Hello Sunshine!

Blimey. It seems like we’ve got our first pop of 2013 sunshine in Britain. And even though it’s still only 6 degrees outside, people look a darn sight happier than they did yesterday.  

So I finally feel like I can turn my attention to summer fashion.

Yes, I realise that I look like a total wally prancing around my house in sunglasses and a hat, but I thought I’d do a cheeky “fashion show” of some of my recent holiday purchases, even if it’s still too cold to actually wear any of them in the real world just yet. Plus, I found a maxi dress that’s LONG enough. And this I obviously need to share…

Aaah, the sheer unadulterated joy that comes with finding a maxi dress that touches the floor. It’s something that average-sized girls will never fully appreciate. I’ve had mixed success in the past with Next’s Tall maxis… some of them haven’t been the floor-sweepers I’ve been after. But this one with its pretty geometric/ Aztec print fits my six-foot frame down to the ground (literally), with a little to spare for heels. (Read the reviews: “Way too long….” Love it!)

Tall Maxi Dress, Next £28/ Hat and Bag, River Island/ Shirt, Forever 21

I’m off to Vietnam soon, and I’ve been slowly acquiring a few long-length goodies for my holiday wardrobe, so keep your eyes on the blog over the coming weeks for summery frocks, pretty separates and cute sandals in larger sizes. And if you have any summery suggestions of your own… please share the wealth!

Anyone else bought clothes from Next’s Tall range before? How have you found the fit?

L x

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24 Responses to Hello Sunshine!

  1. I used to buy a LOT of jeans from the Next Tall range and they were always delightfully floor-sweeping and fabulous.

    Shame they don’t really have many options for “giants with massive boobies who always need to wear a bra” in their maxi-dress range. Ho hum. *keeps searching*

  2. I have a few great items from Next Tall, infact they have never let me down!
    Jeans, dresses and PJ bottoms have all been great 🙂
    On the look for a great maxi though. New Look has a couple in their new range but they seem to be flying off the shelves!!

    • allthetallthings

      I need to have a proper good look through the New Look ones… Have you bought anything from the relaunched Tall range yet? Xx

  3. I’m 6″ an have found the Next Tall maxi dresses that I’ve purchased to be ‘floor length’ on me. The other items I’ve bought and like from this range are jeans, linen trousers, suit jackets and suit trousers – I find the fit overall to be good. I also agree with another reviewer about New Look Tall maxi dresses – I have one from about 4 years ago that I still wear in the summer! However, I have bought a couple of dresses from their new range and they were far too short so I had to return them. You also can’t beat Long Tall Sally – pricey, I know, but worth the expense 🙂

  4. I meant to say 6′ tall, not 6″ tall!

  5. That looks really good on you Laura. Been really impressed with next of late, I think their range has improved massively. Your right about it being a bit hit and miss though, I’m normally an 8/10 but in their range I could sometimes do with a 6. Ordered some jeans last week and I was really pleased with them, lovely on the bum, I think they were a bum shaper range and has XL and tall options.

  6. I am also going to Vietnam+ others in the Summer, eep! Absolutely bricking it to attempt to find appropriate clothes that are cool, pretty, light, functional and still have space to buy more… gah! This is on the list though- so beaut! Alongside a Primarni playsuit for a tenner that doesn’t show my butt cheeks WOOO

    Let me know how you find Viet?

  7. allthetallthings

    Eeek! Ooh how exciting. I can’t wait… Have heard SUCH great things. We’re starting in the North and heading along to Halong Bay ands Hoi An before finishing south. Plan on getting loads of clothes made to measure… Apparently Hoi An is the place to do it! X

  8. Kimberly Barnett

    Love this 😀 I need this in my life <3, I have a really nice dress from next, I found they fit great and really well made compared to other shops, but then you pay more for next. love this look anyway thanks for starting summer wooo 🙂 x

  9. I’m from the US and I’ve never heard of Next, but of course I LOVE your maxi dress and want one for myself.. unfortunately it’s unavailable on their US website 🙁

  10. I haven’t really checked out the Next and New Look Tall ranges recently, I should do so. I had kind of given up on finding a maxi dress on the high street. I often find that Tall ranges on the high street are just not tall enough, as they tend to be aimed at something like 5’9” and up. I have a pair of jeans from Topshop Tall which I’ve had forever and love, and recently bought a jumper from them that’s also great, but I’ve had trousers from Topshop Tall that really weren’t quite long enough.

    Most of my maxi dresses (er…more than ten of them!!) are from Tallgirls and I usually love those. They’re floor-sweeping, really a little TOO long sometimes for my 6-foot-and-a-tiny-bit height – which I love. 😉 I’ve found them extremely flattering and get loads of compliments. I’ve had a couple of maxi dresses from Long Tall Sally, but they don’t seem to be quite as long. I bought a lovely orchid print pink maxi dress from them but it didn’t come close to sweeping the floor – more like just above the ankles. However, the style meant that it looked nice in that length with heels.

  11. Sooooo pretty Laura. I want.I want. I want.
    I go to Malta in a few days and this would be a perf addition to my suitcase.
    Teheee, I’ve never ordered anything from next tall (shocker) what are the sizes like? Is the maxi pretty true to size?
    Hope you have fun in vietnam too! xox

  12. allthetallthings

    If anything it runs a bit large. I’m a 10/12 and the above is a 10. Have fun in sunny Malta! Xx

  13. Hi – I just ordered the Next – Flower Top Maxi Dress – Tall – Black for £25. It arrived today & is really pretty but it is far too long!!!!! I would say I am 5ft 10 to 5ft 11 and the dress is several inches too long so I will have to return & try out a munchkin size!! The Tall dress would be great for any of you taller girls or if you wanna wear heels.

  14. Hi – I just ordered the Next – Flower Top Maxi Dress -Size 12 Tall – Black for £25. It arrived today & is really pretty but it is far too long!!!!! I would say I am 5ft 10 to 5ft 11 and the dress is several inches too long so I will have to return & try out a munchkin size!! The Tall dress would be great for any of you taller girls or if you wanna wear heels.

  15. Carys Harrison

    I am sure you will love Vietnam! We went a few years ago. I would advise that in Hoi Ann you take some pictures of anything that you would like made and they will copy it for you. There are so many places to go it can be a bit daunting, if you want recommended places look at Trip advisor or I can let you know where I went….. You gets what you pay for!

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  17. I wish that Next shipped to the USA. The UK has so many clothing potential. If anyone would like to be my UK buddy and ship items that I purchase to me in the states, let me know :-).

  18. Hi Necie, I would be your UK buddy but the shipping could be quite costly for you. X

  19. Thank you Thank you for making these in my size.

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