I have some news…

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the sunshine. I’ve just returned from a relaxing holiday on the Greek island of Santorini, so apologies for my little hiatus.

There is another reason why I haven’t been posting too much recently. It’s because I have been getting bigger. And I wanted to wait until the right moment to share with you my very happy news. I’m 20 weeks pregnant.

Dress, Long Tall Sally £45, available here. Necklace, Miss Selfridge £14.50, available here.

The fact that most of the things I’ve been showcasing on the blog of late have been elasticated in the waist or a little bit loose and flowing has been of no coincidence. There’s a little leggy lovely growing in there. A PINK one! We’ve just had our 20 week scan, so I feel a lot more comfortable about sharing the amazing news, and besides, there is slim chance of my expanding waistline going unnoticed now.

I hope you’ll agree that this will add an interesting new dimension to the blog. Tall maternity-wear isn’t something I’ve ever been able to chat about in much depth, and now I’ll be able to dedicate a lot more time to the fashion dilemma that is being tall and being pregnant (a physical state that must be so rare most retailers don’t seem to acknowledge exists).

Since I plan to wear as much non-maternity attire as possible so that I can continue wearing pieces long after pregnancy, I’m hoping that those of you without protruding tummies will still continue to read All the Tall things and find plenty of useful information and ideas. The maxi dress in the photo above is a Long Tall Sally number (also available in a beautiful jewel green tone) that I’ve been wearing long before the bump appeared.

Thank you for your continued support of the blog. I can’t wait to take you on this little adventure with me.

L x

P.S. A lot of pregnant women complain about all the relentless “advice” they seem to get from other mothers when they’re expecting. However, I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY welcome any tall maternity fashion suggestions you have! So please do share your words of wisdom here!

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66 Responses to I have some news…

  1. Tall, beautiful, pregnant are always worth looking up to. Congratulations!

  2. Claire Martin

    Fantastic news, congratulations to you and your hubby. Xx

  3. Congratulations to you and the hubby! x

  4. Congratulations on your lovely news Laura! xx 🙂

  5. Fab news, congratulations xx

  6. Congrats!!!! I was pregnant last summer and my staple were leggins (maternity leggins from H&M) with a dress. I bought a couple of red herring dresses from Debenhams. They could have been longer, but I felt very pretty in them 🙂 My bump was never huge so the extra length to allow for bump came in handy! http://www.debenhams.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Navigate?sfv=Dresses&ps=default&catalogId=10001&lid=%2F%2Fproductsuniverse%2Fen_GB%2Fproduct_online%3DY%2Finsearch%3D1%2Fcategories%3C{productsuniverse_18661}%2Fcategories%3C{productsuniverse_18661_3074457345616704768}%2Fcategories%3C{productsuniverse_18661_3074457345616704768_3074457345616704769_ms}&langId=-1&sfn=CATEGORIES&storeId=10701&pn=1

  7. Sorry for that long link. Oooops!
    Did you know that your feet can grow by a whole shoe size when you are pregnant? I was terrified, but luckily didn’t happen to me 😉 xx

  8. Oh FLIPPING HECK I just got a bit teary at my desk. I’m so happy for you, what amazing Monday news :). Xxx

  9. Wonderful news – a new journey begins 🙂

  10. Congratulations Laura 🙂

  11. Congratulations! One of my FB-friends tipped me about your little sweet “dilemma” 😉 I’m 6’6 (a bit taller 😉 and I had a little monster 31st of March this year. 🙂
    I solved the pants-issue with wearing really oversized mens-jeans and a top covering the suspenders (my best advice – use suspenders for the comfort instead of a belt, you don’t want to have anything squezzing around your belly after some time!)
    alternatively I dressed a lot in soft long tunics and “beneath the knee – dresses” which on me ends slightly above the knee. Anything shorter suddenly becomes too short and hardly covers your buttocks when the belly grows! *lol*
    If you are interested I still have a pair of maternity pants from Australia: http://www.barefootmaternity.com.au/ , I planned to have the re-sewn in the waist – but if you like to have them (they are very long though – 40 inches inseam!) you can for 80 euro including postage.
    You see them in the album called “Curves 5” here: http://www.facebook.com/josephinea197 (send me a friends-request and I add you, or an email and I mail you the photo)
    Good luck and enjoy this time with your little guppy-fish inside! 🙂

  12. Congratulations!!! Eek exciting! (And as for tall maternity wear Isabella Oliver is your new-yet expensive- best friend!)

    • I’ve already had a good look at their website. Got a friend’s wedding in August so think I might splash out on something special from there. A lot of their dresses are available on ebay so may even have a search for a bargain! xx

  13. Huge congrats Laura. I’m two weeks ahead of you then :-), and having a blue.

    Looking forward to your maternity finds. Jeans-wise, Mamalicious is our friend, with skinnys in a 34 inch, that are more like a 35-36 in some styles (or just roll them up as it’s summer). I’m struggling with finding a jacket for work though – so many maternity clothes are stretchy but reveal too much for the office. X

  14. Oooh congratulations!! How very exciting! I will definitely continue to follow with excitement for you (and also with interest as with luck next year I will be in your position!). Take care of yourself and the new leggy lovely! 🙂

  15. Congrats Laura!

  16. Emma Meredith

    Laura, congratulations to you and Tim, wonderful news! Maxi dresses have been a great staple for me throughout all three of my pregnancies. Last year I found a few “long” options with Liz Lange a maternity range here in the States, even with a ridiculously large belly the dress was still down to my ankles.
    I wonder if now that you have your own little one on the way you will be able to assist in my new shopping difficulty, which is buying age appropriate childrens clothes for our mini leggy lovelies. My four year old has to wear clothes for 7-8 years, my two year old is in 4 year old clothes and my 9 month old is in some 2 year old clothes. I get really frustrated only being able to find clothes that are for much older children. Anyway that’s something to think about, in the meantime , put your feet up and enjoy this wonderful time.

    • Thanks Emma. Hope you’re all really well. Maybe I need a spin-off Tall baby blog! I’ve already bought so many 0-3 months clothes because that part is so easy… but I’d grown out of Tammy girl by the time I was about 8, and I’m sure she will too! x

  17. Oh great news! And you look lovely, it suits you. I think tall maternity fashion wise it is better to be sprouting in the summer as you can wear lovely floaty tunic tops with shorts or three quarters, or leggings if it gets chilly! X

  18. Tall in Paris

    Hoorah ! Congratulations and hope pregnancy will be a smooth ride for you.

    My tip (as a 6’2″ Mum) would actually be not to buy too many maternity-specific clothes. I got by with a lot of normal stuff (hipster jeans which fit below the bump, stretchy skirts, jersey dresses).

    Oh, and be prepared that you probably won’t fit on the hospital bed when your big day comes – but you’ll figure something out anyway!!!!

    • The ultrasound lady did comment yday that my feet were hanging off the bed!

      Definitely going to try and make do with as many non-maternity pieces as I can. Going to do a big sort-out of my wardrobe this week as well and work out what I can still wear as I get bigger.

      So gutted I no longer fit my new ASOS jeans! xx

  19. This is wonderful news! Congratulations to you both! 😀 XX

  20. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Enjoy the journey. I got the elastic H&M Tall girl friendly shorts love love love them. Thanks for the suggestion.

  21. I knew it!! Don’t ask me why but had a feeling few weeks back you may have been, your face looked different. Massive congrats you look amazing, can’t wait to see you future baby bump blogs xxxx

  22. CONGRATULATIONS!! Such wonderful news and you are looking so radiant!
    I’ve just started my ‘Tall Blog’ because, like you, I wanted to help out ladies my height/ age (I’m 17 going on 18) as I’m 6ft 1 and have had my fair share of problems with buying the wrong clothes! I was wondering if you had any tips for starting out? You have been so helpful to me for a while and a true inspiration without knowing it!

    Leonie x

    • Thanks lovely! Just had a look at your blog and it’s looking great!

      I think the best thing to do is write truthfully and honestly about your own experiences of being tall. And do it for no reason other than the fact that you absolutely love it and have a passion to help your readers. I’m sure you do! xxx

  23. Congrats Laura!! Very happy for you – that is going to be one stylish baby 🙂

  24. Congratulations from California! Very, very happy for you and your husband. I also agree with your reader who recommends Isabella Oliver. I bought a special occasion black, strapless maternity dress to wear to a wedding. It worked out very well! All the best!

  25. Congratulations!! How great and exciting for you:o) You look really beautiful with your baby bump. Looking forward to seeing you in lots of cool pregnancy-friendly outfits:o)(o:

  26. Fantastic news Laura, congratulations to you and your husband! More leggy lovelies to the world :). I have two girls myself, 4 and 6 six, and people often take them for twins as the youngest is nearly as tall as her older sister now. We’ve been talking about her growing taller than her sister and she is quite happy to tease her sister about that, the little vixen. Having girls is a great joy but sometimes very taxing I find, especially as they have so many opinions regarding clothes and hair, and on early mornings preparing for work and kindergarten/school what you don’t want is opinions! Best of luck to you both and I will stay tuned for your maternity findings as me and my husband are working on a number 3 … LoL Emma, Gothenburg Sweden

    • I imagine clothes shopping with my daughter will be a bit taxing too!

      But hopefully I can instil lots of confidence in her about her height, as you clearly have with your youngest. Thanks Emma.


  27. You look even more gorgeous with the bump – it suits you!! MILF!!!
    Can’t wait to meet her xxxx

  28. Many congratualtions! I am currently 38+ 3 weeks and have struggled throughout to find items for my 6ft frame. Just a heads up on the next tall range. I bought this and found that it fitted up until last month
    and these maxi dresses at the end fit me now- I love them!
    Gemma x

  29. Hooray! Huge congrats to you and Tim. I actually double took at your previous blog post and thought ‘there’s a strong possibility she’s hiding a bump under there’. I was right! I won’t be able to help on the maternity side, but I’d be most happy to read about anything that hides a food baby after a Pizza Express blow out. Much love x

  30. Amazing news. Congratulations. I can’t recommend Asos enough for maternity wear for hot weather – and a bit short doesn’t matter. As others have said, no need to get too much stuff (although it’s a whole other section to shop in!). Good luck. X

  31. Congrats from Denmark:) Great to hear you’ll be blogging about maternity wear also. Will be checking in for advice for my next one…. When I was pregnant I liked my gap maternity jeans and also my tall maternity jeans from Vero Moda (danish brand, but I think you can get those in the UK as well).

    Good luck with everything:)

  32. Hi Laura!
    First of all congratulations for the happy news! I encouraged myself to start a blog a few months ago because it’s been ages since I’m a blog-reader but never had the time (or other excuses) to start my own one. I’m 5ft 10, I live in Barcelona (Spain) and it costs me a life to find pants, maxidresses, skirts or any clothes long enough in standard shops. I usually buy in shops like H&M, Esprit, Topshop or on-line.
    I’m working on a post focused on tall girls’ clothing and doing my research I’ve found your blog. I’ll let you know as soon as I publish, meanwhile I’m extremely happy to have found a tall blogger (why all famous bloggers are so short? :P). I’m following you since today in all media 

    Besos from Barcelona.

    You can take a look at my blog in http://antessolaquesinsilla.blogspot.com

  33. an oh, if your feet get swollen,
    put a couple of pillows under your matress so that your feet are about
    10 inches higher than the rest of your body and it will be ok.
    You will have to do it every night until delivery, but I only had this issue
    the last month. 🙂

  34. Louise Stanley

    Great news! Congrats! I got a few isabella Oliver tops-
    They do a great sale and they were a real staple.
    Looks like place I got jeans is no longer around though!

  35. that’s amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing news, CONGRATS

  36. Congratulations! My baby (actually suprisingly tiny- must be a genetic throwback) was born in December. I did very well on H&M jeans- you have to try them on as sizing is a bit random but they have the odd longer pair. I also got some good work trousers there. Topshop usually do some of their maternity jeans in a 34″ leg if that’s long enough for you. I didn’t get on with mamalicious; the cut wasn’t so good for me. Gap maternity ribbed tanks are quite long and super comfy- am still wearing them now.

    Some of the stuff I got the most wear out of was not ‘maternity’ at all- midi length lycra tube skirts, sized up (pull up over the bump). Cos are also quite good for long-ish flowey dresses/tunics in plain colours. I got some midi maternity dresses from asos, which come out just above the knee; quality not so good though.

    I’ve actually found post pregnancy more difficult- breastfeeding friendly that incorporates my new massive chest = tricky.

  37. Hi Becca,

    Yup… All my dresses with lycra are being pulled out the wardrobe now… weirdly I feel more confident in them with a bump (don’t need to worry about doing sit-ups now!) xx

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