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Notes from New York

Leggy “J” has been a loyal follower of All the Tall things since it began, often sending me wonderfully encouraging emails and sharing her tips and advice on how to dress a tall figure.

But until recently I was completely oblivious to the fact that she’s actually a knock-you-sideways, drop-dead-gorgeous model type; one who this week has been walking the runways for a plethora of household fashion names in NYC.

Here she is looking effortlessly cool and pretty in her off-duty wear.

That coat. Want.

And here are her notes on the trends from the NY runway…

An Insider’s View

NYFW has a reputation for being conservative and taking few risks and this year even more so. London is traditionally very edgy, but underfunded.  Italy is in serious recession, so we will see how careful the designers are.

Colour of the Moment

The colour that stands out is a deep maroon called oxblood.  It was everywhere from DerekLam and Hilfiger to Alexander Wang and Philip Lim.  I am not very strong on color, but think this will look good on a lot of women and will be what sells next Fall.  I think it looks good on anyone except a really pale blonde (like me). I really love the color!

Leather and Fur

There is a lot of fur on accessories and a lot of plain black leather – especially leather gloves.  I saw some block printed leather from someone, but can’t remember who – just once though.  The sweaters are the chunky cable knit variety.


Flatty Power

The best trend is not new, but it was very common – feminine men’s oxfords and brogue shoes. They were patterned, sometimes in bright colors and even metal.  I saw some wonderful ones and wore them in one show. They are *so* much more comfortable and practical than ballet flats.  I know a lot of tall women have shoe envy and go crazy with heels from the few speciality companies.  I don’t mind the extra height, but don’t really care either.  I just want something that is good for my feet and looks good.

On shoes people have been predicting the end of the super high heels for a few years, yet women keep choosing them. As someone who is forced to wear the craziest possible heels and look good walking in them, I’m amazed women still push for heels.  I work very hard to keep foot injury down by wearing heels only infrequently. The sad thing is a poorly walked heel has negative sex appeal and so many women look foolish trying to walk along with too tall shoes.

Hmmm… negative sex appeal. Not sure that’s something that J needs to worry about. Thanks very much chick! Hope the rest of the week goes well. I’m off to get myself one of those lovely forehead circlet thingys….

All the Tall things: The Alternative Trend Report

I’m not quite sure what happened to the first fortnight of February. It seemed to whizz past in a big flurry of work commitments, snow angels and doing grown-up things like making business plans (eeek!), and my beloved little blog has suffered as a result. So I thought I’d try and make amends for my lack of posting with a big fat juicy video blog. Or — as I was corrected to say by my cool friend Rory — “Vlog”.

I might pop one of these into All the Tall things every so often, so that I can say a big proper “hello!” and you can rest assured that I’m not some grubby old man with a tall fetish. But the wordy stuff is still my main priority, and I promise to step up the written output as the month goes on.

So, let’s have a little look at the big trends for Spring. Roll VT…

P.S. If you missed the first Vlog — and you’re not cringing from behind your cushion watching this one — then you can catch it here.

Pastel Pretty

The runways were awash with shades of pale for spring. Calvin Klein revealed a lemon jumpsuit, Oscar de la Renta featured a fringed floor-length gown in a blush pink shade, while Jaeger showcased a minty pinafore.

Here’s how to look pale and interesting in clothes from the Tall ranges…

Left Column: Tall Blue Shirt, Topshop £30, Tall Pink Satin Top, New Look £8, Tall blue faded leggings, Topshop £20, Purple hoodie, Topshop £26

Middle Column: Colour Block shoes (Up to a UK Size 9), Asos £25, Pink quilted bag, Asos £15, Yellow Pumps (Up to a UK size 9), New Look £7.99Lilac sandals (Up to a US size 13), Barefoot Tess £84.22, Green Backpack, Asos £38, Pink Brogues, Cinderella Shoes (Up to a Euro 45) €39

Right Column: Tall pink dress, Next £99, Blue cat-print top, Long Tall Sally £20, Tall Green t-shirt, Topshop £18, Tall ankle-grazer trousers, Topshop £40

All the Tall things… the video blog!

Hello gorgeous girlies!

Right, so I have been a little bit quieter this December and have perhaps not dedicated quite enough time to these lovely leggy blog pages.

I mean, for goodness sake, my last blog post says “It’s Fridaaaaaay” and… it’s quite clearly Thursday. Massive fail.

But there is a reason for my absence, and that’s because I have been busy working on a new development for All the Tall things. I decided that I would like to say a big proper real-person “hello” via the magic of YouTube. So I’ve – eeeeeek! — done a little video blog for you all.

Hope you like it. Obviously I won’t be doing all future posts in this fashion – they take… erm… ever so slightly longer than an old-fashioned written post… but it’s a lot of fun. And hey ho, it’s Christmas.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week.

Laura xxx

Everybody’s Starry Eyed…

Dolce & Gabbana brought star power back to the catwalks for A/W 2011, with a young and fun collection that nodded to the cosmos.

Soon celebrities were all reaching for the stars; Pixie Geldof wore them on a maxi, Lilly Allen dressed her bump in them and Kim Kardashian wore them to pick a wedding cake (but the less said about that the better).

This Topshop dress (yes… it’s another Topshop pick… but I’ll shop wherever the long and nice clothes happen to blooming well be…) is about as close to Dolce as you’ll get without your finances plunging into a black hole.

Tall star-print dress, Topshop £65

Although, if you are feeling a little bit naughty… then allow me to divert your attention towards this cheeky little Dolce and Gabanna clutch. You might not be able to afford a thousand pounds for a D+G dress, but perhaps this zany handbag at a mere £525 will provide some constellation. Ahem… consolation.

Star-detailed leather clutch, Dolce and Gabbana @ Net-a-Porter £525

L xxx

P.S. He he, constellation. That made me laugh anyway.

It’s Wine Time

I had the girls over to mine on Saturday afternoon for what turned into a bit of a “session”. Afternoon tea and cake turned into cocktails and crisps which then turned into X-Factor, pizza and wine. Lots of wine. So much so that putting out my recycling on Sunday night was just embarrassing. When seven girls get on it, they can put ALL the boys to shame.

Luckily for my liver and sanity, this post is merely concerned with the colour of wine. And what a delicious colour it is for clothes. This season, wine shades are everywhere; first celebrities like Abbey Clancy and Mollie King were all rocking berry-coloured skinnies; now the whole highstreet is awash with mouthwatering shades of claret and burgundy.

Here’s how to be a wino in clothes from the highstreet’s Tall ranges.

Clockwise from Top Left:

How yummy are those dotty shorts? They need a blazer, heels and a night out… sharpish.

Heritage Feet

The A/W 2011 catwalks had a distinctly British feel to them, with a number of designers working the ‘heritage’ trend. There were checked scarves at Mulberry, flat caps and tartan at Burberry Prorsum and kilts at Yves Saint Laurent. (All of which would be perfectly accessorised by my new LTS jacket — see previous post!)

You can bring a bit of tradition to your outfit with a pair of shoes from

Mary Janes,, £99

Cavalier Boot, £180









These brogue-detail Mary Janes will look particularly dapper with a pair of knitted socks, while the equestrian boots will unleash your inner Middleton (you know you’ve got one).

The Cape Crusade continues…

Double Breasted Cape, Long Tall Sally £85

It’s a well known fact in Fashion Land that The September Issue of Vogue is THE most important indication of the trends we can expect to be wearing over the next couple of seasons (anyone who watched the docu-film of the same name will understand the level of sheer hard work, attention to detail and downright ferocity that goes on in the editorial process).

So I won’t argue with page 215 of my UK edition, which suggests that capes are STILL having a fashion moment. How thoughtful then, that the lovely people at Long Tall Sally have created a DELICIOUS navy blue one.

I first encountered this military-buttoned wonder at LTS’s A/W previews… and have been waiting patiently to make my purchase ever since. Is anyone else reminded of The Duchess of Cambridge’s beautful McQueen coat, worn on her visit to Windsor’s Victoria Barracks in June? Light enough for the end of summer and baggy enough to wear over a jumper come winter time. Cracking.

Jump on the girlband-wagon

When THREE members of Girls Aloud don a pair of candy-bright jeans within the space of a week, you know the trend for coloured trews is about to go astronomical.

First trend-setting Cheryl went for a green pair (and yummy beige biker jacket), then Nicola was spotted in blue jeans (with fierce purple heels), and then Kimberley jumped on the girlband-wagon in a pink pair (keeping it casual with a denim jacket).

I’d so far resisted the lure of the coloured jean; after all, they’re not likely to be sticking around for more than a season are they? But then New Look reduced its Tall pairs to a mere £14. And Girls Aloud look pretty damn gorgeous in theirs. So I am powerless to resist. Take your pick from these three mouth-watering shades. (I’ve tried them on and they fit me perfectly… I normally wear a 36″ inseam).

Tall skinny trousers, all New Look, were £25.99, now £14

Teepee Trend

Woven Detail Mocassain, New Look £24.99

Thanks to Roberto Cavalli’s S/S show and his use of fringing, beads, suede and python, Navajo is now a key summer trend.

These moccasins from New Look (available up to a size 9*) are a great way to work Native American style without painting stripes on your face and moving into a tepee (although the latter would be very cool indeed).

* Next shoe post will feature even larger shoes… promise!

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