Happy New Year Leggy Lovelies

Hey gorgeous girlies,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

This Christmas I got a coatigan. I wasn’t sure about it initially; firstly because it resembles an enormous Navajo teepee, and secondly because the word “coatigan” is just one portmanteau too far. But I think it has a certain thrift-shop feel to it, and teamed up with ankle boots and skinnies, will be perfect when I trek through the cold to all those gigs that I never actually go to but really ought to start making more of an effort to see in 2014.

jacket LTS

I hope you’re all feeling good about this year. I’ve decided to only make resolutions in which I stand to gain something rather than give things up. I kick-started one of mine — to go to the cinema more — by watching two films last night: Walter Mitty (a brilliant New Year feel-good film — Kristen Wiig is her usual amazing self and Ben Stiller is oddly hot) and Anchor Man 2 (also good, and also featuring the brilliant Kristen Wiig, but I’m sure I missed a few vital bits owing to my husband’s incessant wailing with laughter and stamping his foot on the floor).

jacket lts 2

Coatigan, Long Tall Sally £65/ Jumper, Vintage/ Bag, ASOS/ Jeans, Topshop/ Boots, Topshop/ Headband, Urban Outfitters

I also want to apologise for my lack of blogging in the last couple of months. I haven’t lost my passion, but for a while I definitely lost my confidence with All the Tall things. Falling behind on posts thanks to the dayjob schedule and a few techy issues behind the scenes have contributed, but thanks to some lovely emails and some gentle prodding in the right direction from very good friends, I’m ready to get back to what I love best. After all, life is short… even if I’m not. Right?

Here’s a to magical 2014; walk taller than you ever have before, and make it your mission to help a fellow tall girly feel ruddy amazeballs about her height.

L xx

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12 Responses to Happy New Year Leggy Lovelies

  1. Thanks Laura,
    Glad to have you back! I too believe this year has great potential. After all, it’s not every year a girl turns 40 ;-). I’ve never really minded being tall apart from the annoying lack of tall clothes, but thanks to you and your blogging and the tall blogs I found through your blog, I am now embracing being tall on a whole new level. I stand taller and I don’t make any excuses anymore. So thanks for the time you give us. It means a lot.

    Emma, 180 cm

  2. Ah thank you Emma, and massive congrats on the big 4-0. Your comment really does mean a lot! Xx

  3. Don’t care how tall you are Laura…your gorgeous! Happy New year:-)

  4. I too am very glad to see you still up and running on All The Tall Things! I have found your blog most inspiring and extremely helpful. You have helped me to have a different outlook on finding clothes to fit 6ft 1″ me! I now see it as a positive challenge rather than a chore! And the satisfaction that you get from discovering clothes from non-tall departments is quite rewarding…I say this because I recently discovered a great winter coat from O’Neill that fits me a treat for my trip to Iceland in Feb! Feeling smug 😉 Happy New Year Laura x

  5. Here here! Laura – your blog inspires confidence in those of us who like being tall but still never wear heels (mainly because they are dating a 5 foot 9 inch hot munchkin!). So keep it up! x

  6. Glad to have you back! I’ve been lagging on my posts too but am now feeling inspired to resume. Re resolutions/goals, I like to make some fun ones myself like “wear lipstick more often and while I’m at it try red lipstick for the first time” or “wear earrings at least twice a week”. I can’t handle having all of my resolutions be super serious (although I do have some of those as well). It annoys me that I never wore lipstick or any of my earrings last year so I figure I must make a change!

  7. Ooh I’ve been eyeing up this coat for ages, it looks far nicer on you than it did in the catalogue! 🙂

  8. allthetallthings

    Thanks lovely. It’s quite warm too. Good for adding a bit of interest to an otherwise dull outfit! x

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