London comes out to play

There are times when I mega hate London. Squeezing onto a tube carriage with 657 other angry commuters. Slow walking people. The price of houses. The price of mojitos. The price of… everything, actually.

Then the sun shines and all is forgiven. The city looks positively jubilant at the moment, and this week, Londoners broke out of their offices to eat al fresco and photosynthesise after weeks of gloomy downpour .

I haven’t dared to purchase any shorts, vests or summery dresses yet due to the hideous weather. So currently my summer wardobe is just my winter wardrobe without tights. But I relished the opportunity to whip my pasty legs out and head to Green Park for a picnic with my lovely friend Liz.

The skirt is a Topshop Tall one from last season, and the bag is actually a charity shop find from about a year ago. But I am wearing one new item; this exceedingly long sleeveless shirt is a recent purchase from H&M. I’ve tucked it in, but it really is long enough that a seven-foot girly could wear it, so I’m a bit  ruddy peeved that I can’t seem to find it online. Anway, I bought it in the Angel store last week, and I highly recommend.

I also tried to steal Liz’s gigantic Zara bag, but I just wasn’t stealth-like enough. Boo.

I’m quite obsessed with the reasonably priced jewellery in Joy at the moment. I bought this necklace in store the other day, and it sits beautifully under collars to add interest to your outfit in a Caroline-Flacky-sorta-way.

Oh, and plaits. What is it about summer that turns us all into absolute GIRLS?

Any other tall girls living in London*? What’s your favourite place to go when the sun starts shining?

L xx

* I have to confess that I did actually move to Surrey last year, so I’m technically a home counties girl. But I was born in Tooting. And I still live in an Oyster zone. And I work in London. Got it? I’m well London.

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6 Responses to London comes out to play

  1. I’m not a London girl… But I have BEEN to London… Once. Does that count? It’s even sunny here Up North! My favourite place to go in the sunshine is anywhere grassy or planty for me to laze on. What is it about sunshine that makes us all suddenly not care about sitting on bugs?
    Fab outfit as always. Happy weekend ladies! x

  2. allthetallthings

    Oh that totally counts. You’re basically a cockney.

    Yep, I’ve been hanging with the creepy crawlies a lot this week. I have full-on arachnophobia in the winter months! xxx

  3. Hahaha your mad!!
    Lots of lovely things in h&m at the mo and their no sleeve shirts are a great length.
    I tried taking a piccy of me in my new, mega high, corally/orange heels to send over to you and didn’t realise just how hard it is to take a pic of yourself in a mirror!! Going to try again this eve but may go for a cut off your head option as I keep looking at the phone and not the mirror, you are a professional take a picture of yourself in a mirror person.


  4. allthetallthings

    Yup, it’s quite tricky to avoid “Phone Face”. I am very practised in the art of super-quick changing room photography now! Did you wear the coral shoes out in the end? xxx

  5. No not yet, party is not till the end of June. I was having a practice, can I wear these shoes, evening and the jury is still out on that one 🙁

  6. Ha! I was born in Tooting too – back in London for good now though!

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