It’s Fridaaaaaay! Time to get waisted.

Top won’t stretch far enough? Maybe you need a Haramaki.

No, I’m not drunk already. Haramaki is a Japanese word that translates as belly (hara) wrap (maki) – a band of material wrapped around your middle. Worn originally by Japanese Samurai warriors, these handy little elasticated waistbands are now enjoying something of a renaissance. When the lovely Catherine of UK supplier Nukunuku got in touch to tell me about them, I decided I had to give one a whirl. (Nukunuku means “warm and cosy”. Cute or what? Just saying the word makes me feel snug). Apparently they’re quite popular amongst her tall customers, who can never seem to get their t-shirts to meet their jeans. Sigh. Been there.

Haramki, Nukunuku £14

They’re useful for layering under a shrunken top… as if clothes weren’t short enough to start with, my washing machine is always determined to make things even shorter. If you’re pregnant, slip one of these over the top of your Topshop skinnies and no one will guess that your flies have been undone for the past nine months.  They’re also perfect for hiding that mince-pie and mulled-wine induced muffin top. Me likey.

Pre Haramki

Post Haramki -- warmer and at no risk of legging-induced camel-toe









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2 Responses to It’s Fridaaaaaay! Time to get waisted.

  1. This is great:-) I have been using tight fitting old tshirts for this since I was a teen. Just cut off the bottom 20 cm or so and you have a waist band. I usually wear them under a short tee or top for a layered look.

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