Christmas Party Countdown

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Tis nearly the season to be sparkly and I haven’t bought a single pretty dress. So if you have any kick-ass party outfits to share then please send them my way.

In case you’re looking for full-on G.L.I.T.T.E.R — and why not spend the party season beaming like a Colombian emerald? — then here is a fancypants one from Coast (£180) that I wore for a recent shoot. I think my agent must have written the words WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT A BEEHIVE into my contract. Not that I have trouble getting under doorways in five-inch heels already or anything…

A lot of sparkly shift dresses on the highstreet are a little bit on the titchy side, but this one saves you from “doing a Madonna”. (Have you seeeeen her recent tour pics? You can’t fault the woman’s bravery, but there are some things that should be kept between you and your gynecologist).

Wear with…

Jacket, Topshop £65/ Earrings £7.50 Topshop/ Bag £35 Miss Selfridge/ Boots, Topshop £45

(I have the boots and the 42 is actually a really decent size 9).

So please let me know if there are any spingly-spangly party dresses that you are loving by emailing Share with the sisterhood…

L xx

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7 Responses to Christmas Party Countdown

  1. Oh God, dress of my DREAMS. Can I actually spend that much money on someting I’ll wear once? Can I? (Can I PLEASE.)

    Dress recommendation coming your way Laura. x

  2. Oh my! I adore this dress. I’ve been searching for sparkly holiday numbers as well since we’ll be spending Christmas in New York and have a couple of nice dinners planned! Not sure if they have a UK arm, but White House Black Market has some good sparkly/lacey options. I’m also lusting after a couple of Tory Burch numbers, but they are a little out of my price range. Sigh! I have been mostly nice and not naughty this year though so maybe Santa should put one of the Tory dresses under my tree….

  3. Stunning dress!! 🙂

  4. Hey Laura,
    Polly here, how’re you?
    I LOVE this dress and so totally have it! Bought it for my Christmas Sparkle Party at work, also going to wear it for a party I’m attending in London next week! Good find 😉

  5. oh my i WANT those boots, though the heel scares me a little.
    do you get a lot of use out of them lauraaa? like in the day?
    topshop boots this season have been so goood, never have my millicent ones off! x x x x x x
    p.s you look AMAZING in the remington ad!

  6. Thanks huni, very sweet of you!

    I wear them aaaaalll the time, they’re so comfy and they just seem to go with everything! x

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