Ten reasons why you need to get over that Heel Phobia

My new berry peep-toe shoe boots have just arrived from Next (Β£35 — up to a Euro 43). They’re… erm… rather high, and you may well be wondering, “what the chuff does a 6ft tall girly want with an extra 10.5cm?”

Good question.

And just in case “But I love them” isn’t enough, I have ten more answers for you.

1. Heels are sexy. Anastasia Steele isn’t wearing Crocs at any point in Fifty Shades of Grey.

2. Wish your feet were a bit smaller? A bit of elevation at the back will reduce the amount they stick out in front of you. That’s just trigonometry girlfriend.

3. Heels — after a bit of practice — make you walk like a lady. They encourage you to take shorter strides and sashay elegantly from one foot to the other.

4. Most flats (particularly ballet pumps) aren’t built with enough shock absorbency. If you don’t vary your heel height, you run the risk of developing arch and heel pain, cracked heels, shin splints and hip problems. Eugh.

5. You might not really FEEL confident, but walking into a room wearing a massive smile, your favourite frock and a killer pair of heels – despite towering over everybody there — will damn well make you look it. Fake it ’til you make it.

6. I’m no Beyonce, (wow, it actually hurt to write that down…) but heels are waaaay easier to dance in than flats. Spinning around on the dancefloor just doesn’t work in a flip-flop.

7. Things that look better with heels: pencil skirts, shorts, midi dresses, underwear.

8. Want an instant tummy tuck? Heels make you stand correctly and look instantly slimmer.

9. Us girlies with feet over a size 8 are so limited in our shoe choice already. Open your mind up to wearing heels and there’s a whole ‘nother world of footwear available to you.

10. You have amazing legs. It’s basically criminal if you don’t show them off to their best effect… at least once in a while.

L xx

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25 Responses to Ten reasons why you need to get over that Heel Phobia

  1. I am 6 feet tall and wear heels semi-regularly (usually not more than two inches, but I’ve had a few pairs around three.) I like to joke that they create an optical illusion that I’m shorter. When I am wearing flats, I often see people “foot-checking” me anyway to see if I’m wearing heels. So perhaps if I AM wearing heels, they will think “she’s tall because she’s in heels”. Haha.

    I get stared at like nobody’s business when I wear heels, but honestly I think it is mostly admiring (mixed in with a little terror!). I know I look good in them, though very, very tall. I just think, I’m tall anyway, so why not wear pretty shoes at least some of the time? And your points about them making feet look smaller, showing off legs, etc all apply.

    I really think that very tall women have exactly two choices in this area: looking less confident than average, and looking more confident than average. If you slouch, try to hide your height or look embarrassed, etc, you’ll be “less confident than average.” If you wear heels, stand straight, wear flattering clothes, etc, you’ll look more confident. And maybe that will scare some people (read: some men!). But I’d rather be friends with, or in a relationship with, a man who likes a fairly confident woman, not one who’s attracted to someone insecure and self-hating…

    • allthetallthings

      I definitely get the foot-checking thing! If I’m wearing ballet pumps, people normally say “Gosh, aren’t you tall”… and then “and you’re even wearing flats!”

      Heels make it look like you’re tall through CHOICE, and that is where your brilliant confidence theory steps in… you can look waaaay “more confident than average” xx

  2. I am 6’3″ and I do have several pairs of heels in my closet. Ranging from 2 – 4 inches. Do some of these heels make me 6’7″? Yes. Do I care? Nope.

    When you are tall, do a few extra inches really make that much of a difference? I think not. I laughed out loud when I read, “Anastasia Steele isn’t wearing Crocs at any point in Fifty Shades of Grey.” As it is so true… in any case, what does my height have to do with my choice of wearing heels?

    I want to look confident and sexy… who doesn’t? I love my height. And for all of those second glances from people… they can keep on looking just as I will keep on shopping for awesome sexy high heeled shoes.

  3. I am 5 ‘ 11 and love wearing high heels on a night out, the bigger the better (although it does sometimes make conversation with my 5 ‘ 2 friend a bit difficult!).

    My bf is 6 ‘ 8 and we get lots of stares when we go out together but I am proud of the fact that we are different to everyone else. In fact, I often wish I was taller!

    On a side note….only just discovered this blog and absolutely love reading it. Thank you to Laura and all the other readers for inspiring me and my wardobe!

  4. I’m also a fan of higher-is-better; being tall is great, so why not add on a few more centimetres? And heels sure beat crocs and all the other grandma/ortho-looking shoes that represent the majority of large-size options in Spain! Thank goodness for international shipping – heading to the “next” site next. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m 5 ’11” and 43 years old. I have avoided anything over 1.5 inches all my life until a couple of years ago….but have been wearing them very happily since my daugther became taller than me! She is now almost 6’3″ and is 15 years old, and I feel small and boring next to her unless I am wearing at least 2.5 inches – I wear anything up to 3.5 inches now and absolutely love it!! It’s opened up a whole new exciting world of gorgeous (and often sexy) shoes and boots – I especially love wedges as they’re easier to walk in. I look better and slimmer in heels and my husband loves them too….I just wish I had worn them sooner! !! πŸ™‚

    • allthetallthings

      Lovely! I hope your daughter wears them and loves them before she has kids. πŸ™‚ They just make me feel happier! xx

  6. At 6ft 2″ I wear heels occasionally. I’m not overly confident in heels & it’s taken me nearly all of my 43 years to feel ok about wearing them on special occasions. My hubbie is shorter than me & I sometimes feel aware of the height difference
    between us. However with blogs like yours & the great comments above it gives me the courage to be a bit braver πŸ™‚

  7. allthetallthings

    Bless you Sharron, I bet he has no complaints! xxx

  8. I’m 6’2″, transgendered and I adore wearing heels. Although I stick to somewhere around the 1.5 – 2″ mark.
    Yes, I do get looked at a lot, for obvious reasons; but I have killer legs and I’m damn gorgeous (that’s what I keep telling myself anyway!)
    I’m proud of being tall and heels make me walk way more elegantly than flats; I love to walk with long, slow strides – confidently and with a tangible feeling of power.
    Love ’em!

  9. I definitely feel all-powerful in these shoe-boots! These are the shoes I intend to conquer the world in. Thanks Joanne xx

  10. Like Jenny, I am a newcomer to this blog but am already a huge fan! I am a little shorter (5″11) than some of you leggy lovelies but with a husband who is shorter than me as well as some pretty dinky friends, I have shied away from heels for a long time. Recently however I have bought a few pairs of bargain heels and have been enjoying wearing them on my girls nights out!

    I still can’t quite get over the massive height difference heels create between me and my husband (he is already 4 inches shorter than me) but seeing those gorgeous shoe boots and reading all the comments has made me want to be a bit braver so tonight I intend to channel my inner Anastasia Steele and rock some heels!

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  12. hi,

    did you see my question?

  13. I love heels! especially high heels shoes. But I have some “not so high” heels. I prefer to wear flat shoes that some short heels because I feel that short heels make me look smaller and make my feet appear longer

  14. cash cow’s? the idea is to generate money. more money means additional time game. simple maths if i hear you ask me

  15. I’m 6ft 1 ish and seldom wear heels. I can’t get over the ‘standing out’ factor and already tower over my husband who is 5’8″. I’m confident in many ways but just not enough to wear heels!

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