Summer Brights

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Recently I’ve really begun to feel like the tide is changing. We might not have as much choice on the highstreet as the average-Joanne (and I don’t expect we ever will), but there is definitely something in the water. More and more retailers are launching (or relaunching) Tall ranges, and the specialist Tall brands seem to be getting a bit trendier in response. 

Where I live — in the UK — I suddenly feel much less invisible to retailers. If you haven’t read Frances Perraudin’s Guardian article “Tall to Petite: Why does the British Highstreet do Niche Fashion so well?” then make sure you have a look. It’s a little reminder of how far we’ve come.

So with this in mind, and while I’m almost spoilt for choice, I thought it was about time for a wardrobe overhaul. Looking over the last few posts and scanning my wardrobe, I’ve realised that I’ve forgotten to dress in colour. So I’m hoping to bring you a little bit more sunshine on these very blog pages over the next few weeks.

This pretty ASOS Tall kimono adds the perfect mix of tropical brights and neons to my jeans-and-tee combo. If you’re a slave to the blazer or cardi, then consider switching yours up for the on-trend kimono shape in 2014. Perfect if you’re arm or hip conscious, and this one is super long-line.

I’ve just purchased the matching shorts for when the weather’s a bit warmer because they look really striking together. The rolled-sleeve borrowed-from-the-boyfriend style tee is from ASOS (well worth investing in the twin-pack because they’re pretty with floaty summer skirts too), and the minty green perspex necklace is  from New Look (bought in store last week and seemingly unavailable online). My favourite tall-appropriate giraffe clutch has now sold out, but there is a very similar one here. The jeans are stolen from my hubby (and he won’t know unless he reads this because I’m out with the girls tonight, so we’ll see how much he really reads this blog).

You can hover over the picture below for links to the products featured:

I’ve also popped on some pretty coral strappy pumps (£15.99) from New Look.

What are your thoughts on the developments occurring online and on the highstreet for tall women? Is shopping really getting a whole lot easier? Or is there still a very long way to go? Let me know your thoughts…

L xx

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17 Responses to Summer Brights

  1. Asos Tall do have a few very nice pieces!

    However I think the Tall brands have a bit of catching up to do compared to other ‘niche’ brands. I think most Tall options are very plain, safe and masculine, and not enough really gorgeous pretty, feminine pieces, or a whole lot for younger tall girlies. Besides some Asos items, most Tall garments are aimed at the 30-35+ consumer – designed to be quite plain and work-appropriate!

    It also bothers me that Topshop seem to be phasing out its Tall collection in my local store, the couple of rails getting emptier by the week, despite the Petite section taking over around 1/4 of the store – even the sales assistant sounded genuinely apologetic for the lack of longer pieces!

    • Hi Becky. Yup, it’s definitely true that there is less of a physical ‘presence’ of tall ranges on the highstreet. I think that’s why Asos will thrive with their free delivery and returns and I hope that other retailers will follow suit. Xxx

  2. Hi Laura,
    I just want to say that the link to the shorts is not working, it also sends you to the kimono.

  3. Hi Sib, it’s a set… You need to scroll down and select the shorts xx

  4. Love that article you linked to, it made for an interesting read ( although I think it’s a shame people still discount LTS as middle aged, I’m 28 and buy half my clothes there, and I wouldn’t say I’m anywhere near frumpy!) 🙂 I’ll definitely give ASOS another look, your florals are pretty.

  5. I have just been to our local outlet shops with loads of well known high end brands looking specifically for summer dresses that are not too short! None of them have a tall section, and any dresses you do try on were defiantly bottom skimming which was such a shame.
    I have just ordered three different styles from ASOS, so fingers crossed they are all as nice and they looked online.
    I haven’t been to my local Topshop for a while, but although they have fashionable clothes, they don’t cater for the regular need for great jeans/work trousers. Humph!

  6. Love this look! I too am trying to get some colour into my wardrobe, so inspiring to see how you do it:o) The necklace is really cool, have been looking for something like it for a while… And the clutch is beautiful and fun! Thinking about making a dress in a giraffe print, that would be very appropriate indeed;o) Wishing you a nice sunshiny day in London from “little” me over here in Copenhagen:o)

  7. Another Laura

    Around here (Vancouver, Canada), tall shopping at anywhere other than LTS involves lots of showrooming. Look at something interesting in the shop, sort through the lilliputian sizes, give up, order the right size (and length) online.

    • allthetallthings

      I barely set foot on the highstreet anymore. I do almost everything online. Can’t be bothered to sift through! x

  8. Hello Laura!

    I’m twenty-one years old, 6’0″, and living in Canada and I definitely agree that Britain seems to have a lot of clothing companies catering to taller women. Here in Canada, we’re rather dependent on American retailers who are not so generous (they do petite and plus size but not tall). Luckily for me, there’s a Long Tall Sally in my city (which I do shop at for jeans) but considering the store is quite expensive if you aren’t looking for classic pieces and is geared more towards the late 30s, 40s tall woman, I’m still out of luck.

    I’ll be moving to London a year from now to teach French and history and can’t wait to take advantage of all of your stores! I’ll never forget the moment I came upon the tall section in the Top Shop across from Harrod’s in January 2013 during a trip to London.

    What a feeling!

    Love your blog, keep up the good work and look forward to your next video!


  9. Hello,
    Not thought about Next, but good idea. In other news my ASOS tall dresses arrived and not only did I manage to buy three for under £50 overall but they are also all long enough and suit me! So impressed, so would definitely recommend.

    • allthetallthings

      Yay, great news. Some Next shoes in the blog post I’ve just published. They have few nice bits and bobs in this season xx

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