I love to hear from suppliers who have an exciting tall range to shout about, or readers with suggestions for features.

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  1. I just found this site today via a Facebook page for Long Tall Sally. I am 15 years old, and was just asked to write a blog for popular shoe store Kathryn Kerrigan. I found this site, and it was like a personal heaven for me. I could get advice of how to be fashionable and confident while being tall! I already discovered the store next based on a post, and am in love with their clothes.
    I would like to maybe see more shoes in bigger sizes (I wear a size 16), like from Kathryn Kerrigan.
    I also appreciated your post on Katie Green. It was really refreshing to see that, and I went immediately to sign the petition!
    Thank you so much, I will continue to follow your blog!

  2. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for your lovely message. I remember feeling very under confident about my height during my teens… I sometimes wish I could go back in time and tell myself to enjoy and embrace it! So I’m really chuffed with your comments… fashion and confidence… that’s exactly what the blog is all about.

    And thank you for introducing me to Kathryn Kerrigan… I might just have to feature her lovely shoes soon. Be sure to send me a link to your blog once it’s up and running.

    Laura x

  3. Hi! I am only 5′ 8″ but I rarely buy clothes from the high street as sleeves and legs are always too short. My inside leg measurement is 33″ and most stores’ idea of a ‘long’ length in trousers is 31″. I buy almost all of my clothes from Long Tall Sally but they don’t have a store in Cardiff where I can try things on before I buy them so I would love to hear of any shops other tall women would recommend.

  4. Hi Eleanor,

    Topshop’s Tall range is great if you prefer to try before you buy (there’s a nice big Topshop in Cardiff). Trousers come in a 36″ leg and tops/ jackets always have longer sleeves and hemlines. New Look and Dorothy Perkins carry a Tall range in most big city stores.

    If you have a rummage in Zara and H+M, you should definitely be able to find some longer length trousers (Your 33″ is probably perfect for these). Next also do a tall range which should be great for your height.

    Hope that’s useful. L x

  5. Also Mango does long trousers, standard length is 34″ I think (they take them up for you for about £2 if you need them slightly shorter) and Topshop ordinary range, many of the styles are in a 34″ leg (personally I find the Tall range too long in trousers! My legs are 34″). I’ve never had any luck with H&M except in jeans… Rover island also do a ‘long’ length which fits me, so must be around 34″ – again, not all styles but definitely jeans. A lot of the time you just need patience to try on loads of different styles, because some will always come up longer than others, and some look pretty cool a couple of inches shorter . . . ! Good luck.

  6. Hi there. A friend from Denmark told me about your blog! Well done!
    I stand at the dizzying height of 6ft 8ins tall which I love, but I have never been able to dress the way I like. I find that I like something modelled on someone else, or hanging on a rack, but when I try it on, it sooooooooo doesn’t suit me. My inner fashionista has prompted me to write and find out how I discover what cuts suits me best? Did you ever watch Lipstick Jungle? I loved a lot of the outfits worn by Brooke Shields and but I’m not sure if they would suit me when worn. My current wardrobe is beyond terrible! I would burn it all and start from scratch if I could!! I’m beginning to suspect that the only way forward is to get stuff tailored, which is an expensive option for me, but I just thought I would check with you as we are both based in Blighty! Thanks!

  7. Hi Belinda… Beautiful name and amazing height!

    Have you heard of

    They come highly recommended from an ATTT reader called Jess and you can select fabrics, styles, widths and lengths.

    I’m going to write a bit more about bespoke sites because I think it’s the way forward. What size shoe are you? Amber and Jade offer a bespoke service full of pretty styles.

    Will add some more ideas for you shortly petal xxxx

  8. Hi,
    I saw this website and I was amazed, it’s hard to find other tall females. I am thirteen years old and I am 5’10” and about 115 pounds. My legs are extremely long my Jean sizes are zero extra talls. I am ver insecure about my feet though I wear a size 11″ 1/2. What type of clothes and shoes should I wear???, With Concern,

    • allthetallthings

      Hi Chloe,

      Thanks for your message. I was about 5’10 at your age so I can certainly relate to how you feel. Hopefully you’ll find lots of tips about places to shop and clothes to buy around this site. The most important thing though is that you wear whatever you wear with confidence… and realise that there are loads of girls who would LOVE to have your gorgeous long legs!

      I don’t think there are too many rules when it comes to dressing for your height… the great thing is that tall girls can get away with most things. I’d definitely encourage you to wear heels as well. I know it can be tricky when your friends are currently so diddy… but it makes you look phenomenal.

      There are lots of websites listed on here that cater for yourt shoesize… are you based in the states?

      L xxx

  9. Hi Laura,
    I don’t suppose you know of any website/shops that stock tall skinny jeans in this season’s “must have” BERRY (dark red) shade?? My daughter needs a 35 in inside leg…..Topshop only go up to 32 ins in their berry jeans…..most other websites don’t even say what length theirs are, but I am guessing they’re not over 32 ins. Any suggestions as anywhere else to look would be fab!

  10. P.S. (They’re from the New Look Tall range) xx

  11. Hiya,
    I’m 6ft with a 36″ inside leg.
    This is a very un-fashionable question: have you ever come across walking trousers for talls girls? I love being active, and walking across moors and up mountains are my fav, but I am sick to the back teeth of trousers flapping around my ankles and looking silly! I come home with cold, muddy ankles.
    Vics x

  12. Brilliant question! I had to buy some for a hiking trip once… I ended up resorting to men’s in Soccer Sport (I imagine there isn’t much difference?)… Will try and hunt down some women’s, but to be honest it’s probably easier (and cheaper) to cheat and go for bloke stuff! Xx

  13. Hi Laura. Fabulous website! I’ve spent hours & hours trying to find great fitting clothes for my 6ft frame. My wish list currently consists of some MiH Marrakesh jeans (36″ leg – yey!). Something I still struggle with is the perfect tee. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks.

  14. Hi Laura
    Great Blog and nice to know I’m not alone (crying in the changing rooms!) I have the double whammy of being 5’11 and plus size (size 24) with size 9+ feet so shopping is a complete ordeal of misery for me. Most tall ranges are designed for tall slim women and most plus ranges seem to be for short plump women but nothing for tall fat women. I also have the delight of being 48 years old so you see I really am quite invisible to retailers! I was out shopping last week for an outfit for a wedding and noticed that most of the plus size ranges I could actually find were not only pathetic (basically ghastly, gaudy stretchy stuff with sequins on) but also seemed to be shoved well out of the way upstairs at the back of the shop. If retailers are too embarrassed to have us fat birds in their shop why bother doing a plus size “collection” (I use that word laughably) in the first place. Do you know of any websites or shops that might put me out of my misery? (Sorry, rant over now, I’m going for a lie down!)
    Yvie x

    • Hi Yvie, thanks for your message and sorry to hear that you’re having a crappy time shopping. I wrote a post a little while ago about Plus-size fashion here…

      There should be some useful retailers on there. (And you’ve just reminded me that I need to write another article or curvy girlies soon… so if you do find any gorgeous outfits, please do let me know and I’ll include them!)

      If you’ve got a bit of cash to flash, (or you want to treat yourself on a very glam occassion), then Anna Scholz is a fab designer (she’s more of a plus-size specialist than a “tall” specialist, but her designs come up quite long… probably something to do with the fact that she’s reportedly 6ft herself).

      I’m going to have another little look though and I’ll keep you notified when I write another curve-celebrating-leggy-post! 🙂

      Hope you get your wedding outfit sorted.

      L xxx


    Hi, hope all’s well with you & your hubby.

    Just wanted to pass on this link I found whilst browsing the diminishing tall ranges out there. I’ve signed up and thought maybe other fellow tallies may like to also.

    Thanks Trish xx

  16. Just stumbled across this whilst looking for a jacket for my very tall boyfriend. I’m 5’11, so it’s a big help for me, but he’s a whole foot taller (I sometimes think he actually rounds down from 7’0), so really struggles!

    I just read your recommendation for, so we are going to give that a try, but I was wondering if there are any other men’s stores (or blogs even) that you reccommend? All the Big & Tall mens stores in London seem to cater much more for the Mighty than the High… Many thanks! xoxo

  17. Hi Laura,
    Have just discovered Long Tall Sally sell big sizes in Sam Edelman shoes – recently quoted in a magazine as “Fashions best kept secret”….some of the sandals have a further 10 per cent off! Yippee – they go up to size 10! You don’t happen to know a discount code for full price items for LTS do you? I want to order the Frankie pumps but these aren’t on special offer yet!
    All the best, Di 🙂 x

  18. Thanks Kat…I did that and then excitedly tried to use the 20% off code they sent me to order the Sam Edelman pumps, but in little red lettering at the checkout page it very kindly informed me the code was only valid on LTS own brand items. The cheek of it! Oh well, will have to wait until they’re in the Sale I suppose – can’t run to £105 at the moment for a pair of pumps! 🙁

  19. Hi. Great website, wish I found this sooner!

    Thought I’d let you know of my tall find… Was shopping in Asda and in the majority of there maxi dresses they are doing a longer length. Now they aren’t floor sweeping but on me they are only one or two inches off the floor and I’m 6ft. And at only £20 I’m not complaining 🙂

  20. Brilliant, thanks Katie! Did you buy one? You’ll have to take a photo and send me a pic! 🙂 xxx

  21. just found website i am 60 and size 9 uk shoe and 6ft tall size 20 so find shopping hard. i used to love dorothy perkins tall range especially tee shirt but they no longer seem to stock them so back to old favourite long tall sally but their sleeves are long on me so we tll ladies can t win can we?

  22. May day may day!!!

    Need your advice. in a bit of a tangle here.

    The best friend is having her wedding and i am going to be a bridesmaid. The shoes have already been chosen (yes heels no less than 3.5 inch)

    The inch size is not my worry. I can wear them. Its just that they are all mostly short! and the shortest is about 4.10! Oh no.
    I am 5.11 and 1/2 (i normally just say 6ft)

    How am i going to look next to them? help me.

    Ladies fill me with some confidence boosters.

    any takers?

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  24. Firstly, I’d like to say what a fantastic blog! It’s such a relief to know I’m not on my own! Being 6ft with a 36″ leg and living in Cornwall (there’s few high street shops here, let alone ones that do tall clothes), it’s not easy!

    Just a quick question: does anyone know of an online shop that does suits for tall women? LTS are a bit out of my price range and Next seem to be constantly out of stock 🙁 Any ideas would be most welcome!

  25. I just came across this wonderful blog via googling for tall clothes! I am a 20 year old student who is just under 6ft. I am in constant struggle to find long enough trousers, jeans or leggings. Most sleeves are too short. And to top it off, 90% of dresses are like tunics for me!
    Reading through posts its fantastic to see regular sized clothes mentioned as suitable for tall.
    I love the Top shop tall section but its just too pricey for my budget. It sometimes makes me feel that I’ll never be able to have nice clothes because I’m forking out double for one item!

  26. Dare I say New Look tall is back?! Need to let you fellow tall girls know, that New Look online has added quite a few nice items lately… 57 tall items now! They are online exclusives which still means no try before you buy, but there’s free delivery to stores.

  27. Hello Laura!

    My prom is coming up this May, and if I sent in some snaps would it be possible to put a little post on the page for some of your younger readers like myself?

    Laura xx

  28. Hi, great blog. Loving all the articles. Could we have one on shoes, but not on sizes, I’m a size 7 or 8 but really struggle to find nice going out shoes that aren’t so high I dwarf everyone. I love flats but like to wear a small heel for events and nights out.
    I’m currently trying to find a pair of shoes for a wedding, would love a nude pair with a kitten heel. Anyone know somewhere that does these type of shoes, without having to take out a small loan?


  29. hi,
    I just wanted to request a post on tall swimsuits.
    im going on holiday soon and really want a cut out swimsuit, I have tried lots on and they are all so short if i do even manage to get them on i end up with my boobs hanging out the top! nightmare! found any tall ranges?
    im even on the short side of tall at 5,11.
    Please help

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  31. Hello!
    I am a college lady from the US studying industrial design. I have interviews and (hopefully!) internships coming up, and I was wondering what companies sell clothing that is work-appropriate for the creative sector.
    Love your blog, congratulations on the birth of your daughter!

  32. Hi Laura,

    I’m so glad I stumbled across your site. I’m tall girl, and proud of it. But one thing that really frustrates me (especially this time of year) is my eternal quest for the perfect pair of winter boots. In an ideal world I’d have a pair of over-knee boots, but I’d have more chance of finding a unicorn than finding a pair of boots long enough for my legs. Most “knee high” boots barely reach within 4 inches of my knee. Although there are shops out there catering for longer length clothes, they still assume that being tall means being large. I’m not large – I’m long. I don’t need extra wide fittings, I need extra length! Do you have any advice on where I can find a pair of knee high boots (thigh high if possible!) for ladies blessed with lengthier pins? I need your help!

    Roxy x

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