Nude Fetish

I stupidly went out in a pair of heels yesterday that I’d not yet worn around the house. By the time I’d arrived in central London, the backs of my feet were shredded to pieces and I had to hobble into New Look in search of a pair of flat pumps.

A kind shop assistant even brought me plasters. (Seriously, shop assistants seem to be sorting my life out right now… they’re like stylists, counsellors and now doctors).

These size 9 pumps might look super chic and expensive, but at £12.99, they’re about the same price as a bottle of Pinot Grigio in Wetherspoons. I do find it helpful to think about my purchases in terms of their alcoholic beverage equivalent. Then you know how much you’re really sacrificing for your footwear.

I did get home though and realise that I now have a total of SEVEN pairs of nude shoes. How the hell did this happen? I am officially a boring shoe person.

I am positively BEIGE. And a bit of a dumb-ass. Two of those pairs are clearly identical. No wonder I can never afford to eat.

Fortunately New Look also has lots of pretty AND colourful size-nine shoes in its easy-on-the-purse selection.

Bingo. I think those neon leopard-print beauties are just what I need to get me out of my shoe-rut.

L xx

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7 Responses to Nude Fetish

  1. You can never have enough nudey shoes!! Have you worn the patent ones?? They’re very high, I’m trying to pluck up the courage to wear some gorg orange shoes I purchased for a friends birthday but keep having panic attacks every time I look at them. They are bleedin lovely but just not sure I can cope with the stares. May have to send you a piccy with the dress I got to go with them and see what you think.

    Wish I had your confidence when it comes to shoes and clothes for that matter.


  2. Hey, Where are the nude patent heels from? The top top ones 🙂 They are gorge! X

  3. allthetallthings

    Morning ladies. The top patent ones are actually from Barratts. I got them aaaaages ago but I think these are the ones

    And yes Trish, I wear them quite a lot! For some reason, I seem to get less comments about my height when I’m wearing heels… it’s as if people put my height down to the heels rather than my massively long limbs!

    Wear something with confidence and you can get away with just about anything. And they make your legs look amazing! 😉 Can’t WAIT to see your orange shoes. Just ruddy well GO.FOR.IT woman! What’s the worst that can happen? Bet you’ll look amazing.

    L xxx

  4. First of all – one of those seven pairs is CLEARLY white so I think we can discount that. Secondly I’d say the court in the middle is taupe so I”d be tempted to discount that as well. And lastly they’re all different STYLES. Am I overjustifying this? … ok, so maybe I have a few nude pairs of my own…

    …Then again, why am I talking us out of buying new shoes? More colour needed you say? Ok! 😀

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