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Wedding Guest Wear at 7 Months Pregnant

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Hope you’re all wonderfully well.

Last weekend I was hitting the lemonades at my friends’ wedding in Scunthorpe, but not before much deliberation over what to wear. While I’ve not struggled anywhere near as much as I expected in finding long-length maternity wear for day-to-day, I’ve been somewhat underwhelmed by the party and occasion-wear on offer for leggy lovelies sporting a bump.

Maternity occasion-wear in general is akin to specialist tall wear; it tends to err on the safe side of fashion, presumably to appeal to everyone, and therefore likely appealing to almost no one. Most dresses contain cheap fabrics or oddly placed lace, and are usually wildly over-priced in comparison with their bumpless counterparts.

A lot of the ASOS maternity dresses look like they’d be total bum-flashers on me, but I did find this sparkly chiffon number there, and at £60, it was even less expensive than a lot of non-maternity options. I’m sure I’ll wear it to another party before Baby Schof arrives too.

I wore it to the wedding of my lovely friends Jen and Mark, who I introduced 6 and half years ago. (I spent most of the day feeling like a very smug cupid). My hubby Tim conducted the ceremony in the beautiful grounds of Jen’s parents’ home and made a very dashing vicar indeed.

I colour-blocked with some teal shoes (oldies from Dorothy Perkins), a teal bag (found in the sale last week at John Lewis, £25), and a hat-inator from KCMode. You can find the ASOS dress here.

Have you found any wedding guest outfits recently that would work for leggy lovelies (with or without a bump?). Please share your sources below! And if you do know of any maternity lines that make pretty ocassion-wear for tall mamas, please pop those in too 🙂

L xx

Tried It On: Wedding Guest Midi Dress

Wedding season is in full swing, and 6’2 ATTT reader Sarah is here to help you out with your long-length wedding guest fashion dilemmas.

Sheer is a key trend for this season, and Sarah’s managed to nail the look with a dress that’s still demure and ladylike enough for a wedding. She found this amazing electric blue stripy number in Warehouse at a not-too-ridiculous-for-a-special-ocassion price of £50. Love the length and the fact that it nips in exactly where Sarah’s waist is supposed to be.

Extra bonus points for wearing chunky high heels (New Look, £19.99) and colour-blocking to perfection. Sarah, ordinarily a size 43, writes, “The shoes are wide-fit and an 8/42 was plenty big enough, but they do a 9/43 which was massive”.

I think those shoes would look just fabulous with skinny jeans for a girly night out too. New Look actually do this shoe style in 3 other colours up to a size 43, if you’re looking to co-ordinate/ colour-clash with your own outfit.

Let me know if you find any pretty wedding-worthy dresses or shoes that will fit a tall figure. You can email or tweet @tallthings

L xx

Mad Hatter

I’m not normally one for matchy-matchy styling. But weddings seem to bring out the obsessive-compulsive in me and I suddenly take colour coordination to the extreme. Remember my colour-block Monsoon dress and equally geometric bag? Normally my outfits are a bit “thrown together”, but I believe that a wedding calls for a look that is distinctly high maintenance.

For my adorable friend Katy’s Suffolk wedding a couple of weeks ago, I went for a bit of pastel-blocking, contrasting my pale blue Ted Baker dress with a pink blazer I bought in Hong Kong and matching clutch bag and hat. The Ted Baker number was a chance find in a department store sale in Kingston, and though I’ve trawled the internet to find a link for you, I cannot find it available ANYWHERE. Which is an absolute bummer, because I don’t really like featuring clothes that aren’t available to buy anymore, and it’s one of my fave buys this year. Grrrr. 


Still, I couldn’t not bring you this post, because I really wanted to share with you all the hat that I made. I made my own bleeding hat!

There was nothing in the shops that took my fancy (or was the right shade of dusky pink), so I used — amongst other craft materials –a coat-hanger, an old sequined dress and a £1 flower from Wilkos to make this sparkly number. It took me two whole days to figure it out, and my dining room looked like an absolute bomb-site, but I did feel a little sense of pride when my husband said, “Oh, it actually looks alright”. YES.

I realise that this is… ahem… not particularly relevant to being tall, so I won’t include a full-on tutorial on how to make your own. Unless anyone actually wants to make their own, and then I could probably knock one up for the blog. I suppose the spin could be… “Tall girls should defo wear hats”. Or something.

make the hat


Anyhoo, it was the most perfect day, the hat stayed on, and the bride looked astoundingly beautiful.


L x

P.S. Please do share your wedding outfits from this year. I’ve got a few gorgeous ones from you leggy lovelies and would love to do a big inspirational reader feature 🙂 You can send them through to

The Maxi Gown

Hey leggy lovelies,

Hope you’re all wonderfully well. I’m blogging on a day sandwiched between two massive wedding weekends; the one just gone spent with my uni friends, the next to be enjoyed with my friends from school. And with two further weddings on the horizon this year, I’ve had a lot of outfits to plan. Thankfully my Vietnam loot is still going strong, and some of you may recognise last weekend’s dress from my holiday snaps.

If you feel self-conscious in heels at a wedding, but don’t want flats to ruin your outfit, then the maxi gown is your saviour. I wore this custom-made blue one at the spectacular wedding of my friends Liz and Dan last weekend, and remained comfortable all day long in some silver flatties from Next.


My beautiful girly friends all wore heels, and though I was still a good foot taller than some of them (just call me the midget magnet), I’d like to think that I wasn’t any less elegant. Until the end of the night, when I knocked over seven chairs and fell face-first in a field…


It was a bit rainy, so obviously I had to be chief umbrella holder. (Standard).


Only problem is, I tend to think that most maxi gowns don’t lend themselves to hat-wearing (in my head the structure/balance of the outfit usually looks a bit wrong), and you all know by now that I loves me a hat. Nevertheless, I made my outfit a bit more wedding worthy with my sparkly Grecian headband from ASOS.


But the most important dress of the day was that of my lovely friend Liz, who’d taken me shopping as her “stylist” to find the one. If you’re looking for a beautiful Grace Kelly-meets-Kate Middleton-meets-Sarah Jessica Parker style dress for your own W-day (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then check out David Fielden (who will add extra length too).



Has anyone found any pretty maxi gowns, or know of any great places to have them made? If not, then you’ll just have to get your lovely selves over to Vietnam. ATTT reader Lydia read my holiday post and did just that. (Well, she might have had it booked anyway, but I’ll take credit for helping her find a decent tailor, and coming away with this goddess-worthy creation…).


I’d love to feature your wedding guest outfits from this year… so please send them to

What do you think of maxi dresses at weddings? And how many of you have worn heels and hats to your mate’s bashes this year? Big respect points for adding the extra height. Please do let me know if you have any good links to awesome headgear (I’m needing a new piece for this weekend).

L xx

Wedding Woes Sorted

Hey Leggy Lovelies,


I have a to-do list as long as my arm (and that’s a very long arm) and plan to make March the February on the blog that never was. So I will reply to emails (sorry!) get back on Facebook and Twitter (yes, really!) and feature all the brilliant clothing suggestions you’ve sent me.

I know I should have been blogging a LOT more, and after the lovely feature in Elle Magazine I was doubly frustrated to not be getting on the computer and giving my blog the attention it deserved, but the day-job has been very very hectic. I actually do ADORE my day-job, but 5am starts and 2.30am finishes have seen my beloved blog suffer BIG TIME. 

But I’ve got some serious eye candy for you in this blog post, and I thought I’d jump back into the blogosphere with my second favourite ever subject — after all things tall, of course — with a little bit of reader advice on WEDDINGS.

Bride-to-be and ATTT “stalker” Emily (sorry I haven’t been giving you much to “stalk” recently petal!) sent me the details of her incredible wedding dress designer. I can totally relate to her feelings of trepidation as she embarked on the biggest dress challenge of them all… finding THE ONE.

Emily writes, I must admit I have been a bit of a silent stalker on the ATTT blog for quite some time, eagerly awaiting the day I find the ultimate tall fashion bargain to share. But hooray, minus the picture I have something to share! My boyfriend recently proposed and I immediately began the exciting wedding planning, I was as high as a kite until I stopped dead in my tracks and was struck down in a cold sweat of fear and panic……What if I couldn’t find a wedding dress long enough??!!!! 

After a HORRIBLE wedding dress shopping experience with Mum and Auntie in tow where the shop assistants showed me at least 11 dresses I LOVED but that were not available in longer length I thought I would never find the one. I then booked an appointment with a Shop (Anna McDonald Bridal Gallery) Which stocks Justin Alexander dresses……AMAZING!! And they are all available in 6 inches extra length!! (I am 6ft1 and only required 4 inches on top of the regular length) Sooo as a result I have found ‘the one’ and I super duper happy in knowing I won’t be walking down the isle in an ankle swinging dress, yay!!”

You can click here to see Justin’s latest collection. I’ve had a flick through, and  I JUST WANT TO GET MARRIED AGAIN. 

Emily petal, whichever one you’ve chosen, your hubby-to-be is in for a treat.

Anyone else struggled/ struggling with the whole long-length wedding dress dilemma? Let me know if you have suggestions of other suppliers worth trying. I bought my “One” from Benjamin Roberts — another pretty supplier that will add a big wack of extra length.

L xx

Long Tall Mummy

My mum’s a bit camera shy. Which is quite ridiculous really, because she really is one of the most beautiful women I know. At 52 years old and 5’9 (or 5’10 as she’ll tell you) of gorgeousness, she could give a lot of younger ladies a run for their money.

When I was growing up, she was always the one who’d say “You’ll love your height eventually” and “They never used to do size eights when I was your age… I bet they’ll be doing size nines in the shops one day.” And you know what? She was right on both counts.

Last week she went to her friend Lindsay’s winter wedding, and looked so pretty in her new Long Tall Sally dress (£85) and feathered Debenhams hat that I just had to steal this snapshot off Facebook to show you. (Sorry Mum!)

It’s one of those dresses that looks lovely on tall women of any age. It’s a great one for the office, but I reckon mum is working it for the wedding too. Take off the hat and add a statement necklace and you’ve got a nice dress for afternoon tea or cocktails as well.

 Big woop for tall mummies.

L xx


Wedding Party Pastels

On Friday we were evening guests at the beautiful wedding of one of Tim’s work colleagues. I didn’t go for the full-on hat-and-floral dress combo (I think a later arrival calls for a slightly more relaxed approach), but I did do a bit of pastel-blocking and sparkle.

I found the suitably long culotte shorts (yes — they are shorts… I had to do lunges on the dance-floor to prove it), in the Reiss sale for £33. (Reduced from £110. I’ve bought a few lovely things from Reiss over the years but I think they were all purchased in the sale… sssssh….).

This light pink blouse with its pretty pattern of sequins was £20 in the Warehouse sale (am I starting to sound like a cheapo?), and I figured I can still wear it with skinny jeans down the pub.

And I added a bit of bling to make it more wedding-worthy. These big sparkly chandelier earrings — £12 from Accessorize — would put Pat Butcher to shame. I also wore an old sparkly Topshop cuff (I actually wore it to my wedding), and since I’m having a slight obsession with all things peach at the moment, I stepped-up the pastel-blocking with a slick of Max Factor “Pretty in Pink” nail polish. And massive nude heels from Barratts. (I normally don’t wear ridiculously high heels to weddings, but what with being hat-less, I thought I might just about fit under doorframes in these.)

Took this brocade clutch from Next and I am in love with it. It only fits an iphone, a key and a lipgloss but it’s stupidly pretty and one for all the vintage-style-magpies. Seriously, what is up with Next right now? Gorgeous dresses, spot-on accessories… is it getting way cooler or am I just getting way older? Don’t answer that.

Oh… and Jade and Steve had THE BEST cake toppers. Did anyone else used to be obsessed with Sylvanian Families? You couldn’t see the carpet in my childhood bedroom for home-made shoebox houses, where the Babblebrook rabbit family and the Timbertop bears used to live side-by-side in perfect harmony. And anyone who was cool enough to actually own the real mansion house… I’m still bitter about you now.

Beautiful bridey alert…

Anyone got any pretty wedding-guest outfits to share? You can send your pics to

L x

Tried It On: 257 Dresses Later….

Last week I really did have nothing to wear. With my friend Beth’s wedding just two days away, everything in my wardrobe was either too white and lacey (bridey) too worn-a-million-times, or too really-should-have-popped-that-into-the-drycleaners-instead-of-thinking-that-Febreze-would-do-the-trick.

I’m normally a little bit hyper-organised in my wedding outfit planning. I’ve usually got it all sorted about three months in advance (I swear I’m not a loser, I’m just tall. Forward-thinking is a necessity). I’ll probably then change my mind four times in the interim, but at least there’s a PLAN.

But the last three months haven’t exactly allowed for such meticulous planning, and come Thursday, I found myself charging round the shops in Kingston like a woman possessed, desperate to find something for Saturday’s shindig. You’d think that my husband’s brain surgery would have given me a sharper sense of perspective. Apparently it hadn’t.

After wrestling with the tiny sizes in Karen Millen, having a body confidence crisis in the H+M changing rooms (WHAT is that lighting about?!), and wondering if I could justify spending £250 on a dress in Reiss after taking a month off work (I couldn’t), I found myself freaking out in the Monsoon changing room at 5.55pm (it was my third trip there that day), as the doors were about to close. Nothing in the shops had succeeded in covering my bottom, and everything seemed to have a waistline that sat neatly under my boobs.

And then my angels arrived. I’m ashamed to say that in all my flustered panic, I can’t remember their names, but two lovely personal shoppers calmed me down, gave me a hug (yes, they actually gave me a hug), and said that they wouldn’t close the shop until I’d found something to wear. How nice? I felt like (a slightly more stressed out, demonic) Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

After they’d brought a few high-waisted dresses and too-short maxis, let me stay on in the shop for a whole 45 MINUTES after closing, and probably wondered if they’d bitten off more than they could chew, they brought me this lovely little tunic dress.

Dress, Monsoon £75

I must have walked past it about a gazillion times without any further consideration, but once the lovely girls/angels-sent-from-shopping-heaven had convinced me to try it on, I decided it was rather ruddy lovely. And less than a hundred quid. So I might even be able to eat this month. Possibly.

During my trip to little sister’s house to show off my purchase (post-shopping bedroom catwalks are the norm in mine and Julie’s world), she dug out this lovely colour-block clutch from New Look. Now I’m never one for matchy-matchy styling, but when colour-coordination is this immense, you’ve just gotta roll with it, right?

Once I’d got home and styled it up with an old H+M jacket, peep-toe heels (purchased during my last pre-wedding breakdown… oh dear, I seriously need to get a grip), some obnoxiously massive headgear and a gallon of fake tan, serenity was finally restored.


And the wedding? Amazeballs. Did you ever see a group shot as cool as this one?

Picture courtesy of Matthew Joseph Photography

Too much fun. Right, I am now going to send a very happy email to the people at Monsoon and say a big fat THANK YOU to the girls who helped me. No one ever gets the praise they deserve, right?

L x

Stylishly ever after

Top of the morning leggy lovelies!

I’m blogging from Ireland, where I’ve been for the last few days celebrating my first wedding anniversary and visiting my Dad’s lovely (and enormous) family 🙂

Just wanted to take 15 minutes out from drinking fizz, eating strawberries and generally being spoilt silly (yay!) by my lovely leggy husband to share the outfit that I finally decided upon wearing to my friend Jo’s wedding last week. I’ve been trying to make a decision for weeks on the blog (boring the pants off you with wedding talk?!)… seeking out different dresses from the highstreet and featuring them in Tried It On, but in the end I went for a vintage number. The pleats and Betty Draperness were too gorgeous to resist. 😉

I picked it up at the Kingfisher Fair at Bourne Hall in Epsom, Surrey. Anyone who’s anywhere near that neck of the woods should head to one of their monthly Antique Vs Vintage fairs… a pretty mish-mash of reasonably priced clothes, jewellery and household bric-a-brac.

And check out the super happy bride… she looked utterly jaw-droppingly A-mazing.

Lots of big, Oirish potato love… see you for a month of super keen blogging in August… the house move completes in a week (all fingers and toes crossed) so I will be back on this thing like a demon 🙂 Promise!

L xx

Shoes first, Dress second (and why I don’t wear high heels to weddings anymore….)

I don’t know about all of you leggy lovelies, but for me, finding good-fitting clothes isn’t the hardest part of shopping. It’s finding the shoes. If I spend a day trawling the shops, I can usually expect to find at least one dress that fits me, be it one from a specialist tall range or a surprisingly long length number from a regular (oompa loompa) store.

The same cannot be said for shoes. Aside from those rare, heaven-sent moments of sheer delight when Barratts (yes, I might have gone a bit far with the term heaven-sent when referring to Barratts) has a pair of reasonable-ish size 9 courts in stock, I am far from guaranteed to find what I’m looking for on the highstreet. Nor am I always bowled over by the choice on the internet either.

Currently, shoe-shopping when you have plus-size feet is rarely about having those “Oh-my-goodness-I-NEED-those-incredible-shoes” moments and more about having the somewhat less exhilarating “Those-plain-coloured-courts-will-do” experiences. Frequently for me, this means finding the shoes first and building the outfit around them. As All the Tall things reader Alison says: “It’s backwards for tall girls – anyone else buys the dress first!” Booooo!

Last night I switched on my computer in the hope of finding some reasonably priced, mid-heel shoes for my friend’s wedding. The colour was more or less irrelevant (although I did decide that the orange peeptoes from Next might present a greater challenge when seeking out a dress). So with my list of demands not exactly up to Mariah Carey standard, you’d think I’d be ok.

Three frustrating hours later, and I was still looking. My bemused husband (he really ought to be used to my shopping-induced tantrums by now…) kept pulling pairs of shoes out of my wardrobe… “You’ve got millions of shoes… why on earth do you need to buy anymore?”

And the answer? For one massive, 6ft tall reason… Heels. I only seem to possess ballet flats or utter sky-scrapers. The word Moderation has never really formed a part of my vocabulary. And there’s something about a wedding, with its gazillion photographs (including the big group line-ups… oh those bloody line-ups), that makes me want to stick out a little less than usual. At my friend’s wedding 2 years ago, I wore sky-high gladiator heels and an equally ostentatious hat (I blooming LOVE a hat). As fun, magical and wonderful as the day felt, the pictures that followed were a little bit less thrilling. See if you can spot me in this photo…

…Oh yes, there I am.

So for my friend Jo’s wedding in a couple of weeks, I’ve been on the search for some mid-height heels. And a slightly flatter hat.

Naturally, the gorgeous bride in the photo (my lovely and now pregnant friend Sophie) insisted that I hadn’t ruined any of her wedding photos by wearing my ridiculous footwear. And Lordy Lordy, please don’t think this means that I’m no longer an advocate of heels. Heels still do blooming rock.

We just need to give the bride her moment in the spotlight. See?

So mid-heel it is. I’m not talking flats. Doesn’t even have to be kittens. Just a pair that don’t require planning permission from the church. And ones that will be comfortable for all-night dancing.

Anyway… back to last night’s hunt. Eventually I did find a pair of cream, mid-heel peeptoes in a size 9 in Dorothy Perkins. They’re not spectacular or achingly cool. But they’re a bit pretty. And they’ll do.

Cream Peeptoe Mid Court Shoes, Dorothy Perkins £28

I also took the liberty of purchasing four other pairs in different colours and similar styles just in case these didn’t work out. (A back up plan is always essential when I’m buying shoes).



But what about the hat? As Samantha Cameron discovered — after being criticised by the post-Royal Wedding press — one simply cannot forget the hat.

Hat, Accessorize, Was £35, now £17.50

Luckily Accessorize has a sale on, and while popping in there at lunchtime today, I discovered this little cream head-turner that should go perfectly. It’s still got the wow factor, but I shouldn’t be crashing into quite as many door frames this time.

So I’ve merely added about six inches in total, rather than a full foot. And now I’m ready to choose the dress! MUCH more fun…

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