Non-Maternity Maternity-Wear

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

After a long time chatting about maternity wear, I thought it was about time I popped something on the blog that was appropriate for all of us gorgeous leggy lot.

In any case, when I first announced my pregnancy, so many of you told me not to bother with maternity clothes because they’re a big old waste of money. And, especially since I’m pregnant during the summer months and dress reasonably casually for work, you were absolutely bang onThere are plenty of clothes on the highstreet that will accommodate a growing bump, but still look perfectly lovely after baby’s arrival.

While I’ve bought two pairs of skinny maternity jeans (one under-bump pair by ASOS, one over-the-bump pair from Mamalicious @ASOS, the latter of which I prefer), and a couple of nice maternity dresses for special occasions, I’ve tried to stick with my old wardrobe, and buy things that I’ll be able to wear post-pregnancy too.

I also wear the items I do buy and that do still fit in much heavier rotation, so I don’t feel like I’ve spent lots of money on things that I’ll hardly get any use out of.

My best buy was an ASOS bump band for £7, an absolute money-saver because it has allowed me to wear most of my old jeans and shorts open and adds extra length to t-shirts that creep up over my bump. It’s not a completely seamless solution (literally), but it’s a great little piece for layering. I’ve worn it with my non-maternity Topshop shorts below.

My absolute godsend this summer has been the kimono… light enough to wear during these balmy summer days and fits at every stage of my pregnancy. Unlike a dress, I can also mix it up much more easily with other pieces in my wardrobe too. I find the long-line ones super flattering on a tall figure, and this Topshop number (£46) with its pretty, art-deco style bird print, is one of my faves and has been well worth the splurge.

If I have indulged a little bit, it’s been more on accessories like jewellery and handbags. Luckily I seem to have avoided the curse of going up a shoe size, although with 2 and a half months still to go until my due date, I realise there’s still plenty of time for that to happen. I have my husband’s Converse and Havianas on standby.

I’ve also arranged my wardrobe at home with a section of my tried-and-tested maternity-friendly outfits, to avoid hours rummaging through before work every day and tearing my hair out when nothing fits.

You can hover over the images above for links to products. The giraffe print clutch is no longer available, but if you want to splash the cash, I love this blue giraffe print clutch from Ted Baker. And neither are the boots, though Topshop does have a strappy pair with the same metal-capped heel in a size 42 here. Prescription sunglasses are by Tommy Hilfiger at Specsavers.

L x

P.S. How many of you went up a shoe size or even grew taller during pregnancy? Let me know if this has or hasn’t affected you.

P.P.S. I’m looking for more pretty logo and typography tees to wear under shirts and kimonos. Have you found any pretty ones lately (doesn’t necessarily need to be a maternity piece)?.

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9 Responses to Non-Maternity Maternity-Wear

  1. Love shorts combined with kimonos. They’re a good option for those fresher nights and another option if we don’t feel comfy wearing only shorts. Definetely a totally trendy outfit! You look gorgeous!

  2. Aaah thanks huni.

    Yup, kimono and shorts is the way forward. Was at a festival wkd before last and this was my uniform! Xx

  3. I’m 6’2 and didn’t start showing until about 28 weeks. You have a beautiful bump! My feet grew a half size AFTER delivery but not before. Some of my most favorite flats no longer fit and now I’m the oddest American size of 10.5….meh!

  4. My bump seemed to pop out at 12 weeks… So much for tall women barely showing! Thank you though. 10.5 US size prob translates to a New Look 9… They’re available on free international delivery at Asos. If they’re too big, the Asos own-brand 9s come up smaller Xx

  5. Ahh lovely bump I am another tall person like the lady above who showed REALLY early lol anyway nearly 2 years on I am back to fighting form!
    I actually over maternity clothes as they all come up longer so am still wearing maternity vest tops, alas my longer t’s with bump space did get a bit too big. Post birth I lived in mama and papas feeding tops but their feeding vests under normal batwing style t’s were ok. Their loner length jeggings were also fab.
    Generally I found Isabella Oliver stuff longer length and normal tops fab expensive but so worth it, especially if you are lucky enough to think you will have more children. Due to several miscarriages I had a jersey skirt that was 5 years old and good as new. They have great sales and I bought 2 pairs of longer trousers on eBay for less that a tenner as obviously there was less demand! I appreciate no good for you but thought I would add it to anyone tall looking for maternity clothes x

  6. Apologies for dreadful spelling – one handed whilst baby wrangling
    I LOVED maternity clothes
    And lonGer length jeggings!

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