Size Matters at ASOS

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Last week I attended a “Size ASOS” event at their HQ in London (not the ASOS building in Yorkshire that was badly damaged by fire last week — I hear that’s on the road to recovery now though). It wasn’t tall specific, though it was an opportunity to showcase ASOS’s Tall, Maternity and Curve collections to the press and chat about what’s in store for the slightly irregular sized amongst us (my word not theirs).

asos size 5

Not only are they expanding on the success of their current out-size collections with a host of new pieces, but they’re looking at ways to improve fit across the board, beginning with last week’s scanning event. In a joint venture with Manchester Metropolitan University’s “Department of Apparel”, ASOS are on a mission to really get to know their customers, and find out what’s going on underneath everyone’s clothes. 2400 men and women of all shapes and sizes were invited to stand (in their smalls) in an electronic body scanning unit which employed state-of-the-art light technology to take around 150 measurements. The level of detail was immense; measurements you wouldn’t really think about like “ankle girth”, plus ones that us Tall women are only too aware need attention and rarely receive it, like “crotch length front” (and back) and “ankle to floor inside” (and outside).

ASOS size 1

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to raise the average height findings for the nation by stepping in there myself, because pregnant women aren’t allowed to be exposed to the technology, but I got to watch the analysts in action and find out a bit more about how it will inform their clothes.

Interestingly, I’m told that when ASOS first launched their Tall range, it borrowed measurements from other retailers who were already making clothes for tall women, and through its own independent and thorough research it hopes to improve those measurements and tailor clothes to fit a more genuine representation of a tall body-shape. While this won’t replace the age-old method of “fit modelling”, where clothes are tested out on a real-life human bean, it will help to set the marker for what makes a tall woman “tall” and therefore draw up the parameters for measurements required within the Tall range.

And speaking of the Tall range, there is a whole lot of pretty landing there over the next couple of months, including a beautiful floor-length (below front — and actually floor-length) embellished black dress and tight-fit black biker jacket.

Tall PR Georgie explained that ASOS had noticed a real lack of nice going-out and occassion-wear for Tall women and that it hopes to address that over the coming months with some slightly more glamorous pieces.

Best of all, absolute top-end prices should be around £90, even for the uber-glam gowns, so hopefully we’ll have a bit more cash to play around with next time we’re at a friend’s wedding/ prom/ ball.

I’m also going to be showcasing some pretty ASOS maternity clothes on the blog (some of the forthcoming collection seen below) over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. I have weddings to dress for and a couple of fancy-pants parties and bump isn’t getting any smaller!

So I’m interested to know from you ladies… when it comes to fit, what is it that even the specialist Tall retailers are getting so wrong? Is it arm length, crotch-length, too many cropped tops? Let me know what really gets your goat…

L xx

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38 Responses to Size Matters at ASOS

  1. I find the Topshop waistline is often too high in their Tall dresses, and I’m only 5’10”.

  2. I feel playsuis and skirts that are classed as tall are not long enough so you can bend over without worrying

  3. It’s great that retailers have come a long way in the past 10 years for tall girls – I remember trying to get tall skirts/shirts/trousers for school and it was a nightmare!

    Firstly, I’d say consistent sizing is a bugbear of mine – I’m a size 10 but I currently own tall items ranging from size 8 – 14 which is ridiculous! Tops don’t seem to differ too much but trouser/jean sizes vary like mad, and I realise that the tailoring/style will come into it to a degree but seriously, the same type/brand/make of jean but in a different colour should not differ in size from one pair to another surely!?

    Secondly, I think it would be good to understand why most tall ranges are so limited whereas small/petite ranges seem to have a bigger selection including ‘general’ range pieces that have been adapted – why can’t they do that for tall ranges too?

    Glad to see someone fighting for the tall gal! Just because we’re tall doesn’t mean we should have ill-fitting, boring clothes – thanks Laura 🙂 x

    • Hi Dee,

      There hasn’t been any industry-wide dress-size research done the 50s… it’s all a bit of a guessing game.

      I tend to find I size smaller in clothes that are cut in a decent size for tall women, because I’m not going over-size to get the shoulders/ arm-length to fit, etc. Never know exactly what I’ll be though. There’s a huge difference between a Topshop 10 (tiny) and an LTS 10 (big) for instance.

      L x

  4. I often find that tall clothes are too narrow across the shoulders.
    I also find that clothes fit when you buy them but after a wear and a wash the often shrink or with LTS clothes I find they go baggy and lose shape. A pair of trousers I bought from LTS are unwearable after an hour as they stretch so much and go baggy.

  5. We definitely do not need cropped tops or trousers in any tall range. Easy to get that look buying regular clothes. I agree with Dee the choice in petite ranges is much better and more varied. On a recent visit to Topshop Oxford Circus (London) it was quite evident the difference between the Tall and Petite sections. Not only the amount of choice but the colour of different items, the tall range all rather dark, boring & basic. The petite section in contrast had some feminine pastel colours and just a whole lot more wow! Depressing to say the least, although it was a joy to actually be in a Tall section in a shop! Most of our tall shopping is online; Asos is great for offering free p&p and returns which really helps. Would like to see Asos offering longer length trousers 36″ inseam at least and perhaps some longer length dresses.

  6. The waistline is quite often too high in dresses and belted coats, and I don’t think I’m particularly long-waisted (I’m 6′). And maxi dresses/skirts aren’t always maxis (especially if the fabric is the shrinking type!).

    I also agree with Dee above – the sizing is most definitely not consistent, which drives me crazy sometimes and costs me lots of money in returns.

  7. I find the height of ASOS’s models very frustrating when shopping the tall section of their site. Most of the outfits are displayed on models that average 5’9″. At 6’0″, I find it a guessing game to figure out what outfits might look like on a longer frame (I’m sure most ladies here can commiserate on the pain of ordering a dress that looks to be a decent length on a model and finding out that it is WAY too short on you).

  8. Was this ‘scanning’ event held in Manchester? I would have loved to help get the average height up and have joined this type of research – how do you get involved in that?
    All sounds very positive 🙂
    Personally, I still struggle with the shoulder width on a lot of tall things – they make the length longer and the sleeves longer but sometimes forget that those of us who are quite well proportioned, also have wider frames generally.
    Loving the choice on ASOS Tall so far though!

    • Hi Janet, it took place in London… I popped a note on the Facebook page to see if anyone was willing to participate. I’ll let you know if there’s another event happening soon x

      • Oh I missed that! I’d be really keen to get involved in something like that so will keep an eye out for any updates in future 🙂

  9. Summer dresses that are classed as tall generally come up way too short and for girls with very long legs this makes the dresses look even shorter. Oh to have a knee length summer dress that isn’t going to show too much if I need to bend over!

  10. I find that waists are never in the right place for tall girls dresses. On a different note – I was pregnant 12 years ago and had to go to a formal ball…phew that was a task and a half trying to get a glamorous preggie ball dress!

  11. No more summer dresses and skirts that showcase my underwear if I bend over! I love the print and style of Motel dresses but the length of their pieces is laughable.

    I’d also appreciate more jackets in longer lengths, so a longer biker jacket is good news to me! Tried on one of the lovely powder blue ones in Zara, but even the XL was so laughably small it came down to just under my armpits.

    And not to mention more choice of cute, feminine daywear and wearable going-out wear – I often see so much great stuff in the Topshop Petite section, yet today my local store literally just had 6 different Tall items sparsely populating their rails.

    Can’t wait to see the Asos Tall range develop in the future, hopefully with plenty of stuff to get my hands on for Autumn & Winter!

  12. Big shoulders are often an issue for me, too. Some retailers get it right (e.g. LTS). Others (e.g. TopShop) have work to do, apparently catering to 6’3″ size zeros.

    On the whole I find the tall ranges to be good and steadily improving, with recent favourable results from ASOS, The Gap, New Look and TopShop.

    Sizing is definitely variable. The lack of brick-and-mortar availability to try things on makes this even more important. And, yes, please try harder to find genuinely tall models (at least 6 feet) for the web sites.

    I was in London last week, but didn’t see your note about ASOS until it was too late. 🙁

    I consoled myself with a trip to the LTS Mothership in Chiltern Street. 🙂

  13. Yes, I agree that waists are still too high, and bust darts are usually too high as well. Sizing is all over the place, I’m a 16 in some brands and a 12-14 in others, LTS trousers I’m heading into a 10!!

    I haven’t bought anything from the ASOS tall range yet, some of the New Look tall pieces are good, but I can never find them in stores. I actually like to try things on before I buy them, so I only order online from stores when I am pretty sure of the size that will fit me.

    Dress lengths should always be stated in the clothes description, I have been caught out looking at the models and thinking oh yes, that’ll be below the knee on me – No it won’t! yep I’m 6′ as well 🙂

    • Oh, that’s something I forgot to mention, but dress length – heck, the length of all pieces of tall clothing – should ALWAYS be stated in the description. Otherwise it’s totally hit or miss, usually miss…

  14. So pleased to hear that Asos will stock occasion wear in the Tall range for autumn/winter. It’s always difficult to find floor length dresses for formal occasions. Last year I was the only female at our work xmas do in a cocktail dress!

  15. Wow, neat event!

    I find it difficult to find tall blazers and suit jackets. The sleeves are usually long enough for me, but they’re also really wide, and they don’t seem to nip in at the right places. Basically, it looks like I took my husband’s blazer.

    Some tall range shoes are also tricky – I’m usually a 9, but sometimes I end up sending them back (and not having shoes, sniff!) because my toes are grazing the end but the shoe itself is very wide. (This doesn’t usually happen with more expensive shoes, but who doesn’t like a fun, on-trend cheapie?)

  16. I find the actual cut of tall clothing is just not right. Some retailers seem to think that: a) tall women are all straight up and down with no curves. Or b) that all tall women need is a couple of extra inches in length and forget all about proportion.

    I find that if I size up to get over my hips, the waist is too big and constantly falling down and the depth in the bum is not long enough. I’m a size 14 now but have been a 12 in the past and it just doesn’t make a difference what size I am. I can’t remember ever being able to wear anything on my waist at all.

    It also irks me that historically if I want the luxury of clothes fitting me, I have to pay more for it even in the same shop! (Top shop’s tall range for example used to be marginally more expensive than their same designs in their normal range)

    I’ve taken to making clothes sometimes because at least I can guarantee the fit, but I shouldn’t really have to if the tall concessions of retailers took the time to find out about their market.

  17. Also… enough with the black and dull colours! Just because we’re tall doesn’t mean we want to or should blend in!

  18. A few years ago I was 10 1/2 stone and a size 12 in LTS. All was well, but then my weight went up. Now that it’s back at 10 1/2 stone again, this time I’m an LTS size 10 in everything except jeans. There are no jeans that fit me there at all, 10 is too small and 12 is huge. I wish they’d put their sizes back to how they were. And while they’re at it, design some jeans/trousers that don’t go all baggy after just a couple of hours.

    The only place I can find jeans is Top Shop, where I’m usually a size 12, but I’ve had 12s from there that are gigantic at the waist and others that are as much as 2 inches smaller than usual and have had to go back.

    Maybe I’ll give ASOS a try. 😀

  19. Hi Laura

    Do you know if ASOS were looking at their shoe sizing as part of this? Many of their own brand shoes go up to a 9, but I think they come up small compared to other retailers. I’d consider myself to be a UK9, which I would say is an EU43, even though I know most retailers use an EU42 as a UK9. In reality, my perfect fit is an EU42.5, but most of the time I can get away with an EU42.

    However, with ASOS, it is so rare that their UK9 fits me. I think I have had one pair of shoes from the ASOS brand that actually fitted out of around ten pairs ordered. This is compared to their nearest competitor Topshop, where the vast majority of their size 9 shoes do fit me.

    So did they mention if they were going to look at shoes?

    • allthetallthings

      Yes, they’re looking at shoes too… their size 9s never fit me and I passed this info on. The New Look size 9s that they carry do, however, and I tend to get them from there rather than New Look because it’s free delivery and returns xx

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