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Win a £100 voucher to spend at Nine West

Long time readers of the blog will remember me getting just a tad excited about buying a pair of buttery-soft leather boots from Nine West back in 2011. Well, the boots are still going strong, and so is Nine West’s range of size nine shoes: it currently consists of 83 pairs in a UK size 9.

shoes nine west size 9

Now Nine West has teamed up with All the Tall things to give one lucky UK or Ireland based reader a £100 voucher to spend online, with free delivery. And since we wouldn’t want to leave out those leggy lovelies whose feet are bigger than a size 9, the voucher can be spent on any of Nine West’s fabulous bags or accessories too. Hurrah.

Nine West

I road-tested its best-selling Flax pair of courts (£95). Fortunately for me, they come up in a generous size 9 (think Next rather than Topshop), and the cushioned sole kept my feet feeling supported and comfy; qualities that are often lacking in cheaply made courts.

shoes with dress

Top: Embellished blouse, Mango £34.99/ Black shift dress, Long Tall Sally £75 / Bag, Zara £49.99Shoes, Nine West £95. Bottom: Red jacket, Miss Selfridge/ Blouse, H+M/ Necklace, Vietnam/ Jeans, Topshop £40/ Shoes, Nine West £95

These courts are ideal for the office but are built for walking and dancing too, with a sturdy heel, soft leather, and no pinching at the sides or the opening. It’s only in my late twenties that I’m starting to realise a little extra investment in quality shoes goes a very long way.

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning the voucher, answer this question in the comments section below this post.

What advice would you give your younger self? 

Give us your wise old words about height, love, life or style. The best answer wins the spree!

L x

Ts & Cs

Due to licensing laws, this competition is only open to residents of the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands. You must include your email address in the relevant box with your comment, but this will NOT be visible and will only be used if you are the winner and we need to contact you regarding your prize. Prize consists of a £100 Nine West voucher and free delivery. No cash alternative can be given. Competition closes at midnight on Sunday 2nd June. Winner will be announced on the ATTT Facebook page on Monday 3rd June.

Women in Uniform

Hi Ladies,

I haven’t brought you a non-fashion-orientated post for a while, so I thought I’d skip the trendy stuff today and talk about work. I’m still talking about clothes. But I’m more talking uniform.


I don’t work in a uniform-wearing profession, but  — even after (gratefully) disposing of the blue blouse and tartan kilt that I wore to school every day — I’ve done several jobs that have had very specific stipulations about what I need to wear. And sometimes it’s been a proper headache.

A few weeks ago I was asked to talk about a new shoe brand on a shopping channel. Trouble was, the shoe brand in question only went up to a size 8. And — given that I was going to be talking about how the shoes felt, where I’d worn them to, and why they were so ruddy lovely — I needed to actually wear them.

I had to admit to the shopping channel lady that, while I was more than happy to do the job, there was a fair possibility that I wouldn’t fit into the shoes. And while she was very sweet and agreed to send the shoes for me to try, if they didn’t fit, I didn’t get the job. Simple as that.

Luckily the shoes just about fitted, were rather lovely and had closed toes so that I didn’t need to expose my alien-toes to the viewing public. But, it got me thinking about all the times when my big feet and long limbs have given me issues in the workplace. (And yes, I am now on a bit of a campaign to get said shopping channel to extend their stock and at least carry size 9s. It seems only sensible in this day and age).

I work primarily in the television industry, but after initially going freelance from my nice cushty Channel 5 job four years ago (at the start of a recession… I am that clever), I did some… um, very un-TV jobs to pay the bills in between. Giving out samples of chicken outside Westham football club while dressed in a catsuit? Yup, that was a low point. Particularly when said catsuit was super short in the body. That day was painful for a whole number of reasons…

Now I split my time between telly work and modelling assignments — and yes — I’ve lost out on modelling jobs because of my height, and because of my big feet. But that’s modelling, isn’t it? People miss out on jobs because they’re too fat, thin, black or white… it’s the nature of the beast. And it’s a beastly beast. If the face don’t fit (or the clothes), you don’t get the job. Unfortunately that is just something that I’ve had to learn to deal with. But that damn well shouldn’t be the case with every profession.

While I was studying at university, I worked a gym sales job. I was required to wear a specific skirt that — on my 6-foot frame — just looked indecent. After spending a whole shift grappling with the hemline and feeling the eyes of men boring into the backs of my thighs as I walked around the lesiure centre, I gave the skirt back. I wore smart black trousers and refused to take them off until they finally brought me a skirt that fitted.

Last week I threw open a uniform discussion on Facebook and WOWSERS… we’ve all been there. (Not sure any of you have done anything as unglamorous as giving out chicken in the street, but you’ve had your fair share of uniform wobbles).

Katie works in a supermarket, and has been waiting for a blazer to be custom-made. Currently her uniform looks too big and baggy because it doesn’t fit properly. Clothes are a very important aspect of your work; if you feel smart and well-presented, you can conquer the world. If you feel scruffy and awkward, then you don’t feel that sense of pride that should come when you put on a uniform emblazoned with the name of your company.

And school uniform has proved to be a bit of a nightmare for a lot of us leggy lovelies. Rebecca had to wear a blouse at school instead of the ill-fitting shirt she was supposed to wear — cue raised eyebrows from unsympathetic teachers. Louise’s mum had to make her school trousers and knit her a plain black cardi because the school blazers didn’t fit.

Lots of us have actually been criticised for our sizing issues. When Claire was working in a clothes shop, she was expected to wear the products sold in store. Because nothing actually fitted, she wore her own long trousers to work and ended up on the receiving end of complaints from management. Sam worked in a bar where she was expected to wear a black body t-shirt… and was told off because she couldn’t fasten the poppers. I mean… purlease!

Now… you know my blog is all about the positive. Even when I’m having a bit of a rant (like now) I still try and find a solution. It’s here that I become a bit unstuck. Because a uniform is a uniform. And we’re not created in a uniform shape.

But, one thing I will say is that IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT if the damn uniform doesn’t fit. As Lady Gaga will testify, you were flipping well Born This Way (Yes, I pulled out the Gaga. Needs must). Your work is lucky to have you, so they should provide a reasonable clothing substitute. I used to get so flustered if I turned up to a job and was expected to wear something that didn’t fit. A few times I’ve been made to feel as though it’s my fault. Which is completely ridiculous.

If your manager hands you a uniform and then complains about the fact that you’re too tall for it, then that is discrimination. Plain and simple. I’m not a litigious person. I can handle the odd sexist comment here and there and I’m all for a bit of office banter. But if anyone makes you feel like you should fit the uniform, then that person is a bully. And a moron. Kindly explain to him/ her that while you’re happy to wear the required clothes, you’ll need them in longer lengths. If your bosses are making you wear a uniform, then it’s their responsibility to find you one that fits.

And if all else fails, calmly deliver unto them the wise words of the Gaga.

L xx

P.S. Anyone else had a uniform-related mare at work? Not been able to use your staff discount in the clothing store you work at? Hospital scrubs not keeping you covered? Rant away girl…

I heart Ally McBeal

I always imagined that when I grew up, I’d wear a suit to work. Perhaps my teenage obsession with Ally McBeal was to blame. People just dress smart, go to the office and dance to Barry White in the toilets all day, right?

Anyway, it’s so rare that I ever get the chance to get properly suited and booted, and I sometimes look at the women on the Waterlo0 and City Line — with their pencil skirts and pointy heels — and feel a little twinge of envy. Yes, I’m sure I’d be craving ballet pumps after a week of commuting to my big glass office in Bank, but suits make you look so big-time.

Unfortunately — when you’re a woman over 5’10 — it’s tricky to find a suit that… erm… suits. Not good if you’re a clever-clogs solicitor type and are required to wear a matching jacket-and-trousers combo every single day.

This classic black number from Long Tall Sally would be a good starting point though, and you can dress it up with chunky jewellery and the obligatory Mulberry handbag (pssst… buy one from Bicester Village instead of re-mortgaging your house). It also has a matching skirt, in case you’re wanting to do the sexy secretary thing. And why wouldn’t you? Hell, I could just do that at home… who needs a big fancy job in the city?

Why am I still writing this on my blog? Stop, woman, stop.

The Summer Suit

I remember looking at my Mum and Dad’s 1980s wedding photos as a little(ish) girl and spotting one of her friends wearing a blue shorts suit.

“That is the most disgusting outfit I have EVER seen”, I exclaimed. (Or something to that effect. Who actually remembers word-for-word what they said when they were little?)

And now I find myself with my tail between my legs. I’ve found one in Topshop’s Tall range. I’m blooming well loving it. And I’m about to ruddy well rave about it.

Paired with a suit jacket, shorts can venture into worlds where they would otherwise be unwelcome; the office, a restaurant… yes, even a wedding ceremony. This is the masculine trend at its most feminine; the place where power-dressing meets pin-flashing.

The lightweight fabric of this Topshop suit keeps it cool and relaxed. Wear with a loose white tee, oversized clutch and heels for a chic spring/summer evening look.

Tall Jacket (£60) and Shorts (£35), Topshop

Beyonce, Kate Winslet and Eva Longoria have all stepped out in the shorts suit recently. Will you be next?

The New Black Bootleg

A little while ago I had a teeny weeny rant about black bootleg trousers. You can read my somewhat OTT outburst here.

But as ATTT reader Lauren pointed out, some people have to wear black trousers for work. And what does a leggy, trend-aware amazonian wear then, when all the Tall ranges are so preoccupied with the bellbottom?

Tall Tapered Trousers, Topshop £38

Thankfully Topshop’s Tall range has provided us with a 2012 alternative. So if you’re a waitress/ hairdresser/ shop assistant and share my disdain for the black bootleg trouser, then snap up this tapered pair.

L xx

P.S. If you do like black bootlegs and want to wear them, then just ignore me and blooming well do so. Tall women can get away with anything really.

Five NEW ways to Work It

Warning. I’m about to say something a little bit ‘out there’.

*Deep Breath*


There, I said it.

Am I alone in despising the bell-bottom trouser trend? The one that died a death in the early noughties but still comes back to haunt us in the majority of Tall specialist websites?

Alright, I suppose they kind of balance out a tall figure, they disguise a clumpy shoe and they sort of “go with everything”. But that doesn’t make them FABULOUS. And ladies, there is absolutely no reason why you should be going to the office looking anything less than that.

So here goes. Five fun, sexy and MODERN office outfits, without a black bootleg in sight.

This work-wear post comes at the request of the lovely Ralista. If you’ve got a suggestion for a post, hit the Facebook page or Tweet me.

L x

Tried It On: Work it Baby

Dress, French Connection £115

I’ve written before about the rather wonderful fact that tall women thrive in the workplace. But finding a dress for the office can be tricky; if your hemline fails to cover your modesty as you bend over at the water cooler (why aren’t those bleeding taps made any higher?!) then it’s a struggle to be taken seriously.

So I’m loving this peplum-pretty French Connection dress. While a lot of body-hugging clothes on the regular highstreet are cut to fit those with Minogue-like proportions, this hugs my curves in all the right places. Echoing the figure-conscious designs of Roland Mouret and (perhaps therefore) Victoria Beckham, this is a versatile little number that’s professional enough for the office yet sexy enough for an after-work date.

And ok, maybe it’s still a bit slutty… but only in a “so… about that promotion…” kinda way. Now… if you can’t get hold of me today, I may still be in the changing room, trying to wriggle out of this dress…

L x

P.S. Don’t forget, you too can be the star of Tried It On. If you find a long-length item on the highstreet, snap yourself wearing it and send the pic (along with price, shop and your height) to

Cash per Inch

It’s official. As a tall woman, the workplace is your oyster. Research shows that tall women receive larger salaries, higher status and greater respect. A study conducted in April this year by Long Tall Sally found that those who stand at 5ft8” and above are twice as likely to earn more than £30,000 a year than their shorter colleagues. Wahey.

Arianne Cohen, author of The Tall Book: A Celebration Of Life From On High, says, “Not only do [tall people] earn more but they’re more likely to be in leadership positions. As taller people have a downward eyecast when speaking to shorter colleagues, they are instinctively perceived to have authority and confidence.”

So to celebrate these rather positive findings, and help you whiz even faster up the career ladder (because us tall girls can climb two rungs at a time, surely?), I’ve searched the net for the best long-length workwear. Christina Hendricks eat your heart out.

Tall structured dress, £22

Tall belted seam pencil skirt, Topshop £36

Tall Black and white tweed jacket, Next £65

Tall black hareem trousers, Topshop £38

Tall mottle tuck shift, Topshop £50

Xanthia Jacket, Long Tall Sally £60

Tall pleat neck dress, Dorothy Perkins £29.50

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