Leggy Lust: New Denim at ASOS Tall

If you’re always faithful to your Leigh jeans, it might be time to venture out of Topshop and give ASOS’s new denim range a try. All the jeans are cut to fit a 36 inch inseam (and that’s an actual 36 inches… not a “to fit a 36 inch leg but in a nice little crop-at-the-ankle style”). *

I love these  high-waisted jeans in the mid-stonewash (below), because they’re super-snug on the leg and the rise is very flattering on a tall figure. They’re not actually particularly high-waisted, but I’m so sick of wearing hipsters that aren’t made for a tall bum, and these have plenty of fabric to stop you thong-flashing.

asos jeans

Jeans, ASOS Tall, £30

At 30 quid they’re also at the cheaper end of the Tall denim spectrum, and they fit true to size (perhaps a little more generously than Topshop). I would get two sizes if you’re in between though, and take advantage of the free delivery and returns. I’m wearing the 10 (W28). They’re also nice and stretchy (not quite as “jegging” like as some of the Leigh jeans, but still with a bit of give).

Lots of you are already fans. ATTT reader Lydia writes, “Any of the ‘Ridley’ style are amazing!! Had the pair with ripped knees for weeks now and still love them just as much! 10000% recommend!”

Let me know if you’ve also tried the ASOS denim already and tell me what you think. And I know a lot of you are denim obsessives, so please let me know what other jean stockists you’re going gaga for at the moment.

L xx

*You may find that some of the copy on the website says “34 inches” for the Tall jeans inseam. ASOS buyer Gina tells me that this is a mistake that needs correcting, and sure enough, if you click the drop-down “select size” box, you’ll see that all the size options actually come with a 36 inch leg.

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10 Responses to Leggy Lust: New Denim at ASOS Tall

  1. I’ll definitely have to try these soon! I hope to keep seeing more lovely things on ASOS Tall for Spring and Summer – fingers crossed for lots of fun prints & colours!

  2. I’m hoping for fancy-pants prints too… I’m bored of basics! xxx

  3. My ASOS order is in progress. Looking forward to seeing the results. 🙂

    The ASOS web site has special size guides for petite, curve and maternity. Do they need one for tall? Other than our wonderful inseams?

  4. Good idea, I shall suggest that xx

  5. I am trying not to but the whole asos collection! It’s so refreshing to have a choice, topshop only seem to do odd bits nowadays. If asos could be persuaded to do a reasonably priced tall maternity range (not £60 odd for plain black maternity trousers as at lts and tallgirls) I would definitely love them forever! X

    • allthetallthings

      I have spoken to them about Tall maternity. It’s a possible direction they’re going to take if the Tall brand is a success, That probably doesn’t help you for now, but worth knowing for the future. Congrats! xxx

  6. I ordered the jeans you’re wearing in the pic after seeing this post. I had been unsure as to whether the asos jeans would be up to much given the excellent price tag – how cynical I am!
    They are amazing; great rise height, nice and soft but still with plenty of structure which I like in denim – I hate topshop Leighs because I find them too thin, I much prefer a Jamie or Baxter which they seem to be doing less and less of in the tall section 🙁
    Will definitely be keeping my eye on the tall asos denim from now on!

  7. Just ordered my pair!

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