worrying is that retailers seem to respond to a dip in their Tall range sales by shrinking its stock or – as evidenced recently by New Look and Dorothy Perkins – taking their Tall clothes off the highstreet altogether and bunging them into a warehouse for online shoppers only. Not good when you need a dress, like, tonight. Is it really the case that there aren’t enough women to justify these Tall ranges being instore… or is it that the quality and style just needed stepping up?

Do we need a better fit?

I’ve posted before about sizing issues in Imperfectly Proportioned.  Some retailers seem to think that adding a few inches onto the bottom of a “normal” length dress will suffice. But then the waistline ends up somewhere around my bust line and the sleeves don’t fit my broader shoulders. So I won’t buy.

Do we need to get EXCITED by shopping?

Just yesterday on the blog, All the Tall things reader Lucy wrote “So sick of tall ‘fashion’ specialists that take two seasons to catch up with what everyone else is wearing”.

Perhaps because they carry a smaller selection of clothes, Tall ranges can sometimes be less fun, less innovative and less trend-led than their mainstream counterparts. If you see an exciting shoe in a shop, you can almost guarantee that it won’t be the one that goes up to a larger size. I often find my eyes drawn to the boring looking shoes, simply because I know that there’s a much greater chance that they’ll be stocked in my size.

What DO we want?

What has been your Tall shopping experience and how can Tall specialists serve us better?

Is there a particular item of clothing that you always struggle with? Which Tall specialists – either online or on the highstreet — do you like? And which ones aren’t up to scratch? Go on, be completely, 100% honest.

Let me know your thoughts. I would be very interested to know how you feel about the subject. And there’s an ever-so-slightly-massive-but-secret reason behind my question.

Lots and lots of love,

Laura xxx

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60 Responses to The Big Tall Shopping Debate

  1. I tend to struggle with trousers the most. If the length is right, they rarely fit me around the bum and waist!

  2. I’m a tad under 6 foot with size 42 (large 8 – definitely not a 41) feet and find I am pretty well catered for on high street. I tend to buy Boden as their arm lengths are good, occasionally Long Tall Sally, but do find them rather frumpy and uninspiring. LK Bennett, Boden and Hobbs shoes all do Size 42, but do feel frustrated that 42 is readily available in all shoe sizes in all shops! My main reason for getting more involved with tall fashion is my 14 (15 next month) year old daughter who is 6 ft 2 and still growing! She is finding it increasingly difficult to buy clothes. We look forward to the Thursday Top Shop website new arrivals to see if there’s anything nice in the Tall Section….and grab it quick if there’s anything good. I think that a lot of “ordinary” height people grab the tall Top Shop dresses too because they are a more sensible length (ie. 36 or 37 inches!). And we totally agree that it is ridiculous that most of their tall trousers are cropped – how daft is that?! Tall PJ bottoms are another thing you have to grab fast, even from Long Tall Sally…after moaning we couldn’t find any a few months ago, we did order a pair from them in red tartan and my daughter loved them. I went back online to order her another pair and they had sold out! And shoes of course are a problem. She is really a size 43 but can occasionally squeeze into a generous size 42. But we find the Top Shop 42s are actually more like a size 41!! It’s the same with Next size 42s as well, they seem to have got progressively smaller over the years and now their 43 is more like a 42! School shoes are okay from Clarks, who do size 9 in some styles. It would be great if all shoe retailers could make shoes up to size 43 as standard. It is such a shame that there isn’t more on the high street for tall women – the retailers are really missing a trick – surely there will be more and more of us tall women in the future – let’s face it most tall women are attracted to taller men which tends to equal tall offspring (well that was the case for me at any rate! My hubby is 6 ft 5 in). Rant over for now, off to make a coffee – I need a caffeine fix!! (should have made one first like you suggested!) x

  3. You wrote this article like you were reading my mind!!! I HATE tall specialist shops doing cropped stuff, I DETEST shoes for tall women having stupidly high heels and I LOATHE clothes being badly proportioned for tall women (please, LTS, stop doing dresses a line under the bust, it just makes us look way longer than we do already, sigh). It also annoys me not to be able to shop on the high street, but living in France where am I a total anomaly at 6’2″, I have had to get used to it! So, Laura, if your big secret is that you’re opening a store somewhere (on-line or bricks and mortar), I think you just found your first customer!!

  4. Great article Laura – totally agree that there’s so much room for improvement!
    My main gripe is that most shop assistants (Next/DP/etc) don’t even know if the store they’re working in stocks the Tall range. And if they do managed to find their manager and verify that it’s not in their store they can’t usually tell you where to find the nearest store that does stock it… This is a particular problem anywhere outside of the M25 (I recently moved home to the North West and – with the exceptions of LTS and Topshop – I’ve more chance of finding a unicorn than a tall range.)
    I also find myself in the unusual position of being tall with relatively small feet (size 6) which means I can’t take advantage of many of the lovely shoes designed with less height in mind… (e.g. LTS only stock size 7 upwards)
    But if the tall ranges on the high street need to be restricted for floor space/sales reasons then I think there should be better compensation for it online – e.g. free delivery for a slightly lower minimum spend or better size description (ASOS are good at this as they tell you the height of the model in the picture and what size she’s wearing, so even though they dont stock a tall range I have made some great finds with them)

    • Thanks Sara. I like asos for that reason too.

      I buy a lot of my size 43s from Next and resent having to pay for delivery. (If I’m feeling cheap I’ll pop into the store twice and get them delivered there for free. But that’s a nuisance!)

  5. Clothes shopping for tall women has always been difficult. When I was a teenager there was LTS & nothing else! Shoes, well, that was even more difficult & my poor mum had to buy me boys shoes for my size 10 feet. So I’ve grown up sourcing tall clothing & size 10 shoes. So now even though it’s still limited there is a choice. I do find some repeat offerings very boring, really, how many pairs of black bootcut trousers do you need? I buy very occasionally from LTS, but it is usually a brand (e.g. Hudson, Dish), a lot of my clothes are from Boden, particularly longer tunics, tops, knitwear & occasionally dresses. I’ve just discovered Fenn, Wright & Manson who have some lovely longer items & a very good sale! Always keen to save money where possible. Generally though I look & look & it’s not always in tall ranges, I’ve been lucky to pick up a longer length shirt from French Connection & a recent quilted coat purchase from Hobbs. Where to start on shoes? I now buy from Tallgirls, Katie Long Shoes, Crispins, & Magnus. On very special occasions I take a trip to London & visit Chiltern Street & there of course there is the very special feeling of being able to go into several shoe shops & try on lots of pairs before you buy! As for heels, well, occasionally I do wear them (max 2″) & it does feel great. Day to day I’m in flats or boots, I despair when I see so many pairs of shoes with such high heels. Although I guess there maybe shorter girls out there with big feet too who may choose a heel? I remember being in Crispins shoe shop & a young women came in & sat next to me, she wasn’t overly tall, but had size 11 feet. She tried on heels. I guess there is just a need for more choice, fingers crossed retailers will take note.

    • Yup… my auntie has size 9s and she’s quite a bit shorter than me… so I see that some big-footed women would love to wear mega heels. But the average size 9+ woman probably hankers after a medium heel (I do love a heel myself… but a lot of the heels are too long and flimsy for someone who’s as heavy on her feet as me!) xxxxx

  6. First of all, much love to LTS – I’d be lost without them. But even they make most of their full-length skirts a little too short, and most of their tops have lots of room in the shoulders and bust but not enough in the waist. Those of us who’ve had kids don’t necessarily want ‘tight fit’!

    I used to go to New Look’s tall range when it was in-store. It was a bit young for me but some of the basics were all right. When they and Dorothy Perkins Tall went online only I was really upset because I don’t use credit cards, but then I found out about the Arcadia group’s slave labour practises, both in the UK and abroad – I no longer want to shop with them anymore.

    Top Shop, also part of the Arcadia group, were never any use to me. Too young, and as a size 14/16, they almost never had anything to fit me.

    I buy my boots out of M&S along with my tights. The boots are never tall enough but under my long skirts, no-one knows.

    I’m begining to notice longer length skirts (like 42″ long) in the regular shops, which is brilliant.

    Last but not least – eBay! I watch the tall clothes on there like a vulture. Many sellers accept postal orders these days which I’m ever so happy about.

  7. I’m a 1.84 tall girl from the Netherlands, so unfortunately LTS and Top Shop are only available for me online. Even though girls are taller here in general, the clothing stores haven’t seemed to notice it yet.

    I order all my jeans from Top Shop, since I know my size there. However, I find the rest of their clothing line a bit overpriced for the quality, and it doesn’t really fit my style.

    LTS often doesn’t offer my size, which is a 36. Recently they had some talk on their website about a younger fashion line, with smaller sizes, but I’m not sure when this will happen.

    Something I am definitely struggling with is young business clothes, such as Zara for example offers. I am about to finish uni and am desperately searching for young business wear for interviews and internships. Blouses that are supposed to be stuck in trousers, always pop out because they’re so short. I won’t even mention sleeve length…

    One of the Dutch stores that does have slightly longer arm lengths, and leaves extra fabric on the inside of trousers to make them longer, is Vanilia. (

    My shoe size is 42, and I often find shoes at, or Dorothy Perkins.

    • allthetallthings

      I worked in Holland for three weeks a couple of years ago and was delighted by how tall everyone was… so I’m really surprised that their shops haven’t caught up. Thanks very much for the links xxx

  8. I’m 1.90 and quite thin. My shoe size usually runs 41 to 42, so it isn’t impossible, but the variety is certainly not great.

    As you point out the tall lines are getting harder to find. Part of it is the economics. It is very expensive to stock something in a lot of sizes and, frankly, many of the sizes don’t represent many women. It isn’t just height – if we all had the same body shape with just different heights it would be much easier for the manufacturers and retailers, but we have a lot of shapes and it is even difficult for many women of average height to find clothing they like that fits.

    The economics of apparel is forcing lines to weed out size ranges that sell poorly. My short sister-in-law says is also happening in the petite sizes and she has been having increasing problems finding clothing in the past few years.

    It is great there is LTS, but they usually can’t help me. Most of their clothing is simply not in my size as I’m too thin. I have been able to get jeans that fit perfectly from Indi in the US, but they are expensive and custom. Mostly I rely on my wonderful tailor and hunt for clothing that I know has promise for modification. I’ve been doing this with vintage clothing, much of which runs thin, because it is often inexpensive. And I tend to vary my outfits with accessories – belts, scarves, hats, costume jewelry and handbags mostly. I’m also pretty careful with my haircut and am happy with my body.

    Still – it would be wonderful to have a real selection of things that fit that don’t require going the custom route. I keep telling myself I need to gain some serious sewing experience.

    One of my friends is 2.00m even and she has even more issues than me. Trying to be stylish is very difficult for her and she doesn’t have the funding to try custom clothing, so everything is pretty much cropped and short sleeved. It is sad as she is extremely pretty.

    • allthetallthings

      Yeah… I would love to be a bit better with my sewing machine! I’m very good at making cushions… but not so much at maxi dresses! Maybe that should be my mission for 2012… make a dress myself! xx

  9. I entirely agree with what you say! I’m only 5’10” so I have an easier time than most, but I do have trouble with dresses, even in the Topshop Tall range the waists are often too high, and cropped items in tall ranges are beyond pointless. My biggest problem is shoes, I am size 43 narrow, so almost all high street shops are out, and I hate having to pay for postage AND return prices just to try things on. I would be much more inclined to order from the likes of Marie Long shoes if returns were free.

    • allthetallthings

      Always find waists to be mega high… I end up looking like I’m in an empire dress. I’d be interested to know if some retailers actually use fit models to test their clothes in the Tall ranges… or if they just add on a couple of inches to their “normal” stock. You’d think the “high waistline” thing would be identified during the fitting process. xx

  10. I’m just under 6 foot and a size 42/43 (to be honest, I think I’m a 42, but as other posts have said, they seem to be shrinking these days). I’ve all but given up going into shoe shops on the high street, it’s just not worth the time. My strategy is to trawl my usual websites that sell a limited range of size 9s, see if any of them are less than dreadful, then go into the store to see what they look like in the flesh, then if they’re worth ordering go back online to order them. Even this isn’t foolproof, as I’ll often find they’re a small fit, and I literally spend hundreds on postage and return postage!
    Clothes-wise, I’ve been on a different journey recently as I’m 25 weeks pregnant. If its bad shopping for tall when you’re not pregnant, try it when you are!! I found Isabella Oliver, Crave, both of whom do 34 inch leg lengths, which is manageable with flats and letting down the hem, but a suit jacket’s arms were nearer 3/4 sleeve. I’ve given up hope of being really stylish, and am just going to muddle through.
    To be honest, I’m bored of shopping. The high street is depressing as you can’t see the tall ranges – which are getting worse, I’d agree with previous comments – and I don’t have the energy for rooting around for lucky long-length finds.
    Can’t wait to hear your news Laura 🙂 x

    • Just reading your comments, I’ve had three babies & I agree pregnancy clothing is non-existent for tall women (I am 6ft 2″). My kids are no longer babies, now 13, 11 & 8 yrs. I had one pair of LTS black trousers which had a flap to the front & two sets of buttons for growing room! This was my only pair & I used them for each pregnancy, I also found a LTS long black jersey maxi dress too. So I completely know where you are coming from. I still have those trousers – I thought just in case! Best wishes though for your future arrival. x

    • allthetallthings

      So excited for you Ali! And I LOVE Isabella Oliver. And One Born every minute….. 😉

      L xxx

  11. Oh my god CO SIGN to all of this. Brilliant post Laura.

    The most frustrating thing for me, which is hopeless now, is being able to see it in the shop and TRY IT ON. Like 99.9% of women on the planet, I’m different sizes in different shops- I’m a 10-12 UK but have 8’s and 14’s in the wardrobe. Plus, different styles fit differently. That’s not a unique problem us tall girls have invented, so why are only we penalised by having the absolute minimum available in store to have a look at? Next are going in the right direction, with no specific tall range but a good selection of their standard-sized stuff available in ‘T’ size. But only if you buy online!

    The other thing that winds me up is that like you say, the (shrinking) tall collections seem to be really badly thought-out now. I don’t need cropped trousers and tshirts! I need long sleeved jumpers with ACTUAL long sleeves and a longer body. Topshop’s online collection is full of sleeveless vests at the moment, are you kidding me?! (While I’m on the subject of Topshop, who decided on the measurements for their skinny jeans?! I’m pretty sure I don’t have overweight calves, but the legs are cut so narrow I can’t even get them past my knees. It’s no wonder young girls are up to their eyeballs in weight complexes.) I suppose my point is that I just want to be able to buy good well-fitting basic pieces… And I can’t.

    Tall ranges need to be sourced, designed, supplied, whatever, by tall people who have an understanding of what we need. I don’t think my needs are properly appreciated by someone who has never spent an entire Saturday trawling the high street, been in tears in the changing rooms because nothing fits, and gone home empty-handed and feeling like a complete freak of society and/or nature!!

    • allthetallthings

      Aaaah you’re so right. I think my mum/ friends/ husbands have witnessed similar shopping-induced breakdowns over the years! xxxx

  12. Great post and even better responses….

    For me, activewear… 🙂 but I’m working on that and plan to expand to include more items. So if anyone has suggestions, would love to hear them.

    Oh, finding swimwear (other than a bikini) that is proportioned properly!

  13. I’m 5’10, 30 years old, size 10 and of hourglass proportions and generally find ‘appropriately-proportioned’& ‘age-appropriate’ clothing slim to non existent. I generally have to treat shopping as a part-time job and it’s an exhausting process. My experiences regarding the following:

    Shoes: I’m a size 41-42 so I’m really rather fortunate in this regard. My shoes can be bought in most styles.

    Jeans: a pain in the backside (which is often too baggy) Topshop proprtions do not work on my shape. Same for all ‘tall’ sections in Next, Miss Selfridge, New Look, Dorothy Perkins etc. I find Long Tall Sally (LTS) jeans unflattering and a little dated for my tastes. Happily Zara seem to have the best fit for my hip-waist ratio. And TK Maxx have a great selection of brands (although out of every 10 I try on, I only purchase 1)
    Jeans saints: Zara, Fornarina, Levi, Replay.

    Dresses: shorter versions again I’m lucky with. favourites that I own are mostly from charity shops! But it tends to be arm length that is the challenge. I like LTS in this regard, and Kookai (remember them?) as well as French Connection. Maxi style, I own Warehouse, New Look Tall range, and good old TK Maxx again.
    Dress saints: LTS, French Connection, Warehouse, TK Maxx

    Skirts: I only wear maxi and this is where LTS come into their own. Length and style generally suits me down to the ground. I also own a few from Warehouse although they all could do with an extra inch.
    Skirt saints: LTS

    Trousers: bane of my life. Finding a pair that fit is a miracle & when I find them I oftem buy two pairs in every colour! I prefer low rise and to date, have only found trousers that fit from Zara (who tend to favour longer length) and occasionally TK Maxx. I actually have a few from the now defunct Jane Norman which fit me well. Most ‘tall’ high street ranges are too high waisted, too old fashioned, poorly made, or badly prortioned for my shape. Sadly LTS make trousers too high waisted for me.
    Trousers saints: Zara, Jane Norman, Billabong (yes really), Gas, French Connection

    Coats are a real challenge for me. I have French Connection, Next [I found a Next coat that fitted my arms for the first time in 10 years], LTS, Topshop and a few lesser knowns. I would LOVE a store with reasonably priced, well made and interesting outerwear. Again, LTS are pretty good for me here but I do find them overpriced at times and their coats tend to swamp me.
    Coat saints: none for me, sadly

    Suits: I have yet to find the perfect suit. My eyes want Vivienne Westwood but my bank is having none of it. I have suits from Zara [short in the arms] and LTS (high-waisted, baggy around my hips and not very appealing to the eye). I have given up in this area and tend to wear ‘almost matching’ seperates.
    Suit saints: I do not know: please recommend!

    But by far, my BIGGEST tall-fashion bug bear is Nightwear! Aaaagggh. The ONLY place I buy mine regularly is LTS, and occasionally TK Maxx (buit not from their Nightwear dept, but from their ‘active wear’ as the pyjamas are SHORT!) I like LONG pj bottoms. And LONG pj sleeves. And LONG robes. But I have only ever found them at LTS and they are rather pricey.
    Nightwear saints: it can only be LTS (but they lose points for their pricing)

    Online: well. I confess I LOVE online browsing. I do, I really do ;). In terms of range, I love ASOS over and over again [especially the 10% student discount!). I also like LTS (bless them). ASOS also providedetailed product information – with videos too, excellent customer service, quick delievry and no fuss FREE p&p & FREE returns. And yet again, this is where LTS falls short for me. Paying for P&P and paying for returns is outdated and often affects whether or not to buy from them.

    Overall, I am frustrated by the linited ranges and styles available for us tall-types. Despite my criticisms, I’m thankful for LTS: they make up half of my wardrobe. I want Tall Zone reinstated and prices to be reviewed but overall, I am grateful for this store.

    Laura, I am loving your site, blogging and passion for all things tall & female: you are our eyes, ears and megaphone! xxx

    • allthetallthings

      Some brilliant suggestions here! Thanks Samm.

      I’m also hankering after some super slouchy pjs that don’t break the bank. Did you see the Topshop ones I featured a few posts ago?

      I’ll try and hunt out some decent suits too. xxx

    • Samm! For long nightwear, you should try I’ve recently started buying things there, and they are really, really long (I’m 6’2″ and wearing one of their maxi dresses today: it’s so long, it touches the floor and I keep tripping over it!!!) They can be a bit pricey, but the latest stuff I got there was good quality and totally worth it.

  14. I am 6ft and size 42 shoe.
    I find shopping for clothes and shoes to be the most demoralising and depressing activity in the world. I went into the London “flagship” store this week and I was disgusted by the awful range. I wanted a coat. Every single coat they had was in the sale and was hideous or the extremely small or large left over sizes. The clothes all looked more suited to my grandmother and there wasn’t a single item I wanted to try on.
    I asked Next if they had any stores with Tall ranges in and they said they had put it in a small number of stores but had such a poor response to they took it out. Obviously they hadn’t advertised it anywhere as I hadn’t heard about it being stocked anywhere.
    I think that tall people should have the same choice as the ‘petite’ ranges in stores and online. Usually we have nowhere near as much choice, and the items there are are usually really awful.
    I have the same issue as those above with the high heels on shoes.
    I can totally empathise with Emma when she says “I don’t think my needs are properly appreciated by someone who has never spent an entire Saturday trawling the high street, been in tears in the changing rooms because nothing fits, and gone home empty-handed and feeling like a complete freak of society and/or nature!!” That is me every single time I go shopping.

    • allthetallthings

      I think that 99% of the trouble with stores bringing out Tall ranges or size 9+ shoes is the lack of advertising. I NEVER knew that Next ever had Tall range items in store.

      The worst thing is hunting down a size 9 shoe in store. None of the shop assistants know which ones are available so after a few failed attempts at sourcing them yourself within the store, you just end up giving up.

      There needs to be a big neon sign! THIS SHOE IS ONE OF THE ONES THAT IS AVAILABLE IN LARGER SIZES BY THE WAY. That would help for starters! xx

  15. I meant to say the London flagship LTS store. 😉

  16. I’m 5ft 11 with size 9 feet. I do feel shopping is getting easier. It was definitely as nightmare when I was at school, when my only choice (at least that I was aware of) was Long Tall Sally and finding size 9s anywhere, let alone without a heel, was almost impossible. Shoes are much easier now. I’m a big fan of Duo, but I do miss Faith.

    These days I do most of my shopping online. I tend to buy t-shirts and tops from shops that state the length such as Esprit and H&M. Jeans and work trousers can be more difficult due to the lack of choice. Firstly, I’m another one for low rise. I did used to buy most of my jeans from Zara but I haven’t been able to find any long enough in there in the last few years. Maybe I’m just being unlucky as I don’t live near any of their stores so don’t get to go in often.

    My pet hates with tall clothes shopping is finding tops with long enough sleeves and when shops leave their trendier basic clothes out of the tall range. Plus, I have to spend more on clothes than most people I know but have less in my wardrobe.

  17. I have been 6ft1 since I was 15. For most of that time I have had to endure LTS. I have a love hate relationship with them.their constant use of nasty man made fibres being the most annoying point! But in recent years things have improved with a few more shop selections. However coats are a nightmare and I just depend on there being something nice in each new season of LTS.

    My biggest gripes are tall ranges with inside legs of 33″. In this day and age that just simply is not tall…..

    • allthetallthings

      I feel the same. 33″ you can get anywhere. If Tall ranges were made to serve the people that weren’t catered for generally, then they’d probably do a lot better xx

    • Claire- thank you for bring up something I totally forgot about! 33″ length trousers are NOT hard to find- most stores long lengths nowadays are 34″, do they want a medal? New Look’s tall range is “specially selected and proportioned to fit all women 5Ft 6in and over”. What?!?! 5’6 is not tall! Clueless.


  18. Hi all,
    Just a few observations on previous posts. LTS are always sending out free p&p and free returns codes – if you don’t get these, either sign up to their email updates, or google it – someone usually posts them on a money saver forum.
    If you don’t mind Internet shopping – and paying p&p, Tallgirls are great for maxi skirts, and I’m a big fan of their brand-named jeans. They also have a small range of maternity but these are for super tall people – I found everything swamped me. Oh, and they have a range of pjs 🙂
    Would also recommend Shoon for size 43 shoes. There are a few high street stores and, whilst they’re pretty pricey, they have a great sale on at the moment.
    Finally, my big shoe find – online, but free p&p and returns and the most incredible selection in size 43 I’ve ever seen – Expect to find your dream shoes there – just not at your dream price!

    • allthetallthings

      Great tips Ali. Yeah… the LTS newsletter is great for that. I might have to start an offers page on All the Tall things xx

  19. I’m 6ft, live in Finland and there are NO shops here that carry a special tall range (which is odd because there are swarms of tall people in North Europe!). Zara has previously had an okay selection of relatively tall jeans/trousers, but on my last visit I couldn’t find anything even remotely long enough. I wonder what happened there? The Danish brand Vero Moda sometime has clothes that fit – I have at least 3 of their coats that have long enough sleeves.

    The only time I’ve been able to walk into a store and try on tall clothes was last spring when I visited London on a holiday and went to Long Tall Sally. I discovered LTS about a year ago and was thrilled. Now after quite a few orders from them I have mixed feelings. Some of their stuff is great, but like many others have commented, their jeans and trousers are high-waisted and generally the styles aren’t that contemporary. I also hate it that I first pay €5,95 for delivery and around €20 for returns! It especially makes me mad when I have to send stuff back because their sizing has been inconsistent and my usual size doesn’t fit. And as far as I know, they don’t have free returns offers for international customers (well, they did – probably accidentally – send me a free returns label with my last order, but it was for the Royal mail only and was of no use to me…). So these extra costs are definitely my biggest gripe. I’ve also ordered from Next a couple of times – I’m hoping the coat I recently ordered will fit!

    The clothes that I have the hardest time to find even in tall ranges are trousers/jeans (they tend to cling to my thighs and be too large around the hips/waist) and anything that has a belt or a horizontal seam on the waist. I’ve never considered myself long-waisted (at 6ft and with a 35″ inseam I’d think I’m quite evenly proportioned), but still the waistline sits too high even in many tall clothes.

    Thankfully my shoe size is only 41 and finding big enough shoes isn’t an issue (finding well-fitting and comfortable shoes, well, that’s a whole another story…).

    I love love love this blog, keep up the good work! 🙂

  20. allthetallthings

    Thanks Kath… I’ve also had a lot of success in Vero Moda.

    I hope Finland steps it’s game up… I went there a few years ago and I remember seeing hundreds of tall, beautiful people!

    L xxx

  21. Totally agree with the comments about the high heels on shoes. I once went to a club wearing 3 inch heels and was towering above everyone. I know I should be embracing my height, but it just looked ridiculous.
    The highest heels I wear at work at 1.5″ and even then I’m feeling quite tall, which in some situations is good as I can intimidate people!
    I wonder sometimes if the shoes that the shop/website have sourced are from drag queen websites.

    Since I’ve heard that New Look are withdrawing their Tall range from stores I’ve been on a mini mission asking every store I go into what are they doing with the tall range. The answers have ranged from ‘It’s not going, it’s one of our best sellers’ to ‘It’s going by mid 2012 and will be online’ to ‘It’s going next month and will be on line only’.
    When they say it’ll be online they speak like I should be grateful it’s not going at all. But I like being able to go into a clothes shop and try things on (call me strange). Also if in I’m in New Look looking for the tall range I’ll sometimes pick up something from the normal range.
    I feel like asking when are they going to get rid of the petite section?
    They are apparently making some of the ir trousers a little bit longer but I wear tops as well, so I can have some trousers that are the right length teamed with a a top that looks like a boob tube on me.

    Some of the stuff Top Shop looked like a long piece of material that they cut holes for arms and head. There was no shape to it.
    I’ve found River Island have some stuff that fits and is quite fashionable, not the frumpy style that LTS can be guilty of.
    Also Fat Face do some nice tops that are longer in length and sit right. During the Christmas sales I got two fab jumper dresses from them that sit just above the knee. Perfect!
    Surf brands I find do longer lengths in tops. When I was in Australia I raided all the stores finding nice clothes.

  22. I have another one which is a real problem for me . . . as I have small breasts but broad shoulders & ribcage – finding bras in a 36/38AA size, or even a 38A (they vary dramatically depending on the shop). They are nigh on impossible to get hold of, yet I know more than one woman who is looking for these sizes . . . bizarre.

  23. I’ve been feeling frumpy, dumpy (thanks Christmas) & freakishly tall lately so it’s SO very nice to read that I’m not alone. I’m a 6’3″ American who’s lived in England for 7 years and for most of that time I have relied on trips home for tall clothing (bless you, Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, J Crew & Eddie Bauer). The real dearth seems to be in tops – all of these stores do trousers, jeans & suits with the occasional dress shirt. No matter which country I’m in, changing room tears and shoe shop tantrums are not unknown and I’m less than inspired by LTS on either continent. I really want good quality, natural fibers, correct proportions (extra long torso, broad shoulders, and yes, some of us tall girls have breasts, go figure), and style; over and above all that, I want to feel like a normal girl when I shop and I want shopping to be fun. If there’s anything in the works, count on my support!

  24. Hi!

    One of the biggest things about tall ranges and tall companies are that their boots are far too big for me. My legs are longer than average but my feet are a very average 5 1/2 or 6. I’d love a pair of knee-length boots in my size!

    Also, smaller i.e. thinner sizes are needed. Tall ranges tend to be on the larger side to me.

  25. Completely agree. I’m not even that tall (5ft 10in) but struggle to find dresses/skirts that cover my modesty anywhere! I am becoming more and more annoyed with Topshop’s Tall Range which seems to be getting shorter and shorter. Infact, some of my smaller 5ft 4in friends buy their dresses from Topshop’s Tall range because they think they’re just the right length!

    Again, shoe sizes are an issue! I range from a 7 to a 9 depending on the shop and it annoys me that shoe shops only tend to sell size 9 or 8 shoes in a wide fit. I don’t have wide feet! Just long feet!


  26. Pingback: Height Mathematics |

  27. I’ve got another gripe . . . really wide legs on the (tiny amounts of available) knee-length & ankle-length boots in size 9+. They look like WELLIES. I don’t think I have particularly skinny legs or ankles, but boots flap about as though I’m going pond-dipping.

  28. I do love pond-dipping.

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