“Remember I told ya, I’m a soldier…”

… So said Lisa Maffia. Remember her?

Anyhoo, that’s not really the point. Although I reckon if you do remember the song, it’ll be stuck in your head all the way through this post.

Thanks to the likes of Burberry and Topshop Unique, the military trend is back. Think camouflage, khaki and army jackets, but sexed up Rihanna style with wet-look leggings and studs.

Top L-R: Tall Jumper, Topshop £42/ Tall Jacket, Topshop £75/ Tall Jacket, Topshop £48 Middle L-R: Boots, Long Tall Sally £150 (Up to a UK 11)/ Necklace, ASOS £10/ Tall Leggings, Dorothy Perkins £18 Bottom L-R: Tunic, Topshop £22/ Boots, Amber & Jade £169 (Up to a UK 11)/ Bag, Urban Outfitters £45

Another great (and usually cheap) place to find bits and pieces for this trend is an Army Surplus store. (Have a Google to find your local shop). A few years ago my uni house-mates and I sourced some camouflage shirts, bullet-holders and berets from one to wear to Exeter’s annual… um… fetish ball. (Does every uni have one of those or did I just go to a weird one?)

L x

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5 Responses to “Remember I told ya, I’m a soldier…”

  1. For camo jackets like the one in the top row (on the right) vintage often go really big and long, and especially as the style is baggy the mens sizes are perfect! There were loads in camden (Go to the last market from the main station, go to the level below and there is the BEST VINTAGE SHOP EVER underneath some stairs on the left!) xx

  2. I LOVE that shop! That and the smelly leather bag shop! x

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