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Hey Leggy Lovelies,

A couple of weekends ago I left Matilda with her Daddy for the first time to go bridesmaid shopping with my friend Marisa, who’s getting married in May. She was keen for all her best girls to wear long dresses, and despite my early warnings that we’d need them especially-made to accommodate the awkwardly leggy one in the group, she was bizarrely optimistic that we’d find a long dress to fit all three of us (5’3, 5’7 and 6 foot) on the highstreet. We didn’t.

Luckily we did find a gorgeously frothy, sequinned, tutu-skirted, grey knee-length number from Coast that just about fitted all three of us. I’ve given you a zillion adjectives in the last sentence because I thought that sharing an actual picture with you would be a bit mean to Marisa, and I know that you’ve all got good imaginations. Besides, there were only two in the shop and we had to scale the length of the UK to find the last remaining one in stock in the country that wasn’t in a size 6. (I’ll pop it on the blog in May no doubt).

So we didn’t go with maxi dresses, but it did get me thinking about all the times I’ve scoured the shops desperately for one, particularly in times before the arrival of reasonably well stocked Tall ranges. My search has seen me head to Vietnam to have gowns made especially, and have my Auntie make a long skirt for me when all I could find to wear for my school Leavers’ Ball was a sequinned top. (Which would have been one way to make sure I got remembered, but wouldn’t have been the classiest of exits).

If you’ve got a prom coming up and don’t want to leave your outfit to the last minute, or you fancy opting for a full-length wedding guest number this year, then consider these simple-but-stunning jewel-coloured maxis while they’re in stock.

They are by Portobello-born label Jarlo and have been made extra long especially or the ASOS tall range. Yay.

Dress, Jarlo @ Asos £85

Dress, Jarlo at ASOS £88

The red one above has a divine bow-back, and would look even more special accompanied by a slim-line statement necklace.

Have you found any pretty maxi dresses? Has searching for one become the bane of your life? What do you think of the maxi dresses available in most Tall ranges?

Let me know in the comments section below.

L xx

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13 Responses to Tall Maxis by Jarlo

  1. Great blog, I love the green maxi. I am 6ft 3 and also write blogs now and again. I am bridesmaid for my sister in May and managed to find a dress long enough for me at Dessy.
    You can read more on my blog: http://wp.me/p5euoT-Z

    • allthetallthings

      Thanks Maddy and great blog. 🙂

      Dessy was definitely on our radar and we planned to look after a trawl of the highstreet… it’s quite pricey for multiple bridesmaids but I do LOVE their dresses, and it’s great to be able to mix and match too.

      L xx

  2. I had a similar problem when I was bridesmaid for my friend. Her sister in law’s were 5’2″ and me at 6’1″.
    The SIL’s emailed dresses they liked which were all knee length. It would have been obscene for me to wear them!
    In the end we decided that they should have two matching dresses then I went with a same coloured long dress.
    I love the top dress, just need one of my friends to get married and have me as a bridesmaid.

  3. Thanks Kare, yup, average sized people aren’t always very good at shopping for tallies. Even if the length is ok, most won’t know to consider the waistline, etc. Bridesmiad shopping can be a bit of a pain (but a big privilige too!) xx

  4. When I hot married I had one 5 ft 6 size 6 bridesmaid and my sister who is 6ft 2 size 10. Somewhat unbelievably the only high street place with dresses long enough (and they even went down to a size 6) was BHS! They have a very long unfinished length which was left as it is for my sis and taken up for the other bridesmaid. So when a few years later I was bridesmaid for my friend that was the first place we went and success again.

    • Oh wow, must say I’ve never thought to look there (even though – incidentally — I actually think BHS has THE best lighting of any home retailer!) but it’ll be top of my list for dresses now! x

  5. Wow, very nice dress, love it so much,and i like the strapless one best.

  6. Love both dresses! I have a big wedding this year so it’s a great source to start thinking about it.
    Have a great weekend!

    antes Alta que sinsilla

  7. This two style long dresses are so nice, but i prefer the red one.

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