Sleeves that actually make your arms feel short.

Are you constantly making do with three-quarter length sleeves in tops, blazers and dresses because they’re the only kind that look half decent? Or buying your jumpers super over-sized so that the sleeves meet your wrists, only to find they end up looking a bit mis-shapen and tent-like?

It’s a real novelty when I find long sleeves that actually fit. It’s not something you see much of in our “Tried It On” feature, because while you can occasionally find a long-enough maxi or a pretty knee-length skirt on the “regular” highstreet, it’s nigh-on impossible to find a jacket or top that fits in a long-sleeve style.


Loose in the body but fitted in the sleeves, this ASOS jersey is a great piece for layering under jackets or over blouses and pairing with jeans or skirts.

You can hover over the picture below for links to products that are available. This mint ASOS Premium full midi skirt is in a fab heavy-weight flocked fabric that’s made for running about in stilettos along Bleecker Street in NYC.

These Laboutin-style shoes  are a cheap-as-chips £35 from Next and available up to a size 43. They even make my alien toes look almost earthling-like.


Have you found any long-sleeve jackets/ tops or dresses that fit your never-ending limbs? In the specialist Tall ranges or otherwise? Please share!

I’m also in the midst of summer-shopping for a forthcoming sunshine break to Santorini, so expect some pretty maxi skirts and floaty dresses to appear over the next few blog posts. Let me now if you’ve found any yourself. 🙂

L xx

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7 Responses to Sleeves that actually make your arms feel short.

  1. Hi, I’ve always found h & m tops great for longer sleeves and body. I’ve bought loads of cotton tops for work from there and they fit really nicely.
    Is anyone else frustrated with the crop top trend at the moment – it seems impossible to find tops long enough anyway but now they are making them super short! Although maybe I’m just being picky because I can’t pull it off 😉 xx

  2. I’m frustrated that there are so many cropped tops in Tall ranges. If we want those, we can buy ANYWHERE else in the store xx

  3. Love it and love the skirt! Have a similar skirt in black from h&m (it had a 10cm (4″) wide hem so I made it longer and it fits perfect now)

    What I don’t get is this:

    Why would we want trousers in an awkward length? It is the same as cropped tops in Tall ranges: we can buy those anywhere else 😉

  4. Love the mint and grey together, so classic and super trendy!
    I just bought a bodycon long sleeved dress from Lipsy that actually reaches past my wrist bones! It’s also a midi length and sits a little below my knees, amazing – last size 10 and £20 in the sale too! Meant to be 🙂
    In general I find that River Island do a good sleeve length in blouses. I usually find they’re too short and pull because the cuff doesn’t sit at the wrist and instead sneaks up my chunkier forearm – not comfortable. River Island, however, sit far better and I’ve had a few lovely on trend blouses from there over the past 6 months or so.

    • allthetallthings

      Thanks Anne-Marie, if you find any long-length blouses in River Island that work, do please drop me a pic! xx

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