Happy Birthday Kate

The Duchess of Cambridge turned 30 today, and our media’s enthralment with her shows little sign of waning. A headline on the Daily Telegraph website at the moment reads “Kate Middleton ‘cries’ at film”. I know. Big news.

But it’s not her affection for Warhorse, her “common touch” with the public or her penchant for Abba that delights us the most.

It’s her ludicrously perfect wardrobe. Whether she’s working Zara or Whistles (great highstreet havens for tall girls by the way), Alexander McQueen or Jenny Packham, or even WEARING THE SAME THING TWICE, our future queen consort barely puts a nude-courted foot wrong.

So I decided to get into her head (no mean feat when I currently own the purse of a pauper and I don’t have a future king for a husband/ designers all over the world lending me dresses/ thick glossy hair… etc etc), and find some Kate-worthy clobber from the Tall ranges.

It’s been reported that Kate Middleton is 5’10 (Prince Willliam is thought to be 6’3… and is therefore set to be the UK’s tallest monarch yet), so if she can rock a nude high heel… then you totes can too.




Happy Birthday Kate.

L xx

P.S. If you’re feeling flush and want to finish your look with a designer handbag, then check out the duchess’s favourite brands; Mulberry and Tods. One of their leather lovelies will make the perfect investment — whatever your height 😉

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday Kate

  1. Wish I hadn’t spent all my December pay! That trench coat is a dead ringer for Kate’s!

  2. Well with Pippa reportedly being photographed 400 times a day there will be lots to watch. Do we know how tall she is?

  3. Love Mulberry bags – I am lucky enough to live near the Shepton Mallet factory shop – they have some great bargains at the mo! Also good for tall ladies are Sara Berman bags as they’re nice and big
    There’s even a piccy here of Kate Middleton’s mum carrying one here –

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