New Tall Brand Alert: Taller than your Average

Hey leggy lovelies,

Well, 2013 has been an exciting year for tall ladies. First New Look saw the light and resurrected its Tall range back from the ashes. Now I’ve heard on the down-low (thanks PR guru Emily!) that Dorothy Perkins is following suit, and, even — dare I whisper it — ASOS is dropping hints about getting in on the act.

It’s like we actually exist or something.

What makes me really giddy with joy though, is when one girlie takes the plunge and steps out to deliver her own fabulous range for tall women, and 5’11 goddess Irene has done just that, with Taller Than Your Average. And only gone and bleeding well got it into Sefridges. Respect girlfriend.


I popped along to the Launch party last week at London’s swanky W Hotel for yummy elderflower cocktails, some very good tunes and a nosey at the collection. This girl knows how to throw a tall bash.

With TTYA Founder Irene.


Elderflower. There is no better ingredient.


Natty nail bar. Even nattier headress.


Tall girlies together: Me, Irene and the lovely Marsha Campbell of Style of a London Tall girl (You may recognise her as manager and stylist extraordinaire at Long Tall Sally’s Chiltern Street store).




My faves from the collection include the roll-neck dress ( I want some super long sleeves!) and the slouchy basic tee.

Have a look at the website and let me know what you think.

L xx

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13 Responses to New Tall Brand Alert: Taller than your Average

  1. That is super dooooper exciting!! Funnily enough, not that I’m taking the credit, but I did ask Asos if they could consider doing a Tall range as they do do Petite. So I think that is possibly all down to me haha!! xx

  2. Trish – I think asking stores to stock what you want is SO important! I asked M&S to start making their shoes in larger sizes and they have done – albeit only in 9 and 10 and only online – but it’s a start. I’m not saying that was just down to me, but my email must have helped! x

  3. Brilliant and amazing it is in Selfridges! Good to have a place to try them on rather than relying on mail order.
    Some good basics on the website. Will be interesting to see how it develops and when colours start being added.

  4. This is great news and some lovely items . Are New Look returning to I store stock for their tall range? Thanks

  5. I have also asked Asos a couple of times to start doing a ‘Tall’ range, as I constantly keep getting annoyed with its regular dress lengths – most of them are ~87cm 😀 Yay for the good news! All the girls in the photos are beautiful, so cool to be among the tall ones 🙂

  6. You mean to say that it won’t be solely down to me that Asos may do a tall range! ? 😉 oh and I really love the girls outfit that your standing with Laura, yellow top and checky skirt..very nice 🙂

  7. Oh lovely!:) The only problem (for me) is the shipping cost, £15 to Europe :/ that’s a lot! But I still might order something..

  8. That was a good night and was great to be around so many TALL women….I actually felt short for once 😉 Ahhh Laura “stylist extraordinaire”…you’re too kind x

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  10. How exciting! Not only is ASOS possibly getting a tall range (I almost died when I read that), but there is another tall store in our midst. I like her stuff but I think most of all, I love the design of the site. So cool and very well done! Looking forward to great things from Taller Than Your Average!

    Thanks for sharing!

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