The appeal of the Pencil Skirt

It can often be tricky to work the trends and still look a little bit sexy.

Most of the time I find myself dressing for girls rather than boys. After all, they’re the ones who are more likely to notice the effort I’ve gone to. (And anyone who says “I only dress for myself and I don’t care what people think”… well… big respect points. I also think you may be a bit of a fibber though…)

But the pencil skirt trend has an all-round appeal, and this H+M number (£12.99), with its pretty floral pattern, will hopefully draw admiring glances from both genders. (Well it worked on my hubby, who’s always complaining about the ridiculous tent-like clothes that I seem to wear). The high-waist and thick stretchy fabric are particularly good for the tummy-conscious (me), and the floral edging (very Sportmax S/S 12) has a slight optical-illusion effect without being blatant about it. Win.

I’ve balanced it out with a drapey top (also H+M, £7.99) to give it more of a playful daytime look. I’ve not rocked a cowl-neck since the 90s, but Pippa Middleton looked pretty good in her bridesmaid dress, so I think it’s about time the trend was resurrected properly.

I’ve also gone big on the sunglasses (New Look, £4.99 — I can’t buy anything more expensive because I’ll just sit on them). They’re a bit round and geeky, but only a bit. I reckon my leopard-print clutch from Topshop (my absolute fave but an oldie… sorry!) makes any outfit look fit, but I think the clashing print stops it looking a bit too safe. And I dug my bright suede teal Dotty Perks shoes out of the cupboard because they just seemed to be made for this skirt.

So that’s 21 quid for a top and skirt… decorated with about 50 quid’s worth of accessories. I’m happy with that.

L xx

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4 Responses to The appeal of the Pencil Skirt

  1. gorgeous girl! tummy conscious my eye, I have ?? years on you and trust me those years of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk will catch up with you, so rock it while you can . I have always loved pencil skirts ,Saturday afternoons with my nan watching black and white movies had a profound effect on me.Clever lady that she was would copy an outfit Lauren Bacall/Rita Hayworth/were wearing and make one for my Barbie. Bless. Us tallies have great legs make the most of them !!

    • allthetallthings

      Your nan sounds amazing! I want a daughter so that I can try this 🙂

      Yes, the tummy is there… been working a few too many late nights and fuelling myself on percy pigs! x

  2. LOVE this outfit!!

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