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Christmas Drinks

Work drinks, girly drinks, Christmas Eve drinks in your local pub with everyone you went to school with. You need a few new outfits, but your credit card balance is already higher than the phone bill at Christopher Maloney’s nan’s house.

Thankfully you can add a bit of sparkle to your basics with Topshop’s Tall Stud Tube Skirt.

Top: Blazer, Topshop £65/ Top, Topshop £12/ Skirt, Topshop £40

Bottom: Necklace, ASOS £25/ Bag Love Moschino @ ASOS £160/ Shoes, Barefoot Tess (Up to a US size 14) £74.99

Anyone else found any pretty separates (skirts/ tops/ jackets?) that will glam up our weary wardrobes for December?

L xx

Hero Skirt

Have you ever bought an item of clothing that suddenly just makes your wardrobe “click”?

What I mean to say is: have you ever bought a garment that allows you to finally wear the shoes that always stay in the cupboard, or the tops that hardly see daylight? The piece that works equally well for relaxed lunches and glamorous dinners?

I found a skirt that ticks those boxes on Wednesday. I’ve called it my “hero skirt”, because it’s just one of those items that makes everything else in my wardrobe make sense. It’s from Topshop (£38), and though not from the Tall section, it’s a great “mini” length for a leggy lovely. Plus, it’s one of the more luxurious looking pleather items that I’ve seen on the highstreet. The shape is so flattering on a tall figure, because it adds volume and shape while still cinching you in at the middle. The relatively high waistline means that you can tuck-in and wear all those tops that you love but are a little on the short side, like this ultra-feminine lacey number from H+M (£19.99).

I’ve added a chunky New Look necklace, and some heeled black ankle boots from Topshop. These zip-up leather boots (£45) are actually my first ever Topshop shoe purchase. I realise that most regular-sized 27-year-olds would be flabbergasted by that, but I suspect that you lovely girlies will have shared my disdain for Topshop’s version of a size 9.

Spurred on by the recent shoe successes of ATTT reader Phillipa, I popped into Topshop on Wednesday and was delighted to find that these size 42s were a perfect fit. I don’t think I’ve ever had such an easy-breezy shopping experience. EVER.

There was a work reason for my shopping trip; I’ve been shooting with the MTV team this week — presenting a little advertorial for Remington that’s going to be running on TV and online in a couple of weeks. I had a gorgeously girly couple of days, chatting to a lovely bunch of ladies from across the UK about their hair, make-up and style for the forthcoming ad. I wore a couple of other nice pieces that I’ll get to share with you when the vid comes out.

I also wanted to take a moment to apologise for my lack of postings. I really do want to get back to a regular blog cycle, and I think that us leggy lovelies need more than one or two posts a week. I like to think that this blog is about more than fashion, and I want to be able to bring you a whole heap of confidence as often as I can. I know that this year the blog has seemed a bit stop-start – promises and pledges being made left, right and centre by me – but I really don’t want you to give up on ATTT. I will get things back on track, I promise!

L x

The Paralympic Ball

Sorry for the lack of postings. The summer of madness is nearly over, and Tim returns from a business trip this weekend so he can resume his role as my chief outfit-snapper. (I’m sure he will be so thrilled to get back to it…).

I decided that I’d include some in-the-mirror self-portraits for you in any case, because I’ve got some new clothes to share, and — furthermore — I’m missing you all. 🙁

On Wednesday night I had the rather ruddy great honour of being the red-carpet presenter for The Paralympic Ball. My role was to interview the celebrities and paralympians, and present the event video, which raises awareness of the ball and the charity it funds.

My interview victims included Jon Snow (charming), and Prince Edward (surreal), but it was the paralympians themselves who completely took my breath away. You may have realised by now that I lead a somewhat… um… varied existence. I’ve had some truly weird, wonderful and wacky experiences during my career, but Wednesday’s event was by far the most humbling. I spoke to Derek Derenalagi, an ex-soldier who — immediately after having both his legs blown off by a Taliban bomb blast in Afghanistan — thanked God for his survival. He’s since become a Paralympic GB discus thrower. Lee Pearson was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, and his inability to ride a bike led to his parents buying him a donkey instead of a BMX. He later joined the Riding for the Disabled Association and has now won ten gold medals in the equestrian arena.

Let’s be honest, if anything is going to put your “my feet are so annoyingly big” problem into perspective, its meeting people like Derek who don’t actually have feet. I don’t quite know how to get from the last paragraph (about amazing human achievement) into the next paragraph (about what I wore to the ball), without coming across as more than a little bit shallow, but fashion is what this blog is all about. It’s perhaps just worth reminding myself that a mad dash around Oxford Street to find a suitably long ballgown is not a particularly big deal.

Turns out, I didn’t actually need a ballgown (thanks for your helpful suggestions on the Facebook page in any case). Despite buying a beautiful black and lacey one in House of Fraser’s JS range, I later received instruction that I was to adopt a more dressed-up corporate look.

Instead I wore a new skirt from Zara, (with a fancy leather peplum-ish frill — £59.99), with my Next blazer, a black H+M jacket, some Dotty Perks kitten heels (I go a bit lower when I’m on the interview trail!) and some chandelier earrings for a bit of sparkle.

Below is a pre-event pic, and also yesterday’s outfit photo — I thought I’d wear the skirt again but dress it down, Alexa-chung styley, with a fine-knit top (Topshop Tall, £18) and my New Look studded wedges.

And obviously I’m now in possession  of a slightly unnecessary ballgown.

It’s actually a little bit too big around the boobs so I may take it back (and I’d rather not fork out 92 quid on a dress I’ll hardly ever wear), but I thought I’d include a photo, because it does fit me perfectly length-wise if I’m wearing flats, and there are still some available online. And I secretly want to be a mermaid when I grow up.

L xx

P.S. (Ignore the online review of this ballgown from the 5’3 girl… she must be falling over it in her 4 inch heels… I’m 6ft, tried on two different sizes and they were both long enough).

P.P.S. Anyone else been totally captivated by the Paralympics?

Hippy Dippy

I never know what to blooming well put on in the mornings at the moment. Last week I was talking about frost, and this week the “Indian Summer” we were all promised seems to have actually arrived. Blimey.

One Tall piece that will work well for these in-betweeny times is this dip-dye maxi-skirt from Topshop. The jersey fabric makes it super casual too, so it’ll look great with a pair of battered old Converse. Team with a cheeky tee (and a denim jacket or fine-knit for warmth), and a big slouchy over-sized handbag.

Tall Top, Dorothy Perkins £15/ Converse (Up to a UK 12, £44.99)/ Tall Skirt, Topshop £32/ Bag, Miss Selfridge £39

Isn’t the Converse trainer a tall girl staple? Available in big sizes and lots of pretty colours. Mine look very well loved.

L xx

The appeal of the Pencil Skirt

It can often be tricky to work the trends and still look a little bit sexy.

Most of the time I find myself dressing for girls rather than boys. After all, they’re the ones who are more likely to notice the effort I’ve gone to. (And anyone who says “I only dress for myself and I don’t care what people think”… well… big respect points. I also think you may be a bit of a fibber though…)

But the pencil skirt trend has an all-round appeal, and this H+M number (£12.99), with its pretty floral pattern, will hopefully draw admiring glances from both genders. (Well it worked on my hubby, who’s always complaining about the ridiculous tent-like clothes that I seem to wear). The high-waist and thick stretchy fabric are particularly good for the tummy-conscious (me), and the floral edging (very Sportmax S/S 12) has a slight optical-illusion effect without being blatant about it. Win.

I’ve balanced it out with a drapey top (also H+M, £7.99) to give it more of a playful daytime look. I’ve not rocked a cowl-neck since the 90s, but Pippa Middleton looked pretty good in her bridesmaid dress, so I think it’s about time the trend was resurrected properly.

I’ve also gone big on the sunglasses (New Look, £4.99 — I can’t buy anything more expensive because I’ll just sit on them). They’re a bit round and geeky, but only a bit. I reckon my leopard-print clutch from Topshop (my absolute fave but an oldie… sorry!) makes any outfit look fit, but I think the clashing print stops it looking a bit too safe. And I dug my bright suede teal Dotty Perks shoes out of the cupboard because they just seemed to be made for this skirt.

So that’s 21 quid for a top and skirt… decorated with about 50 quid’s worth of accessories. I’m happy with that.

L xx

Kitsch I Like

Topshop sure does have some tasteless tat in its Tall range at the moment, and I am ruddy loving it.

Confession: I’m actually a bit of a deerhunter. Well, unintentionally so. The day my hubby and I bought our first car together, I was driving it back through Wiltshire at 60mph when a massive stag jumped in front of it and wrote the whole car off. Just like that. Tim was crying about the VW. I was devastated that I’d just murdered Bambi. As every one of our friends said when we told them this story… “Oh deer.” (I know, hilarious). So this probably isn’t the most appropriate choice of skirt for me, but in the name of bad taste (and let’s be honest, a skirt covered in flowers and deer heads is heading in that direction already), I’m considering making the purchase. Tall Deer Print Skirt, Topshop £34.

This dress looks like a tablecloth. I want it. Tall Lattice Sundress, Topshop £36.

Has anyone else tried this dress on? I did, and it looked utterly ridiculous. But if you’re a nineteen-year-old with nineteen-year-old boobs, I think it would look absolutely amazeballs. Tall Heart Dress, £48.

Anyone else a lover of all things gaudy and…um… gross?

L xx

Tried It On: Washboard Stomach not included.

Oh Rebecca. You’re making me feel so guilty for the burgers and sausages I scoffed through yesterday. But I am LOVING your maxi skirt and convincing myself that one day I’ll have done enough sit-ups to warrant wearing tops like that. So I’m going to feature you anyway….

Tall Skirt, New Look £14.99


“I’m 5ft 11/6ft and all the ‘tall ranges’ on my local highstreet have disappeared! 🙁 The “Tried It On” section has really helped me to find clothes lately 🙂

This skirt is from New Look’s Tall range and the top is from New Look. The skirt isn’t quite floor-length but its long enough! I have really long legs so would recommend it to any tall girl. I love this outfit and treated myself to it when the sun decided to show its face, but by the time it came, because I had to order from the internet, the sun had gone! Just my luck!


Thanks Rebecca. And as envious as I am of your midriff, I’m loving your style petal.

I normally only feature clothes in Tried It On that girls have found outside of the Tall ranges, but since so many highstreet shops have mercilessly wrenched their long-length items from the shopfloor and shoved them in a warehouse for internet-only purchases, I’ve bent the rules a bit here. It’s good to see that some clothes claiming to be “Tall” items are actually fit for purpose.

If you’ve found an item of clothing on the highstreet that works for us leggy lovelies, then snap yourself wearing it and send the photo to

L xx

P.S. Rebecca’s skirt has now sold out in this lovely mushroom shade, but I am loving the vibrant orange version and the summery yellow.

Tried It On: Temptations at Ted

I might look a tad overdressed if I rock up to my friend Beth’s Jubilee BBQ this afternoon in this deliciously frothy combo of ruffles and pleats and sorbet shades. But if I had a royal garden party invite, then I would definitely splurge on this pleated skirt (£109) and chiffon top (£89) from Ted Baker. I think I’m going to have to make the purchase in time for my cousin’s August wedding in any case.

If most of your height is in your legs, then the 1920s style drop-waist on this canary yellow Ted Baker skirt will elongate your torso and help to balance out your proportions.

And I got completely giddy over this  peachy chiffon top with its cascade of little butterfly motifs on the shoulder. Such a conversation piece. I wouldn’t exactly call it a long-length item, but it looks so elegant when tucked into a skirt, and you can just about rock it with a pair of skinny jeans. Oh, and it does comes with a matching cami, but I couldn’t be bothered to faff about with that in the changing rooms. So please excuse my screamingly obvious black bra. I probably wouldn’t advise exposing that at a royal garden party. Although, if Prince Harry was around…

Hope you’re having a simply spiffing long weekend and that your jubilee celebrations haven’t been dampened by the downpour. Who’s been creating red, white n blue outfits? Or draping themselves in jewels?

Obviously I’m a staunch Republican and think it’s all a load of nonsense…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend girlies. Keep partying for the queen.

L xx

Long Tall Sally is about to go Stella

Hang on a second.

Optical illusion pattern? Peplum Waist?

Have Stella McCartney and Victoria Beckham joined forces?

Um, no. Long Tall Sally is on it.

Some pictures from the forthcoming A/W collections just landed in my inbox, and I had to share the above. Outfit available from July. What do you reckon?

L xx

P.S. If you’re already an LTS fan, then check out the website for some special Jubilee discount/free delivery deals.

London comes out to play

There are times when I mega hate London. Squeezing onto a tube carriage with 657 other angry commuters. Slow walking people. The price of houses. The price of mojitos. The price of… everything, actually.

Then the sun shines and all is forgiven. The city looks positively jubilant at the moment, and this week, Londoners broke out of their offices to eat al fresco and photosynthesise after weeks of gloomy downpour .

I haven’t dared to purchase any shorts, vests or summery dresses yet due to the hideous weather. So currently my summer wardobe is just my winter wardrobe without tights. But I relished the opportunity to whip my pasty legs out and head to Green Park for a picnic with my lovely friend Liz.

The skirt is a Topshop Tall one from last season, and the bag is actually a charity shop find from about a year ago. But I am wearing one new item; this exceedingly long sleeveless shirt is a recent purchase from H&M. I’ve tucked it in, but it really is long enough that a seven-foot girly could wear it, so I’m a bit  ruddy peeved that I can’t seem to find it online. Anway, I bought it in the Angel store last week, and I highly recommend.

I also tried to steal Liz’s gigantic Zara bag, but I just wasn’t stealth-like enough. Boo.

I’m quite obsessed with the reasonably priced jewellery in Joy at the moment. I bought this necklace in store the other day, and it sits beautifully under collars to add interest to your outfit in a Caroline-Flacky-sorta-way.

Oh, and plaits. What is it about summer that turns us all into absolute GIRLS?

Any other tall girls living in London*? What’s your favourite place to go when the sun starts shining?

L xx

* I have to confess that I did actually move to Surrey last year, so I’m technically a home counties girl. But I was born in Tooting. And I still live in an Oyster zone. And I work in London. Got it? I’m well London.

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