Kitsch I Like

Topshop sure does have some tasteless tat in its Tall range at the moment, and I am ruddy loving it.

Confession: I’m actually a bit of a deerhunter. Well, unintentionally so. The day my hubby and I bought our first car together, I was driving it back through Wiltshire at 60mph when a massive stag jumped in front of it and wrote the whole car off. Just like that. Tim was crying about the VW. I was devastated that I’d just murdered Bambi. As every one of our friends said when we told them this story… “Oh deer.” (I know, hilarious). So this probably isn’t the most appropriate choice of skirt for me, but in the name of bad taste (and let’s be honest, a skirt covered in flowers and deer heads is heading in that direction already), I’m considering making the purchase. Tall Deer Print Skirt, Topshop £34.

This dress looks like a tablecloth. I want it. Tall Lattice Sundress, Topshop £36.

Has anyone else tried this dress on? I did, and it looked utterly ridiculous. But if you’re a nineteen-year-old with nineteen-year-old boobs, I think it would look absolutely amazeballs. Tall Heart Dress, £48.

Anyone else a lover of all things gaudy and…um… gross?

L xx

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7 Responses to Kitsch I Like

  1. Oh God. I actually rather adore that deer print skirt. Where does it sit? Topshop skirts have such an annoying habit of sitting on your hips and denying you any form of waist whatsoever. Also, enormous lols at the traumatic deer story, poor you!

  2. Hey Kat… it looks like on that I’ve got from Topshop in red, which does sit on my waist, so hopefully this one will be the same. Can’t say for def without trying it on though. More on-body outfit posts coming up! Hope you’re well my lovely. And yes… major trauma! (Though Tim was keen to salvage the deer and eat it… puke!) xxx

  3. Hahaha. Oh please, please buy that skirt and then wear it ALL THE TIME. Topshop do have some truly questionable stuff in at the moment (even my nan does not need that matching floral jacket and trousers) but they have some good stuff too- I just grabbed a fab quilted jacket (perfect for keeping me warm this summer, eh) and I am writing this from inside the snuggliest grey hoody ever. The heart-boob dress is massively LOL-worthy though. Good to have you back! x

  4. Gaudy and tacky can rule! I think these things can be used as comical commentary and that can be fun at times. Since I really don’t need a bra, the heart dress would be hilarious. Should I be wearing some kind of boob fakery to make a gaudy statement?:-)

  5. allthetallthings

    Hey Em… you got the link to this lovely jacket you speak of?

    Yes Jheri babe, if you don’t have boobs you should definitely draw them on your outfit, obviously…. xxx

  6. Wow, love the deer print skirt! I love all things tacky and strange…I have a range of dresses in my wardrobe I’ve nicknamed ‘Nana Dresses’! I LOVE my neppy pink hoody from TOPSHOP, not sure if it’s tacky, it is gorgeously warm and soft though. I am online waiting for the NEXT sale to kick in so I can grab some tall clothing loveliness! Xx

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