The ASOS Tall Scuba Skirt

The lovely people at ASOS may not have officially launched their Tall range just yet, but they sure are teasing us with some fab preliminary pieces. This black scuba midi skirt caught my eye, and is so perfect in length that I’m very tempted for the red one now too.


My midriff is currently in no fit state for public consumption, but it’s possible to work the crop-top trend without baring the wine belly. This dotty ASOS number sits elegantly over the top of the skirt, and you’ll only catch a hint of my upper-tum (the OK bit) in a very sharp breeze. 


I’ve gone for full-on sparkle in my accessories; a sparkly perspex Coast Cuff (a bit pricey at £35 for bling-bling costume jewellery, but I’ve wanted it for ages and finally gave in this week), a bib style necklace and my silver Next courts (available up to a Euro 43). I picked up my long-line blazer from a random boutique in Hong Kong, but you don’t really need that for party time anyway.




What would you style this scuba skirt with? And have you made any ASOS Tall purchases yet? What’s your verdict?

L xx

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28 Responses to The ASOS Tall Scuba Skirt

  1. You’re pulling off the skirt so well, this is my favourite look so far. Love the hair colour and the make up too.

  2. Hi Laura, the outfit looks lovely! My 17 year old daughter and I wonder if you have any input with the lengths/designs for the new Asos Tall range? She has her eye on the sunflower skater skirt –

    however, at 16.5 inches (42cm) this would barely cover her bottom! She is 6 ft 3 inches tall. It looks only just about long enough on their 5 ft 11 inch model. We really need mini length skirts to be longer than this for ladies/girls over 6 feet tall. We can get skirts of this length virtually anywhere.

    The midi and longer stuff is great (like the skirt you are wearing) but the shorter skirts need to be a good 3 inches longer at least – please let us know if you have any input with the range- it would be interesting to know! x

  3. I’ve bought a couple of bits on the ASOS Tall range so far – a long jacket and a dress, both seem lovely (but haven’t worn them out yet). Just ordered some leggings as well so hoping they will be a good fit when they arrive.
    Do you know if they have a standard leg length for trousers in the Tall range? They could do with specifying the inside leg measurement in the description (if it isn’t just a standard length for all anyway).

    • When the collection officially launches, the trousers should all be 36 inches. That’s what the buyer has told me. A few people have had some issues with the length of the preliminary pieces being too short though. I’m investigating further, and as I said, will be consulting on some of the pieces this week. I’ll be pushing for at least 36′! X

  4. Love that skirt! Feedback so far – the tops are still not long enough- ordered some camis but would be great if they had some tops which covered the bum as I can get shorter in ‘normal’ selection! Trousers were good- elg length fab but think maybe the rise needs to be a bit higher – like the Topshop leggings/ leigh jeans. Otherwise, fantastic!

  5. Cute outfit! I’ve got some patterned high waist trousers from asos tall range arriving tomorrow (yay!) I’ll let you know! (Btw This post made me long for a belly fit for crop tops!)

  6. I bought the tall denim swing dress, I thought it would be a tshirt type material but it was a quite thick and unbreathable material, also it was unflattering and too short so sent it back! but hasn’t put me off ordering but going to wait till the range launches officially!

    • All the Tall things

      Oh no! I wouldn’t let it put you off… they are very prepared to listen to feedback (including comments on this blog) and that will really help to shape the range xx

  7. Thanks for your reply Laura – so pleased to hear you are a point of contact for us with the Asos range – what a great idea that we can help tailor the range to our requirements- I wish all tall ranges would do this. The amount of times I have left feedback on some of Topshop Tall range about skirts and dresses being too short, but nothing has ever been done about it! At last we have a voice for tall clothing! Thank you xxx 🙂

  8. Hi Laura, I luuurrrvvve this outfit, I hope at 37 I’m not too old to pull it off. I absolutely love polka dots and The midi skirt trend is great as my mini skirt days are well over. Don’t want to embarrass my son!!!
    We be adding asos to my favorites!
    Love Sarah xxx

  9. Zoe borrowdale

    I too have a 6ft 3″ daughter who at 15 is facing the difficulty of finding a Prom dress! Spotting your shoes made me think that maybe finding the size 43 shoes first might be the best idea though the 8.5 inch heel might just be out of her comfort zone. We live in Yorkshire and have talked about a London trip to try to find some . Any suggestions for shops to visit? I realise that there are websites but the amount of money I have spent on deliveries and returns ( when size 9 s turn out to be 42 s) probably equals a train ticket for two to London

    • Hey Zoe, thanks for your msg. Hmmm… I can honestly say, as someone who shops in Oxford Circus and Westfield in central London regularly, and therefore has the pick of the shops, that sometimes I can go a whole day without seeing a size 9 shoe. I buy 90% of my shoes online, despite the best stores being round the corner, so by all means plan a fun girly trip to London, but use it to pop to the Tall range at Topshop rather than go on the hunt for size 9 shoes. Xxx

  10. Hi. That skirt looks fab. Are you finding that the sizing is consistent with other places?

    • Hi Karen,

      Yeah, pretty consistent. Because it’s free returns I tend to get a size 10 and 12 and send back whatever doesn’t fit. This skirt had a stretchy waistband and the 10 was perfect.


  11. I bought the scuba skirt in cobalt last year. I love it! It was my first ASOS purchase. I’ve bought lots more from them since.

    I’m 52, people usually think I’m 40, and I wear whatever I want… 🙂

  12. I am SO excited about this range!
    I have already brought a few things from the range & I am so happy to actually have a dress that covers my bum at last! 😀
    Try search “longer length” it sometimes brings up a few things they haven’t put in the tall section (:

  13. Do you find that when a website lists sizing for waist and hips it is exact? Is there something I am missing perhaps? This happened to me gew weeks ago when I ordered from gap and went to the size that matched with my waste but they were huge. I fancy trying the skirt but I don’t know if the sizes are right. I am usually a 12 on bottom (occasionally a 10 if a none structured fit!) But with those measurements I’d have to go for 16! Any help would be appreciated as I am always wary of new shops as I don’t know my size in them!

  14. Super cute. So you’re gorgeous and 6 ft. tall – ideal model height. So did people ever ask you if you thought about modeling? did you?

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