I heart Ally McBeal

I always imagined that when I grew up, I’d wear a suit to work. Perhaps my teenage obsession with Ally McBeal was to blame. People just dress smart, go to the office and dance to Barry White in the toilets all day, right?

Anyway, it’s so rare that I ever get the chance to get properly suited and booted, and I sometimes look at the women on the Waterlo0 and City Line — with their pencil skirts and pointy heels — and feel a little twinge of envy. Yes, I’m sure I’d be craving ballet pumps after a week of commuting to my big glass office in Bank, but suits make you look so big-time.

Unfortunately — when you’re a woman over 5’10 — it’s tricky to find a suit that… erm… suits. Not good if you’re a clever-clogs solicitor type and are required to wear a matching jacket-and-trousers combo every single day.

This classic black number from Long Tall Sally would be a good starting point though, and you can dress it up with chunky jewellery and the obligatory Mulberry handbag (pssst… buy one from Bicester Village instead of re-mortgaging your house). It also has a matching skirt, in case you’re wanting to do the sexy secretary thing. And why wouldn’t you? Hell, I could just do that at home… who needs a big fancy job in the city?

Why am I still writing this on my blog? Stop, woman, stop.

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3 Responses to I heart Ally McBeal

  1. Tell me about it. My need is not even once a month, but I have one suit that is – well – just unsuitable. The ones with close enough lengths were too big and cut wrong for me. You can always have something made, but the costs would be astronomical.

  2. Oh, a matching suit is my spring wardrobe goal! (And I really love those nude shoes.) I have ONE matching suit: It’s a lovely blue birdseye vintage number; I turned up the sleeves on the jacket, so they’re 3/4 length, with a matching skirt, which sort of makes me feel like a stewardess. I like vintage, but most things are decidedly not tall-friendly! My usual fix for not finding a suit that fits is to find an amazing jacket, doctor the sleeves, and pair it with whatever bottoms suit the occasion (haha). A little annoying in the winter when you want longer sleeves, but it’s an easy way to work some colour or pattern in.

    • Ooh Jessica! Drooling over the idea of a blue vintage suit! I have lots of blazer-type jackets that I buy oversized from Primark and just turn the sleeves up. Think it gives it more of an authentic 80s look anyway! 🙂 x

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