Shoesissima at ASOS

The most common (and completely reasonable) complaints you hear about shoes from women with big feet…

1) You have to pay through the nose to get them posted, when other women can just try anything on in store…

2)…. only to find they don’t fit and you have to send them back (for another charge).

3) That the pair of shoes you love is in outer-Mongolia and you have to pay over-the-odds for a boat/ plane/ pigeon to get them to you. (And still risk complaint number 2 again).

4) That a BIG shoe size is considered to be a size 9, and in some very rare cases, a size 10.  Anything beyond that and you’re shopping in the men’s section, or eating beans for a month to afford the one frumpy pair that fits.

With the promise of solving all these problems, large-size shoe brand Shoesissima has landed on ASOS. Which means free international delivery, free returns, and 18 styles of shoe available in a size 8-12 (that’s up to a US size 14, Euro 46). That means you can even purchase two of the same pair to try on and send one back. FOR FREE.

I ordered these red metallic-detail block heels (£79.99) (in an on-trend medium height — great if you’re averse to skyscrapers).

You’ll notice that the plastic is still on… that’s because I need to exchange them, because they’re actually too damn big. This is possibly down to an error of judgement on my part; I  have a few pairs of Shoesissima from a couple of seasons ago, and found them to come up quite small, so I made sure I ordered the 10 in these rather than my  usual 9. These couldn’t have been more different and — I believe for the first time ever — I could see an inch of shoe beyond the front of my toes. But therein lies the great thing about ASOS; there’s NO gamble.

By Shoesissima standards, Size 9 is considered to be a size 43 (yay!) and a 10 a 44, so the current season’s stock won’t have us whinging about the poor interpretation of sizes. Here are a few of my other faves…

Let me know what you think of the current collection and if you’ve tried Shoesissima before.

L xx

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7 Responses to Shoesissima at ASOS

  1. Gorgeous shoes, but just too expensive 🙁

    • allthetallthings

      Hey Laura, they’re defo more of a considered purchase. What kind of price is the most you’d pay for shoes? Xx

  2. Have bought the Asta sandal in beige, perfect fit for my size 10’s. Loving the lower block heel & a generous ankle strap. Will be saving for the black pair too. Bought through Asos to take advantage of the free p&p/returns.

  3. Hi Laura! What do you think about this pair of shoesissima? I would like to buy them in the white version directly from their website..

  4. Hi Silvia, good quality and generously sized so you definitely don’t need to size up, as I mistakenly did! Xx

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