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The ASOS Tall Scuba Skirt

The lovely people at ASOS may not have officially launched their Tall range just yet, but they sure are teasing us with some fab preliminary pieces. This black scuba midi skirt caught my eye, and is so perfect in length that I’m very tempted for the red one now too.


My midriff is currently in no fit state for public consumption, but it’s possible to work the crop-top trend without baring the wine belly. This dotty ASOS number sits elegantly over the top of the skirt, and you’ll only catch a hint of my upper-tum (the OK bit) in a very sharp breeze. 


I’ve gone for full-on sparkle in my accessories; a sparkly perspex Coast Cuff (a bit pricey at £35 for bling-bling costume jewellery, but I’ve wanted it for ages and finally gave in this week), a bib style necklace and my silver Next courts (available up to a Euro 43). I picked up my long-line blazer from a random boutique in Hong Kong, but you don’t really need that for party time anyway.




What would you style this scuba skirt with? And have you made any ASOS Tall purchases yet? What’s your verdict?

L xx

Think Pink

Back in December 2011 my gorgeous Auntie Michele was told that she had Breast Cancer. I’m sure you’ve had a friend or family member who’s been diagnosed with the disease, or even received the devastating diagnosis yourself. You’ve felt the seismic shockwaves and had the “I thought Cancer was something that happened to other people” thought.

My auntie Mic found her source of support through an online forum run by Breast Cancer Care, and connected with a group of women who had all been diagnosed in December (and would come to call themselves “The December Darlings”). They shared stories of chemo together, posted photos of bald heads, compared notes on snotty noses, and supported one another when two members of the group tragically lost their fight against the disease.

Michele considers herself one of the “lucky” ones. Now in recovery, she’s like the old Michele, only a million times more confident, outgoing and downright beautiful. I’ve seen how Cancer has tried to break her, and I’ve seen her tell it where to shove it.

mic and i

Last night Cardiff was lit up pink to welcome in the Breast Cancer Care Ball. Cancer survivors and those still battling the disease rocked the fashion runway in front of an adoring crowd of friends and family. This was a night of celebration, but also a reminder that much more is needed to be raised in order to give women (and sometimes men) the support and care they so need.

A night of fabulous fashion called for some serious outfit plannage, and since our table had opted for a self-imposed pink dress code, there was no better time to rock the full-on bubblegum Barbie look. I found my frothy pink number (£55) in Vivien of Holloway,  a vintage reproduction clothing shop specialising in 40s and 50s clothing in North London.

Dress, Viviene of Holloway £55Petticoats (x2) Vivien of Holloway, £59 eachTiara, The Jewellery Channel £9.99 / Shoes, Next £25/ Bag, Next/ Bracelet, Mikey @Topshop

Like most of you, I have a longer-than-average torso, but most of my height is in my legs, so I lucked out with this halterneck number, which fitted me at the waist. I did speak to the shop assistants though, who mentioned that a lot of tall women like to fold the straps down/ have them removed if the halterneck feels too tight. In any case, London-based Leggy Lovelies should definitely pop to the Holloway Road store and give their dresses a try, because the skirts are super long and swishy. You can browse and buy the various styles on their website too.

I wore mine with two massive petticoats in contrasting pink shades. Luckily my mum is also a bit of a vintage vixen so I could borrow one of hers, because the good quality ones aren’t the cheapest — £59. They’re so pretty though that you could layer them up and wear them on their own with a jumper too.

And I completed the “Miss Congeniality” look with the sparkliest size nine shoes from Next, with a heel made for twirling around on.


A bargainous £25, and I reckon they’d make a stylish pair of wedding shoes if your big day’s coming up.

dress car

Our matching tiaras were a very kind donation from The Jewellery Channel.

Becky, Judy, Me and three of the “December Darlings”: Fi, Auntie Michele and Sue. (Fi’s beautiful daughter Becky is actually 5’11 and her dress is an old buy from Monsoon’s younger range Fusion… one of my fave places for party dresses).

If you want to donate to Breast Cancer Care, you can follow this link.

L xx

P.S. There were models last night who had been through Breast Cancer at the ages of 21 and 27. Get checking your boobs please girlies, whatever age you might be.

P.P.S. Any of you Leggy Lovelies a fan of the 50s silhouette? Where do you tend to buy your clothes?

Tens @ Toms

Toms is so much more than a shoe shop. For every pair of shoes bought, another pair is given to a child in need. Since its inception in 2006, the company has donated shoes to over 10 million children in 60 countries, and has created local jobs by producing shoes in the countries where they give. 

And as well as helping people who are in actual need, they’ve come to the rescue of the larger-footed lady with a HUGE (yes, HUGE) range of sandals, boots and slip-on pumps up to a UK size 10/ UK size 12. To filter results by size, head  to Womens>All Shoes>Size


I love the Canvas Strappy Wedges (an absolute classic) and Leopard Print Trainers (great to have some girly prints in a larger-sized sneaker style).

Has anyone bought from Toms before? How do you find the sizing measures up? And what are your faves from the current range?

L xx

P.S. Thanks go to ATTT reader Emma for the heads up 🙂

Pleather Pants

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

This new year I’ve gone all Ross Geller and decided to invest in a pair of leather pants. But since I’m an animal lover (ok, skinflint), I’ve opted for a pair of pleather leggings instead.

These ones are from Topshop and plenty long enough to give you a bit of on-trend ruching round the ankles. (And they’re true to size).

L x

Hat, Miss Selfridge/ Coatigan, Long Tall Sally £65/ Denim Shirt, Vintage Levis/ “Boom” T-Shirt, ASOS/ Leggings, Topshop £18/ Necklace and heart ring, H+M/ Watch, Michael Kors £229/ Glasses, Specsavers/ Bag, ASOS/ Boots, Topshop £88

The Winter Pencil Skirt

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

I always find that winter is the trickiest season to dress for when you’re a tall woman. Perhaps it’s because the need to find anything with long enough sleeves makes it nigh on impossible to achieve a chic and tailored look. Perhaps because knee-high boots are never knee-high. Perhaps because you just need to wear even more clothes, and the expensive specialist clothes we often require become even more ruddy expensive.

But this year the highstreet seems to be heaped full of prettiness for the leggier lovely. This tartan skirt is my fave piece in Topshop’s current Tall collection. Super long and stretchy without being too flimsy or clingy, and you could obviously make it look mega sexy for work too if you wear it with a nice blouse and pair of black courts. Go for the size down if you’re between sizes.

I paired it with this cutesy Topshop tee, but It just wasn’t quite warm enough, so I threw on my husband’s jumper (from Next, long enough in the sleeves and surprisingly fitted in a medium). He doesn’t know I’ve stolen it and won’t find out until he reads this blog post on the train home. Sorry Tim. I promise to wash it so it doesn’t smell like girl.


The bling ring and bracelet are from Marc Jacobs’ Greenwich village boutique (a must-visit if you’re over in NYC, for its edgy and surprisingly affordable pieces), and the Michael Kors watch was a Christmas prezzie from the hubby. The Lucky penny necklace is still available at ASOS.



I’m living in various forms of ankle boot at the moment. These chunky could-be-weapons-of-torture are from Topshop. A little tight for a size 9 when they first arrived, bit a few walks around the house have stretched them out a bit.

Tartan skirt, Topshop £24/ Boots, Topshop £88/ Jacket, Topshop/ Jumper, Next £35/ Necklace, ASOS £6/ Other jewellery, from a selection at Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs.

What’s your go-to outfit when the weather gets chillier?

L x

Hurry! Next Tall Jacket Back in Stock!

I’ve never been one for a practical coat. I’ll usually prioritise a nice print, a pretty cocoon shape or a sexy biker even if I have to put up with the inevitable draft. But the idea of sub-zero temperatures in NYC prompted a stressful pre-holiday shopping trip with the hubby. Here is an abridged version…

In Barbour: Can I really justify spending £350 on a coat that doesn’t absolutely fit? (Especially when I don’t have £350 t0 spend on one that actually does…)

In TK Maxx: These jackets would be just wonderful if they weren’t so ruddy shiny. And covered in buttons. With fur in really odd places.

In Blacks: Warm, yes. But just a little too practical for window-shopping outside Tiffany’s.

And in pretty much everywhere else, if I could find the right length in the sleeves and the body, then I’d lose the fit around the shoulders and waist.

I hadn’t really thought to look in Next, until its mid-season catalogue landed on my dooormat with a picture of the most beautiful navy Tall coat. (I wanted that one, but it had sold out, although I’ve grown to love it in this chocolatey colour). Having read the size reviews I ordered two in a 12 and 14, later sending back the larger because in my opinion it fits quite true-to-size.


Coat, Next £85 /Leather Rider Boots, £85 (Up to a size 43) /Headband, Urban Outfitters/ Blouse, Zara/ Jumper, Topshop Tall/ Jeans, Topshop Tall/ Bag, Michael Kors

uploadFromiPhone-2013-12-10 14.43.54

You might have seen the above pic that I popped on Facebook while on my hols. A couple of people got in touch after to say that the coat had sold out, so I thought I’d give you a heads-up that it’s now back in stock. I’ve never had a cosy coat — one with fleece-lined pockets, a chunky wind-breaking collar and enough quilting to feel like you’re having a duvet day — and I feel much more ready to brave the British weather this year too.


Coat, Next £85/ Jumper, H+M/ Necklace, New Look/ Shirt, Forever 21

Anyone found any gorgeous outerwear in longer sizes? Please share the details with your fellow leggy lovelies below! 🙂

L xx

P.S. NYC was amazing. Sandwiches seem so small now… 🙁

A fabulous flapper dress, a ma-hoosive necklace and a very camp cake

Hey Leggy Lovelies!

How the ruddy hell are you? I’ve got a bit of a back-log of outfit photos to share with you because of day-job craziness right now, but I thought I’d skip back in time to my friend Jen’s 30th a couple of weeks ago, since I’ve had a lot of questions about the outfit I put on Facebook. Again, excuse the blurriness of my desperate-for-an-upgrade-iphone.

jen's birthday

I didn’t have a chance to take any more pics on the night (mainly because I was carrying a MASSIVELY camp birthday cake that I’d made, so I couldn’t cart along a blogger-style camera too), but luckily we’d all chipped in for a professional photographer to take some snaps for Jen on the night, and I thought I’d share any where I and my massive New Look necklace feature. 


I absolutely LOVE this Topshop dress (£70). I highly recommend that we all get it and dance around together, because the drop-waisted, flapper girl thing is something us tall girlies pull off so well. 


And here’s the cake I made Jen. I don’t think I was exaggerating about the campness…


The birthday girl had also just got engaged, and since I’d set her up with my friend Mark six years ago, I was needless to say, QUITE excited when I found out. I’m wearing my black Topshop biker (currently on sale here).



I also wore the dress this weekend with a little black sparkly H+M jacket to attend my friends’ nuptials in Henley on Saturday. (Dress-code was laid-back and hat-less, in case you’re freaked out by my lack of headgear. I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I haven’t changed that much.)


Birthday Party: Dress, Topshop £70/ Jacket, Topshop Was £58, now £40 / Necklace, New Look £24.99/ Shoes, Very/ Bag, ASOS

Wedding: Jacket, H&M

Tune in tomorrow for a spectacularly gorgeous Tried It On from ATTT reader Kemi. Later this week, I’ll also be talking long-length knitwear. So have any of you found any pretty jumpers/ cardis that I can wack on my shopping list?

L x

A Treat for Big Feet

Shoe shopping for me is rarely about those moments of unadulterated lust. My shoe shopping experiences are usually a bit beige. Quite literally. I can count 8 pairs of nude heels in my cupboard. I can’t squeeze my tootsies into Louboutins or Manolos, and while it means that I can totally justify an over-the-top handbag spend (right?), my poor feet don’t know what it is to feel really ruddy special.

That’s why I’m very interested to see what Upper Street’s new collaboration with celebrity stylist Nicole Smallwood throws up.

You’ll probably already know Upper Street as the innovative footwear company that invites you to turn shoe-designer. (Check out its website to create your dream creation). But extensive research by founders Julia Grinham and Katy Chandler brought them to the conclusion that the choice available for larger footed women was “depressingly unstylish” (they’re not blooming wrong), and that there was a gap in the market for a decent range of ready-made shoes in bigger sizes.

Now they’re set to launch a new ready-to-wear range designed by Nicole Smallwood (herself 5ft10 with size 43 feet). Nicole says, “Since the age of 18 I’ve had a size 9/10 foot and always found it a complete nightmare to go shoe shopping. I couldn’t even find one pair of shoes that fit never mind finding something fashionable that I wanted to buy. The aim of my first collection is to help remove the stigma from having larger feet and produce a line that shows it is possible to have fashionable shoes in larger sizes”. 

Model shot - Boyce 1

Let me know what you think when the site goes live on 1st October. Prices start from £170 in a range of heel heights in 2 different width fittings. Alternative sizes, materials and heel heights can also be made to order.

Anyone found any other places on the web for posh and pretty shoes I can squeeze my size 43s into? 

L x

Try Size 9 Shoes for Free :)

Do you wear a UK size 9/ US 11/ Euro 43 shoe? Sick of paying delivery charges just to try them on? Well, now that ASOS — the huge fashion emporium that boasts free worldwide delivery — has extended its collection of size 9s, you can try lots of pairs and send back the ones you don’t fancy keeping, without finding yourself out of pocket.

And since ASOS stocks brands like River Island and New Look that normally charge you delivery fees, it’s worth clicking there first. 

Click here to find the size 9 collection. I love the tartan courts (£25) and the very-this-season mid-heel metallics (£35). asos shoes

And if you’re larger than a size 9 shoe, then watch this space. One of the plus-size shoe brands currently on the market will be available on ASOS later this year. More info to follow when the launch is imminent!

L xx

Kilty Pleasures

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Question. Who was your first ever style icon?

For me, the answer is easy. Way before there was Rita, Lana, Alexa, Cheryl and Victoria, there was Cher.

Nope, not the big-haired “Turn Back Time” warbler.

Cher in Clueless. Alicia Silverstone at her absolute peak; all glossy blonde hair, knee-length socks and tartan.

I watched that movie and dragged my mum to C&A to buy a tartan minidress. I remember wearing it over a polo-neck jumper to Pizza Hut and thinking I was the coolest kid, like, ever. Now, thanks to Alexander McQueen, Chanel and Vivienne Westwood, everyone is set to look totally Clueless again.


So I HAD to have this tartan kilt (£40) when I saw it on the ASOS website, and thankfully it’s long enough that it doesn’t look too slutty school disco costume.


I’ve worn it today with this chiffon ASOS blouse (£32) — I love the cute bow-tie! — and a bit of bling, but you could totally rock this skirt with a t-shirt if you wanted to keep things casual. (I recommend the New Look Tall 3-pack of tees… a bargain at £12.99)



This scallop-edged ASOS satchel (£25) is a fairly neutral colour so it works with most things in my wardrobe, and while a lot of cross-body bags tend to sit on my waist rather than my hip, this one has a long enough drop on the strap for us leggy folk.



These boots (£40) were probably my best buy of 2012. They’re so versatile; great for punking up a pretty dress and with enough of a heel to work with a pencil skirt.  They’re still available up to a decent size 9 at Topshop.


Skirt, ASOS £40/ Blouse, ASOS £32/ Boots, Topshop £45 (Available up to a UK size 9)/ Bag, ASOS £25/ Necklace, H+M (Old)

Will you be tartan-ing it up this season? And what’s your favourite Clueless moment?

L x

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