One Black Maxi, Three Chic Ways

Maxi skirt, £29



Take one long-length Maxi skirt (I’ve used this lovely jersey one from… it has a stretchy waistband so you can wear it as high or as low as you choose) and style it up for three very different days out…





Winter Warmer

Festival Cool

Holiday Romance

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5 Responses to One Black Maxi, Three Chic Ways

  1. Hooray,thanks for the ideas – I love these kinds of posts!
    I have a black maxi skirt from the Gap, and was kind of in a rut with it. I never thought of it as a wintery skirt, but I’ll be trying it out later this week!

  2. Yay! Lovely stuff xx

  3. The Winter Warmer look has triumphed at work!

  4. Ooh good! You’ll have to send in a picture missus! xx

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