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Enough Length for Swimming Lengths

I am really clumsy. I’ve often blamed it on being tall, but then I meet these wonderfully lithe, 6ft1 dancer types and think it might just be me. Today I have already sneezed while holding a bowl of cereal, prompting it to splash all over my sofa, broken the china light pull in the bathroom by flicking it wildly against the wall while doing my hair, and spilt tomato out of a sandwich onto my friend’s newborn baby. My iPhone (smashed the other week when dropped on a garage forecourt and still awaiting repair) tells me that it’s only 4pm and therefore I should expect more mishaps to come.

Pregnancy has forced my clumsiness into overdrive, and unfortunately, this means that I’ve had to give up running and gymming. And anything else that could see me face-planting on a very hard floor. This isn’t necessary for every pregnant woman. In fact all healthcare professionals will encourage you to keep up with your usual fitness regime. But a fall at 6 weeks whilst out on my usual jog has freaked me out enough to seek alternative forms of exercise.

So I’ve given up my gym membership and now spend three hours a week at my local council swimming baths, and go for (semi) regular power walks with the hubby.

When I started swimming regularly (at about 6 weeks), I hadn’t bought a swimming costume in 6 years. And soon, my old faithful black swimsuit, which wasn’t the best fit to start with, started gaping at the seams. I then wore bikinis for a couple of weeks, until I decided that they weren’t great for serious length swimming and were probably a tad inappropriate for aquafit classes.

So I decided I needed a new one.  But as you all know, long-length swimming costumes are an elusive and expensive treasure in themselves. Throw in a bump and suddenly becoming a couch potato seems like a far less stressful option.

The one-piece is super on-trend at the moment and there are so many gorgeous, boho, fluro and 80s inspired styles that are just perfect for shorties. But I couldn’t find anything that worked for me.

So to combat the problem, I got a Long Tall Sally tankini. The vest is longer in the body than most (and the pants have a super high, 50s style cut), so I should still be covered even when I’m full-term.

I actually got one of the last in stock (thank you to LTS’s Alice for tracking it down!), but there are others on the website, and LTS does have a sale on swimwear at the moment. This new arrival (left — £35) looks great if you’re after a sporty but girly number.





I’m interested to know though where you’ve bought your swimming costumes in the past, especially if you’ve bought one recently that works well on a tall frame. Pregnant or not pregnant, it’s a hard task for a tall woman, particularly if you want something trendy and don’t want to pay through the nose.

A few weeks ago I asked (actually on behalf of a reader) for your long-length swimsuit suggestions. Here are a few gems you came up with:


Sharron and Di both recommend this twist front swimsuit (£59) from Boden. It’s on the pricier side, but comes with the usual high quality fabric you can expect with Boden, and Sharron writes, “I’ve bought it in the long-length and it’s a great fit. I’m 6’2 and it’s the first swimsuit I’ve ever owned.”

Middle Ground


Di sings the praises of M&S Longer Length. This blue striped swimsuit (£32.50) is available, and if you see this long-length ruched swimsuit in store anywhere, make sure you snap it up. My 5’9 sister has it and it’s gorgeous with lots of room to spare (but it’s only currently available online in a size 8).


For pregnant women or those in search of a long-line tankini at very reasonable prices, Rachael suggests this tankini top (£14) and matching briefs (£7.50) from Cotton Traders.




Also highly recommended by you for tallies are Lands End, Sea Folly at John Lewis, Laura Ashley, Freya, Simply and even Tesco.

Let me know what works for you. I know bikinis are generally a failsafe bet, and — unexpectedly — I actually feel more confident in a bikini at the moment than I ever have before. But there are always circumstances when only a one-piece will do.

L xx


My lovely friend Beth (that’s the bridey from my most recent wedding-outfit-meltdown post) came round to mine yesterday, fresh from her two-week honeymoon in Hawaii. Hearing of sunshine and posh hotels, I naturally didn’t feel a single twinge of jealousy. I’m that selfless.

But, let’s suppose for a moment that I was five percent bitter and twisted. If that were the case, I really ought to inject a little bit of tropical fever into my own tragically cloudy life, right?

Luckily, all things “Aloha!” are in. Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and Salvatore Ferragamo seemed to take inspiration from the big, bold flowers of Hawaii for SS 2012.

When you’re next out for drinks with the girls, wear a bright floral-print dress or simply add a vivacious bag to an all-black ensemble. Remember to stick a cocktail umbrella in your glass for maximum impact.

L-R from Top:

Fifties Americana

Tall South Print Dress, Very £45


Cadillac-motif clutches at Prada, preppy checks at Jil Sander and kitsch prints at Proenza Shouler signalled a step back to 1950s America for Summer 2012.

If you’re worried about looking like an extra in Grease, then just add a little hint of USA retro with some cats-eye sunglasses or a flirty full skirt. Or any of these lovely long-length items.

Left Column:

Middle Column:

Right Column:

Surf’s Up

A tall frame naturally lends itself to sporting pursuits: at school I broke the highjump record by hopping casually over the bar; at netball away matches, the sight of my lanky legs stepping from the school minibus was enough to send the home team into early retreat.

But it’s been a fair few years since I participated in any competitive sports, so I felt particularly inadequate when 6ft2 All the Tall things reader Catherine told me that she’s a regular on the triathlon circuit. (AND she’s a trained microbiologist, AND she just so happens to be the founder of the big-shoe haven that is Amber and Jade… anyone else feeling exhausted?)

Still, she did bring a very important topic to my attention… WETSUITS. I’m constantly on the look out for long-length jumpsuits to wear out on the town… but what about a rather more functional all-in-one?

If you’re a tall exercise fiend/ surfer chick, Catherine’s done the legwork for you…

"Sprint" full wetsuit, £130


“I do a lot of triathlons, and being 6 foot 2 and very slim, I’ve always struggled to get a suitable tight fitting long and slim wetsuit i.e. thin but so you can move and keeps you warm. I’ve tried on numerous wetsuits and the best I’ve found is at BlueSeventy.  I wear the Men’s ‘Small Tall’ that seems more of a woman’s shape and is perfect for me, almost long enough.”

So it looks like my Cornish husband might be able to drag me out into the surf this summer after all. Yikes!

And do check out the Amber and Jade website today for Catherine and Ellora’s brand new collection. MAJOR EXCITEMENT!

L xx

Pool Party

In three weeks, I head off on a mini beach-break with the hubby. The panic has suddenly started to set in. After a few months of covering up, scoffing rubbish and rarely seeing sunlight, my body is looking a bit (and I think this is the technical term) bleurgh.

So in this tricky transitional period, while I’m still trying to muster the motivation to stick on my Davina DVDs, I’ve decided to swap my 23 bikinis for a trusty swimsuit.

Easier said than done of course, if you happen to be 6ft tall. By the time I’ve pulled the fabric up my super-long torso and hoisted the straps onto my shoulders, I’m starting to look more Borat than Bond Girl.

Despite my efforts, there’s only so far that Lycra can tastefully stretch, so a little “hooray” is in order for these delightfully girly one-pieces in longer lengths.

So super sexy, you’ll only want to dip your toes in the pool., £55

Next (Tall), £22

Long Tall Sally, £65

Long Tall Sally, £34

Hard to Workout where to buy your gym kit?

Yoga Jacket, £90 Long Tall Sally

There’s a popular notion that tall women have an extra-fast metabolism that allows them to eat anything they want. I certainly tested this theory to the max over the Christmas break (apologies for the lack of blog entries… I was away in Cornwall scoffing mince pies with the in-laws). Rather devastatingly, my Topshop skinnies aren’t thanking me for it, and are now struggling to contain my distended waist.

While people who have witnessed my ability to consume two dinners at a time have accused me of having “hollow legs”, in actual fact I’m just a bit of an exercise fiend. The sad and rather uninteresting fact is… if I eat too much, I put on weight. Perhaps it spreads a little better than my shorter counterparts, but after two weeks of fruit cake, pigs in blankets and Quality Streets… I sure do notice it.

Tall Side Stripe Joggers, Next £18

Yesterday — in stereotypically new-year fashion — I purchased the latest Davina DVD (Her earlier boxset helped me get in shape for my 2010 wedding) and today I was squatting, kicking and tricep-dipping around my living room in the hope of shedding my festive spare tyre. My puffy red face and slightly wobblier-than-usual thighs weren’t made any more glamorous by my greying vest and the fraying Addidas shorts my mum bought me in 1993 (Not vintage-cool… just plain wrong). While this was almost acceptable attire for a home-based workout, a girl wants to look a little more stylish when she’s slogging it out on the rowing machine at David Lloyd.

So if you’re reinventing yourself as a fitness fanatic in 2011… here are the sexiest workout clothes available in longer lengths… to keep you pounding the treadmill until at least February.

Lucy X-Training Pant,, $89 (Available in Tall length, United States Only)

Citius Swimsuit, Long Tall Sally £20

Cushioning Trainer, £55

Tall ankle leggings, £12 Topshop

Applique Joggers, New Look £12.99

Cushioning Trainer,, £88.99

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