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What I love about writing a “niche” blog like this, is that I can talk to women who immediately get it. I can share my experiences about being tall — honestly and openly and without restraint — because you’ve all ruddy well been there. We all identify with eachother’s experiences of living as a leggy lady in a munchkin world, and when someone needs help, we’re all on it. 

But there’s one big thing that I’m yet to experience, something that brings with it a whole new batch of tall-related dilemmas. Motherhood.

I’m hitting the big 28 tomorrow, and another birthday brings with it a few nosey-parker questions from friends and family about when I might be making some leggy babies of my own. But as much as it’s very much a part of the master plan, I think it’s still a little way off for Timbo and I at the moment. 

So I’m not very qualified to talk on matters of mummy-hood, and rather than just blag it, I’d like to hand you over to a lady who’s actually done her research. (And she really, REALLY has).

Enter Jane.

You may remember her from a few Tried It On features about a year or so ago. I’ve been missing her outfit submissions and regular comments on the blog; but she’s got a fair old excuse. She’s just become a mummy to a gorgeous little boy called Tommy.

This isn’t really a fashion post (although Jane does share some very useful pointers regarding maternity-wear a little further down). It’s actually about the taxing task of picking a tall pram. Yup, not even something I’d considered being a problem. Which, of course, like everything in life, it is…

Jane tell us “The vast majority of pushchairs on the market are unsuitable for people with an inner leg measurement of 34 inches plus, because they have cross bars which catch your toes as you walk, or the handles are not high enough. I have tested (and I am being quite serious here) virtually every pushchair on the market over the course of the past couple of months. We’ve managed without one until now, using a range of slings. But little T is not so little any more and my back is starting to give way. 

My criteria are city based – I need a pushchair I can nip on and off buses with, and squeeze between narrow shelves in shops. I also wanted one which could be either parent-facing or outward facing. So here are the options I have whittled down which are both relatively light, and pushable by a tall mummy walking at speed:
Bugabo Bee Plus
Uppababy Cruz
Stokke Scoot
I chose the Bugaboo (below) in the end because it is the lightest and fashion-wise, it’s also he most attractive option.

Unfortunately as I was preggers in summer, the maternity wear I wore is no longer in the shops. However, I highly recommend H&M for maternity skinny jeans in 34″ leg, and Asos & Topshop maternity ranges for summer dresses.”

Sound advice hun. If you’ve got some words of wisdom about tall maternity and motherhood, then please do share them below.

L xx

P.S. Wow… I did not know how much prams cost until I started looking at them online. Even if babies are a fair way off, I might start putting the pennies in the piggy bank….

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8 Responses to Leggy Baby Mama

  1. I am 6ft and bought the Babystyle Oyster pushchair 9months ago when I had my little boy. It has an extendable handle which extends to the perfect height, is v light and also looks the part. It is also a travel system and comes with height adapters for when using the wheels with the carrycot or car seat which means its not too low down either. I absolutely love it and highly recommend it to leggy mummies too!x

  2. I also tried the babystyle oyster but found I kicked the crossbar when striding… but everyone’s pace & legs are different so I would suggest future Mummies visit a nice spacious shop & test for themselves (I usually wear DM boots so maybe that has an influence too). And I KNOW, you could buy a small second hand car for the money – I bought mine on Ebay.

  3. Long Tall Sally do a few maternity pieces if you need an inseam longer than 34″.

  4. I’m 6ft and did a lot of research before buying our travel system. As well as thinking of my poor back I also surmised that tall mammas are likely to produce longer babies (this is certainly the case with me: my son is now 19 months, but most people assume he is at least a year older). I wanted something that he wouldn’t outgrow too quickly. We went for the Mutsy 4Rider Light. It is from Holland, which has the world’s tallest population. The handle of the Mutsy extends higher than any other I’d seen. We took a punt and ordered it online without trying it first (risky move!). It has been brilliant. We got the carrycot for when he was small and it looked very cosy. The fact that it was compatible with the Maxicosi car seat was ideal. We continue to use the Mutsy as a buggy when the little man is tired of walking. You can steer it with one hand and it turns on a sixpence. The buggy attachment can either face parent or out. Also looks good! It doesn’t fold very small though, so you need a decent sized car boot. Despite this I’d still recommend it. There are various UK stockists and price wise it is comparable with other popular travel systems. There are loads of colours to choose from too. If we ever get round to making another baby we’ll definitely use it again!! 🙂

  5. One thing to consider is to wear your baby rather than use a stroller (Yank here, hi!). Check out the Didymous: http://www.didymos.de/en/Babywearing/DIDYMOS-Baby-Wrap-Sling/Indio/
    Not only do they weave incredibly yummy fabrics, the wrap can act as a sort of girdle to hold in those wobbly bits as you lose the baby weight 🙂 There were no strollers tall enough for 6’1″ me and 6’10” hubby, so we ended up just wearing our girls till they could walk. It was so much easier–never had to wait for an elevator, and the wraps can act as a blanket if you are shopping and need to try stuff on. I also love the Ergo Baby carrier.

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