Dear ASOS. You are whipping us into a FRENZY.

Rumours of an ASOS Tall range have been circulating online since the early days of All the Tall things, and now it’s finally happening. I’m a little bit giddy with all the excitement. I think you might be too…

Like Game of Thrones Season 4, we have been waiting for this for a very long time. 

Dedicated readers of ATTT will know that ASOS is one of my favorite brands already, but the launch of the new specialist Tall range should hopefully streamline my shopping experience and save me many hours of trawling through the “midi dresses” in the hope that something might work. 

However, a few pieces have already landed on the website (a bit prematurely), and I feel like some of our original excitement has been replaced by worry. Aren’t the trousers, like, very short? Why are some of the models on the website 5’6? Is this going to be another Tall range full of cropped tops? And will this range pop up and dissolve like so many others before it, simply because it is not bringing us what we want?

Right. Stop panicking. Here are the facts:

  • The collection officially launches 17th April, although there are a few preliminary pieces live now.
  • All trouser lengths will be 36″. (I know you’ve noticed that the trousers on there currently are shorter, so the lovely ASOS Tall buyer Gina is looking into this because she thinks there may have been an administrative error. It might be that those trousers do infact have 36 inch inseams. I’ll let you know when I have an update).
  • Gina says “Newness will be added each week, our collection will be fully stocked with everything from playsuits to WOW pieces including amazing dresses”.
  • The fit-models (women who wear the clothes in the manufacturing process to help the designers know where all our lumps and bumps are), are all over 5’10.
  • For those who don’t know, ASOS deliver worldwide for FREE! So we can finally try on long-length clothes without being stung with a delivery charge.
  • The ASOS Tall team are watching All the Tall things very closely, so make your feelings about the range — and requests for particular pieces — ABUNDANTLY clear! (And no, they haven’t paid me in any way to write any of this, so you… and I… can be as HONEST as we like).

I’ve also rolled my sleeves up and decided to do some research of my own. Last night I got a tad click-happy on the website…


Tall Acid-Wash Dress, ASOS £30, Bandana, ASOS £6

I love this acid wash 90s style body-con dress. Even the circular zipper looks like something I’d have worn while getting thoroughly down on it to Outhere brothers at my primary school disco. The bandana (coz every majorly Ghetto girly from Surrey like me needs a bandana), is also an ASOS buy. Go a size down on the dress if you’re between sizes (this is the 10).


photo (58)

Tall Cami, ASOS £8

It’s always good to find some long-length camis for wearing with my bulging collection of jackets and blazers. I went for a 12 because I’m normally that in tops, but it looks like this one is actually sized for a tall girly, and I should have bought the 10. The fabric is a bit flimsy (you can see the tell-tale roll at the bottom), but it’s a useful addition to my wardrobe and a snip at 8 quid.


Four days of my working week are spent presenting The Jewellery Channel. (If you’re interested you can find out a bit more about my work on my dayjob website). I have to wear dresses with a slightly open neckline to show off necklaces (but not oodles of cleavage), and a nod to the trends (without a busy and distracting print). It’s often ASOS that I go to, because I can get it delivered next-day, and it means that I can change my outfits regularly without breaking the bank. I have to dress a little more conservatively than is perhaps my off-duty style, but that’s probably the case with most jobs. So I think there’ll be something here that works for the office too…

photo (63)

Tall Peplum, ASOS £42

I spied this Tall peplum dress that ticks all the above criteria. This one is the size 10. I think I’d still want the flappy “peplum” bit to be a little lower, but it’s a lovely shaped dress regardless.

These two aren’t actually in the Tall range, but they’re recent ASOS buys that I bought for The Jewellery Channel (bit of decolletage showing/ plain simple colours) that work perfectly on a tall figure…

photo (61)

Tall Lace Bardot Dress, ASOS £30

The lace one is a big fave; I’ve got it in the purple and red. (Buy up a size in the lace… mine’s a 12)

photo (54)

Tall Black Sweetheart neckline dress, ASOS £25

… and this LBD (which I’ve bought in the “longer length”) is great for layering up with jewellery or wearing under blazers. This one’s a size 10.

Soooo… the big question is. WHAT do you want to see in the ASOS Tall range when it officially hits on the 17th April?

Let me know in the comments section below.

L xx

P.S. Also I made the epic fail of not cleaning my mirror before taking selfies. And that big white smudge basically makes me look like I have a willy in a couple of the photos above. WOOPS. I don’t have a willy.

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58 Responses to Dear ASOS. You are whipping us into a FRENZY.

  1. This is so exciting!! I am looking forward to work style trousers (maybe even a few wide legs), jeans and skirts. Oh and wrap dresses.

  2. This is majorly exciting! (and lol at the last paragraph!)… I would love to see work outfits, longer tops (don’t be shy ASOS, make ’em as long as you want, you won’t get any complaints from me!), occasion dresses that don’t flash my pants when I sit down… also pyjamas would be fantastic, as I am majorly sick of buying pj bottoms 3 sizes too big just so the legs are long enough! That’s it for now, I’m sure I’ll have more ideas soon though.

    Also, congratulations and a big well done to ASOS for recognising this HUGE gap in the market! I hope they take the bull by the horns on this one and show all the other high street websites how it’s done!

  3. This may be hard on my bank account. 🙂

    Even without a tall range I have a lot of time for ASOS…

  4. Why April, it’s soooo long away!!! What I’d like is different tops, I feel that we’re a bit restricted to boring plain vest tops so would be nice to have some patterned/designed that sit in the right place. Swimsuits & gym wear would be handy, I don’t think I’ve ever owned a swimsuit as they always feel too small in the body. I feel a whole new wardrobe coming on…..:)

  5. I’m crossing my fingers that they carry some of the shorter dresses in tall sizes. Like skater dresses for instance. Or mid thigh/above knee dresses with a full skirt. They all look so cute but when the length is barely passable on a 5’8″ model, how is it ever going to look acceptable on me??

  6. I am so excited about this range! I love that cami top and can’t wait to see what else ASOS come up with, I’m genuinely hoping for great things!

    I would love, love, love to see lots of longer trousers both work and casual, skinny jeans, work dresses, going out dresses, pyjamas and in the summer, shorts but please ones that are a decent length/inside leg!

  7. Yes tall pyjamas would be amazing!
    Also summer dresses, not ones that end up looking like tops, or a maxi around your calves. But actual mid thigh strappy sun dresses and maxi dresses that actually fit.
    Also tall jackets/ coats that cover your hips would be a bonus.
    Very excited to get ordering from asos… Think of all the holiday clothes 🙂

  8. Tall decent quality thick leggings please!!! None of this see through malarky! This will make me a happy lady!!

  9. Oh my I’m already seriously excited by this!! Lots of wrap dresses please, and tall friendly summer shorts, inc. denim! Oh and skater dresses…. And long but fitted, pretty festival tops! I hate that all the tops I love are midriff/crotch bare-rs on me!

    Yay ASOS! I’m so excited for my summer wardrobe to contain exclusively ASOS Tall. My wish has come true!!

  10. Is it blasphemous to admit I have NEVER bought a single item from ASOS?! I think April 17th might be the date I finally lose my ASOS virginity. I just looked on the site and they had me at ‘free returns’.

    Perhaps next they’ll offer bigger shoes in different width fittings… A tall girl can but dream.

  11. Ooooo and just read the comments above mine: definitely tall pyjamas! And pretty playsuits/skorts/skater dresses with skort-bit (apologies for my rubbish terminology). Thank you ASOS and Laura!

  12. Squeee!!! So excited about this!
    All I ever seem to find are jeans, jumpers and boring tops.

    Some wrap dresses at just below the knee for work, on-trend tops (not just t-shirts but actual tops), some good gym wear (long t-shirts, vests and good quality jogging bottoms) and playsuits…definitely playsuits!!

  13. Can’t wait, going to be an expensive day! It would be great to see pyjamas, leggings, tights, swimwear, stylish work trousers, maxi dresses and short dresses that aren’t too short!

  14. Jippi – looking forward to April. Just returned from shopping at LTS but I hope for more fashionable tall pieces at ASOS. All kind of dresses would be awesome, wrap dresses with and without prints etc. One thing I can’t find anywhere are cool biker jackets (made out of cotton, wool etc. not just leather) with arms that are long enough…

  15. I agree, biker jackets would be amazing! I would like some sexy short dresses that I can sit down in without flashing my knickers! And some longer day dresses for the summer! Work wear tops that don’t show my tummy and PJs!

  16. Hi, I would love to see long trousers, which are well-fitting at the crotch, not that cheap cut. Then… Blazers, pullovers, blouses with long arms, yoga pants, shirts for broader shoulders, boots for long legs, wide but tailored dresses, coats, knee-long skirts. I can’t think about more right now, but I can’t wait to see the whole tall range!!!

  17. So please that ASOS have introduced a tall range and can’t wait to see what they’ve got to offer in April. I’ve ordered a couple of things today, so fingers crossed. Being in my thirties, but still fashion conscious, I’d love to see some patterned casual wear tops (not just the plain basics which so many shops are offering in tall these days), work blouses (but not the sheer type which you always have to wear a cami under), quality trousers for work and leggings, and stylish knitwear.

  18. Can’t wait until April 17th. I really hope there is lots of colour
    and prints, so many tall ranges seem to stick to dark colours.
    I would like to see midi dresses, full skirts, denim jackets, pyjamas
    and tights in fashionable colours and patterns.
    I have such high expectations of this range, please don’t let us down ASOS.

  19. Really excited about this, would love to see pjs like many others plus work trousers in wide legs or patterns, maxi dresses, occasion wear ie wedding guest and midi skirts/dresses. Id also love high waisted jeans as a change from top shop.

  20. Dead giddy! Can’t wait. Need funky blazers, long vest tops, work dresses and some cool dresses that are wearable for a night out, Bodysuits, def. wrap dresses,etc.

  21. This is such thrilling news *hides credit card*. I would absolutely love to see some long vest tops and blouses- the kind of thing I see in Reiss which just aren’t long enough- which you can wear over skinny jeans. And please no crop tops or cropped trousers- but agree with others about short dresses and shorts for tallies please! And while we’re at it, some more size 9 shoes and boots! That’ll do for now…

  22. Tops for work in bright colours such as green, red, blue and coral please. Shirts would also be great, short sleeve and long sleeve.

    Agree with others on dresses and some nice summer skirts that don’t flash my bum. Thanks.

  23. Ooo, and tall underwear!

  24. Mostly I’d like to see ‘normal length’ dresses and skirts in suitable lengths. Now the lengths are usually 85-87cm and I just stopped ever looking at them. I am not one of those people who can wear a bodycon dress, especially if it is see through, so I’d like to see more ‘normal’ dresses on offer, and not only longer by 3cm. This is what I am excited for the most, as Asos had so many great styles in the past that just didn’t fit and had to be regrettably returned, all those times were really frustrating.

    For those responsible, thank you for finally making this happen!

  25. Sooo excited about this collection launching! Would love to see a good selection of dresses that are properly proportioned (ie. the waist sits in the correct place) and aren’t bum-flashingly short, and some jeans and trousers in more interesting styles than the blue/black skinny or bootcut styles around in most tall ranges at the mo. Good that you are asking for feedback too Asos. Ta!

  26. Definetly jackets! No 3/4 sleeves please, I want them good n long 🙂
    The ultimate dream would be if jackets and long-sleeved shirts came with a description that included under-arm-length, I’m so so tired of zooming in on pictures trying to guess if the sleeves will be long enough.
    Oh, and also skinny/straight leg trousers. Seems like all tall trousers are bootcut these days, whats up with that?
    Shirts and blouses with long sleeves in cool prints would be awesome (no 3/4 sleeves here either, I can get that by buying regular sized items… Thats just tall-range cheating! 🙂

  27. @Natalie Rockall I agree about the shirts, especially long sleeved ones. These and the blazers are really difficult to shop for in regular stores. But what did you mean by tall underwear? Smth like slips?

    Also jackets/coats with longer sleeves would be a great addition.

  28. I am so excited! I love ASOS! I second the requests for tall shorts, jackets/coats and funky blazers. Pants with inseams longer than 36″ would be ideal. Same thing with jumpsuits, leggings and tights. Stylish on trend size 12/13 shoes would be fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

    The Junoesque

  29. This is very exciting news! Thanks for telling us Laura and bravo to ASOS! I would love to see more “midi” style dresses. Wrap dresses and pants for work are also great ideas stated in the comments. Would also like to see more jackets and sweaters (and tunic-style tops) in tall lengths. Hooray!

  30. Would love to see some trousers that are straight leg – not skinny at the ankle like every single pair in Topshop’s Tall Range! And in particular some black leather straight leg trousers which I’ve been hunting high and low for… Plus really good quality white shirts. Thanks! X

  31. Nothing cropped! No crop tops, no cropped trousers please. But would like some black cigarette trousers that are the right length, ending at the ankle. So at least a 35″ /36″ inseam. Good quality material too, even if the price is a bit higher.

  32. Thank you Asos! I found you last year when I was preggers and fell in love. Thanks for addressing this corner of the market! I’d love to see proper tall garments that are proportionate thtoughout (not just longer sleeves and length), tall flannel PJ pants, tall casual ts and tops that are fitted, not boxy, and everything the other posters request 🙂

  33. YES! to Tall Pyjamas (including pyjama shorts and long pyjama bottoms hopefully?) But I’d also like to see stylish winter coats that hit the knee and are long enough in the sleeve.
    Could I also make a plea that the tall items are photographed on models over 5’10” so we can see how they actually fit? It’s offputting to see the shorter version of the clothes described as ‘tall’.
    Very excited for this though x

  34. Oh! Oh! and Tall playsuits that aren’t tight in all the wrong places. Pretty please x

  35. Here’s my wishlist for ASOS tall (and all of these would be nice in jewel tones and cool prints instead of only basic neutrals):

    – fitted tops both for work and parties
    – work-appropriate (knee-length) dresses with the waist in the right place, i.e. low enough instead of somewhere between empire waist and natural waist…
    – thick leggings in different textures and prints
    – blazers and jackets in colour or with other funky features

    I’m so looking forward to seeing the full tall range! I’ve ordered a few items from Asos before, but the amount could seriously increase in the future 🙂

  36. I completed an online questionnaire on the asos website a few months ago, begging them to launch a tall range as like you I am tired of scrolling through “midi dresses” and I’m so pleased that my feedback was listened to!
    I would like to see maxi skirts and maxi dresses that actually reach the floor, knee length or below the knee summer skirts and dresses, blazers that are well cut with longer sleeves, longer length tops, work wear and coats with sleeves that are long enough with well fitted waists that sit at the right point. Also a range of price points (not just £90 dresses like LTS), a range that is regularly updated.
    I don’t want to see anything cropped, mini skirts, pencils skirts (which I find so easy to buy in regular shops), boot cut jeans, a range that includes 90% jeans and 10% everything else (like Dorothy Perkins tend to do!) or too much body con (about 80% of midi dresses on Asos seem to be body con).

  37. Thanks asos for making it happen, I really appreciate and hope that will shake the market and awake other retailers. I’m from Paris capital city of Fashion for all but for tall anyway
    I’m really looking forward to that new range and would like to see nice knitwear, pullover, playsuit and jumpsuit, shorts that are not too short, denim jacket, bodycon dress

    what I’m dreaming to see: leather trousers or leggings, shapewear, tight stocking and lingerie (got so many cropped bustier it’s really irrating watching them dusting in my drawers)
    thank you Santos

  38. This is great! PJ’s would be awesome, maxi skirts and maxi dresses (for summer, print and no print), jumpsuits and playsuits too (to think that I could one find of those that’s actually proportioned to my body…!).

  39. Finally! I often browse ASOS for all the things I would love to have bought if only they’d come in Tall! I’m hopeful that they cater to the tall girls who aren’t beanpole thin.

    And as for a size 10 shoe range…I live in hope. Until then, customs is getting a fortune out of me in US shipping and tax!

  40. So excited! I would love to see tall coats/jackets, skinny jeans, tights, long sleeve shirts and if I am daydreaming.. UK size 10 shoes!!

  41. This is such great news! Someone above has already said but I have to say it again – short style / skater etc dresses in tall lengths!! A LOT of their dresses are in a very short style which when worn by us 6ft people become long tops at best – a slightly longer ‘tall’ version of some of these would be amazing and would save us from worrying about flashing the rest of the world…also long-sleeved coats and jackets for tall women would be amazing – other ‘tall’ websites I buy from have a permanent lack of these so it’s a nightmare getting any!

  42. I love that the official launch is the day after my birthday – the perfect excuse for a happy-birthday-to-me spree and with my ASOS birthday discount code to boot 😉
    I’m hoping for some bodycon day dresses with a sleeve, ripped but not trashy denim and (fingers crossed) decent tights. I hate having to buy a large on the high street that ends up way too big on the waist and specialist tall ranges charge wayyy too much for hosiery. C’mon ASOS!
    Love the acid wash bodycon number by the way – that’ll definitely be in my shopping basket come payday!

  43. I noticed they had a little tall range around Christmas, but there were only around 10 things on there. Glad to hear that wasn’t all of it! Very excited for April now. That burgundy dress is beautiful, the colour goes really well with your watch. 🙂

    Love this jumper I bet the sleeves are really long, and the heart patched elbows are cute 🙂

  44. Similar to all above! Pjs would be great. All things arm related as well as leg related. On trend items not just basics. Playsuits and jump suits. Skirts of all lengths. Shorts that are knickers! Straight leg jeans. Shirts, jumpers,jackets. Dresses with the waist in the correct place and not an indecent length!

  45. Hi. I received my first ASOS tall order today. I need some new trousers for work, so ordered the straight leg black pair. Unfortunately the trousers I received, which I think were actually the high waisted pair incorrectly labelled, were far too short. I’m normally a 35″ inside leg, but these were probably 33″ at most. The online stylist told me they were 36″ before I ordered them, so a bit disappointed. I’m hoping this is just a one off, and that hopefully other styles will be 36″.

    • Same problem for me (6′ 2″/1.90 m, 36″ inseam, size 14/16), but with tops and a coat:
      – I ordered the Ultimate Parka, but the sleeves are waaaaay too short. Comparable with a random H&M coat.
      – TALL Top With Obi Wrap looks like a garbage bag, length is average (fine for me, but not for women with a longer back).
      – Sleeves of the TALL Wrap Front Blouse are also too short.
      – For all pieces, the fabric feels a little bit cheap, sweaty.

      Asos TALL turns out to be very a disappointing expensive joke, as I need to send all pieces back from Amsterdam… I reported it on their Facebook, but aside from the common returning-items-is-so-easy-blabla they only told me ASOS Tall is for women “5′ 11″/1.75 and up” . Not sure what they mean with “and up”. Probably 1.75,5….

      In short (lol): ASOS Tall is only useful for < 6ft/1.80 women with 34" inseam. Women slightly above the average. Not tall. Tall women from outside the UK will need to pay a fine for believing ASOS Tall is actually for tall women. 🙁

  46. Extra long tights please!! Not just plain ones as well. Also pyjamas and yoga pants/ gym wear! And swimsuits! I’m so excited for this.

  47. Some nice not-too-casual blouses and tops in a variety of colours and styles. A variety of elegant and wearable coats that have amply long sleeves and don’t cost the earth.

    Especially – not-too-cheap fabrics would be FAB. Tall ranges (well, any range really) can be let down by this while still charging high prices because it’s tall… Not too much acrylic and unpleasantly shiny cheapness, please!

  48. That’s interesting! I like browsing asos, mostly for seeing and getting inspired by their edgy jewellery – haven’t bought anything from them yet though – but maybe this will change come the new tall-range. I totally agree with Clarissa Aykroyd on the not-to-cheap-looking fabrics please! Don’t like the kind of shiny, really thin polyester-fabrics that much high-street stuff is made of – and sorry Long Tall Sally – but this totally applies to much of their clothes too..

  49. Sooo excited about this! For years I’ve shopped at ASOS and felt irritated by their commitment to shorties and their shunning of us Amazonian types!

    As lots of other people have said pyjamas would be great (they’re always the first thing to sell out each season on Next’s tall range as they’re about the only place that they’re reasonably priced). Swimwear too as this is often neglected by tall ranges. Tights ditto. A decent range of coats and jackets…jumpers…playsuits…basically just replicate everything you already sell but for tall! 🙂

  50. Argh I’m so excited! I feel like Long Tall Sally is my only option at the mo, fitting is terrible in every other Tall range I try. Definitely some basics would be welcome – joggers/gym clothes, leggings, cardigans, fitted knitwear,long sleeve tops, pjs… And jackets with hoods! And please no cropped trousers or 3/4 sleeve things, I can buy normal range for them! 🙂

  51. Only just been introduced to your site – it’s amazing!
    So excited for ASOS Tall (even just ordered a couple of things from the ‘early release’ collection!) I’d love to see decent quality, long leggings (as someone else has said – not super thin, rubbish quality!), fitted/tailored dresses and skirts that have waists and hips in the right place, blazers for work with long sleeves that fit over the shoulders and nip in at the waist… so many suggestions! I really hope ASOS get this right and don’t just shove all the nasty stuff in the Tall range and then withdraw it all together because no one buys it (like most other stores do!) 🙂

  52. I am so excited to see these lovely pieces – I’ll be counting down the days til it launches!

    I’m actually doing my Final Major Project (Fashion) on Tall collections and noticed there is a big gap in the market for younger, trend-led, more feminine Tall pieces. I’mm 22 and don’t want to have to dress like I’m 42. I would love to see lots of super-cute dresses and feminine tops specifically cut for taller bodies. And jackets! The ‘accidental cropped’ look doesn’t suit me.

  53. I’ve just received my first purchases from the ASOS Tall range, and so far so good! My poor card is already threatening to go into hiding!

    Also found gem in the Curve range – a long sleeved swing dress in the ‘longer length’. Fits perfectly and I’m 6ft.

    I’m finding I’m checking the site daily now for new items being added and I’ve even signed up for the ASOS Premier delivery, so keep the clothes coming ASOS!

  54. – tall proportioned leather pieces
    – tall proportioned wiggle dresses
    – tall proportioned jumpsuits (smart and casual)
    – tall proportioned jeans for tall ladies who DON’T need a 36 inch leg i.e. 34, 35 inch
    – tall proportioned jeans in various styles apart from bootcut and skinny i. .e. high waisted, straight leg, etc.
    – tall proportioned ‘city’/smart shorts

    – tall jackets/blazers with full arm length (block colours, funky patte/designs/conservative, classic styles)

  55. Reading through these comments makes me smile, seems we all want the same!! Asos, if you need anyone to try to clothes out give me a shout 😛 haha
    I would love to see some more casual day dresses that are just above the knee. There are too many “tall” brand that do these dresses and they are way too short. Cheap PJ bottoms would be good too.. as i’m fed up of having short pj bottoms all the time!! Great to see some nice occasional dresses as well, maybe some full length ones!
    Some lovely feminine pieces of clothing please! I’m 22 and fed up of only having the choice of clothes that are made for the older generation. I’m 22 not 42!! I really hope they pull this one off, no pressure ASOS!

  56. I just spotted this maxi dress that went on the site today:

    The dress is so long it’s dragging all over the floor. Then I checked the small print and the model is only 5ft9.5 so no wonder. I know that ASOS Tall is for 5ft9 and over but I would love to see some 6ft-ish models on there.

  57. very interesting topic, great post.

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