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Happy New Year you bloody lovely leggy lot! Hope you had a magical Christmas break and that Santa was suitably generous.

After a lovely long stay with the in-laws in Cornwall — and THREE Christmas dinners — I’m now back on the trail of Tall fashion. In 2012 I’ll be building on the fun of last year… hunting down suppliers of long-length womenswear and finding Amazonian-worthy clothes on the humble highstreet. There will more “lifestyle” posts, more reader style, and more advice and ideas to help you LOVE your height in 2012. (And no doubt the occassional rant… it’s important that we get to have a good whinge sometimes).

My Christmas time in Cornwall was made all the more merry by my mother-in-law’s Christmas cake (drenched in brandy), and by my lovely new Nine West boots.

Now, I’ve always thought that shoe and accessory retailer Nine West had a slightly misleading name. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have once headed to its website in the belief that you were going to find plus-size shoes. Nine right? Surely that must refer to shoe size. And if you’re anything like me, you’d have been hysterically excited by the abundance of mouth-watering colours and on-trend styles and luxurious looking fabrics…. before having a big, fat, foot-stamping tantrum when you realised that none of the shoes would fit you.

Because Nine West — contrary to its promising name, wasn’t really very different to any other shoe retailer. (Incidentally, the Nine in Nine West actually alludes to the fact that the company began in the Solow Building at 9 West 57th St in New York City. It’s still a silly name though).

I’d given up on Nine West a few years ago when I realised that I wasn’t going to find any shoes that were bigger than an eight. So I was slightly surprised to see a comment from regular reader Di a couple of weeks ago, stating that Nine West not only had a sale on (yippeee!), but that it also now stocked a fair few generously sized nines too (and yup, I’m talking size 43s… none of this size-nine-is-a-42 rubbish).

I tentatively headed to its website (the previous disappointments had obviously affected me more than I’d realised) and found myself falling absolutely head-over-flats for these boots (£75 reduced from £190, get in!).

New boots. Already been through the glorious Cornish mud 😉

And once home, the boots totally lived up to my expectations… so wonderfully roomy, so beautifully finished, such a classic shape, so utterly buttery soft. Those moments of “making do” with any large shoes I could get my hands on had been replaced with sheer unadulterated lust. I’ve never felt so excited about slipping on some leather. I can wiggle my toes in them and walk for hours in them… all the things that little-footed people take for granted.

While my boots are actually sold out now (oops.. sorry for dangling the carrot…), there is a good selection of size nines on the website. If you’re a fellow size-niner, and have always felt restricted to poor-quality, flimsy shoes… these ones are like HEAVEN. They’re not the cheapest… but if I am going to force myself to keep one New Year’s resolution, it’s to stop buying “bargains” that fall apart after one wear.

But anyway, I’d best stop gushing and get back to work… 2012 has begun and there are lots of delicious clothes to seek out for women over 5’10, and shoes in size nine… and beyond.

Here’s to a super stylish 2012.

Laura xx

P.S. According to new research by Debenhams, the sales of size nine shoes are now surpassing those of size four, which was the standard measurement in the 1960s. Let’s hope for a sharp increase in choice for size-niners this year as a result.

P.P.S. If you’re looking down at your size ten+ shoes and feeling hard-done-by, fear not… the next shoe post will feature footwear in much larger sizes. 🙂 I know there are plenty of larger-footed ladies out there too. (AND we’ll find you lots of GORGEOUS shoes this year. Promise).

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15 Responses to Nines by Nine West

  1. Happy New Year Laura, great to have you back. Love your new boots. Where did you go in Cornwall?

  2. Thanks Emma! Probus… a little village near Truro, do you know it? xx

  3. Hi Laura,

    I have found the same ones on amazon still for sale so bought some today !! lots of love, Nik xxx (smartlive Nicola 🙂 xxx I however, despite being 5ft11 have weeney silly size 6.5 feet, but they do have some sizes 8’s for other tall people.


    ignore me – since I purchased this afternoon all the size 8’s have now sold out too :((( sorry !! (size 7’s remaining for ickle people)

  5. allthetallthings

    Well found Nicola and happy new year! They’re lovely… come up to my knees too! Hope you like them 🙂

    L xx

  6. Happy new year ladies!
    It’s also my aim this year to stop buying cheap stuff and find what my mother would call “investment pieces”! Decision made the hard way after my toe LITERALLY poked through the end of some Primark specials and I had to walk around in the rain all day like that. Those boots are fab- I’m ‘only’ an 8 so am lucky enough to find my size in most places, but boots are always just a teeny bit too short in the calf. If you’ll excuse me I’m just off for a browse now! 75% off, it’d be rude not to look…

  7. I’ve been on the prowl for new boots but am being totally indecisive. Do you know the style name of these? I want to see if Nine West’s US site has em. =) And I have definitely know the “big, fat, foot-stamping tantrum” feeling when told by Nine West stores that they don’t carry size US11 in store…only online. SERIOUSLY? They need to get with the times! I feel a tantrum coming on just thinking about it. I better go have a glass of wine.

  8. Oops…Hadn’t refreshed this page in awhile..Just noticed someone posted a link to the boots. Disregard my last request. =)

  9. Loved reading this Laura – so glad I helped with my Nine West Size 9 discovery! Those boots look gorgeous !! Just to say, it’s also always worth checking on and (as well as the Kurt Geiger website) for Nine West as well – there are often discount codes for Javari of 10 or 20 per cent if you search on Google. And they have a 365 return policy! I have bought and returned stuff to them and found them very good to deal with! Happy New Year! x

  10. It’s great that NineWest are finally bringing over the size 9s, until you realise they stock size 10 (US12) in the US & just haven’t bothered to bring the complete range to the UK – why? Very frustrating for us larger foot ladies – if you are a size 10 email to ask them! I felt like an ugly sister when I tried to squeeze my foot into the size 9 of the Red Belzeit courts yesterday! x

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  15. Hi! I’m 5′ 11″ and wear US size 11.5, sometimes 11, sometimes 12. I find Nine West runs a little big, and their US 11’s have fit me perfectly. You can order them on Zappo’s, and you can order them sent to your home at the store without paying shipping charges.

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