The £24.99 New Look Blazer every Tall girl needs

I LOVES me a blazer. Not only are they useful for weddings/ funerals/ bar-mitvahs, etc, but they’re great for these weeks of in-betweeny weather. I have a large selection for layering at work, but with my super-long limbs, I usually have to settle for a 3/4 length sleeve look.

To tell you the truth, a decent, long-sleeved black blazer is something I’d be happy to fork out for, but when there’s a New Look one going for £24.99, I’m not about to complain.

This black waterfall blazer is roomy in the shoulders, as well as long in the arms (I’m wearing a 10; it seemed to look more fitted than the 12, which is the size I’m normally in at the moment). The waterfall detail also adds levels and interest to a long torso.

You can hover over the pictures for links to other products.

Are decent, long-sleeved blazers and suit jackets something you struggle with? Anyone got any top tips of where to look? There’s a Topshop blazer here that also has fantastic reviews and looks very designer-esque.

L x

Here’s a tip: Buy the New Look one here from ASOS and save yourself the postage too. Free delivery worldwide.

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One Response to The £24.99 New Look Blazer every Tall girl needs

  1. I’ve just bought this jacket after reading your post, and am delighted with it. I really like the white lining – looks good when the nicely long sleeves are rolled up – and the slight padding on top of the shoulders makes it a good shape. It looks like it cost a lot more than £25. I tried pinning it closed this evening and that looks good too. Thanks for the tip!

    On another matter, do you ever shop at Banana Republic’s tall range, which I’ve just discovered? I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for a while, but don’t recall you mentioning it. I discovered it this autumn, and have just bought a wrap dress from it which is a good length, stopping just above the knee on me (I’m 5’11”) . It’s at the pricey end, but good quality – it has a nice broad, long tie. The dress only comes in one fabric in the tall range (compared with the many colours in their standard range – grrr) – a strong cream and black geometric fabric; but I’m hoping they’ll bring out some different colours at some point.

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