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“Remember I told ya, I’m a soldier…”

… So said Lisa Maffia. Remember her?

Anyhoo, that’s not really the point. Although I reckon if you do remember the song, it’ll be stuck in your head all the way through this post.

Thanks to the likes of Burberry and Topshop Unique, the military trend is back. Think camouflage, khaki and army jackets, but sexed up Rihanna style with wet-look leggings and studs.

Top L-R: Tall Jumper, Topshop £42/ Tall Jacket, Topshop £75/ Tall Jacket, Topshop £48 Middle L-R: Boots, Long Tall Sally £150 (Up to a UK 11)/ Necklace, ASOS £10/ Tall Leggings, Dorothy Perkins £18 Bottom L-R: Tunic, Topshop £22/ Boots, Amber & Jade £169 (Up to a UK 11)/ Bag, Urban Outfitters £45

Another great (and usually cheap) place to find bits and pieces for this trend is an Army Surplus store. (Have a Google to find your local shop). A few years ago my uni house-mates and I sourced some camouflage shirts, bullet-holders and berets from one to wear to Exeter’s annual… um… fetish ball. (Does every uni have one of those or did I just go to a weird one?)

L x

Skinny Jeans and Silly Shirts

For those of your leggy lovelies who don’t live in London town, you may or may not be aware that in east London it is practically illegal for a man to not wear skinny jeans, pointy shoes and a unisex hairstyle.

On Friday I was taking the mickey out of Dan at work —  a resident of Shoreditch in possession of all of the above — for being such a Trendy-Wendy.

He then pointed out that I was wearing skinny jeans myself. And plimsolls (that’s east London lady uniform). And a denim shirt with chiffon sleeves. That had leopards on. And that I was pretty much a skinny-jeaned pot calling a skinny-jeaned kettle black.

The man had a point. Serves me right for being such a bully-boots.

My random shirt choice was made in Zara (£25.99) last week (can’t find it online at the mo), and the Large has long enough sleeves but still a nicely fitted shape. I’ve worn it with black Topshop skinnies (I’m going with the double-denim look, and praying that the colour contrast stops me looking like a member of  b*witched), and size 9 plimsolls (£6.99) from New Look.

It is a bit of a bonkers shirt, but only a bit, right?

L xx

Fifties Americana

Tall South Print Dress, Very £45


Cadillac-motif clutches at Prada, preppy checks at Jil Sander and kitsch prints at Proenza Shouler signalled a step back to 1950s America for Summer 2012.

If you’re worried about looking like an extra in Grease, then just add a little hint of USA retro with some cats-eye sunglasses or a flirty full skirt. Or any of these lovely long-length items.

Left Column:

Middle Column:

Right Column:

Five NEW ways to Work It

Warning. I’m about to say something a little bit ‘out there’.

*Deep Breath*


There, I said it.

Am I alone in despising the bell-bottom trouser trend? The one that died a death in the early noughties but still comes back to haunt us in the majority of Tall specialist websites?

Alright, I suppose they kind of balance out a tall figure, they disguise a clumpy shoe and they sort of “go with everything”. But that doesn’t make them FABULOUS. And ladies, there is absolutely no reason why you should be going to the office looking anything less than that.

So here goes. Five fun, sexy and MODERN office outfits, without a black bootleg in sight.

This work-wear post comes at the request of the lovely Ralista. If you’ve got a suggestion for a post, hit the Facebook page or Tweet me.

L x

Tried It On: Office Shorts

Over-sized shirt, £110, Shorts £95, both Reiss

Shorts are becoming an increasingly essential part of our working wardrobes. A much cooler look than a pencil skirt, and great for those tricky “I need to look trendy and creative but like I’m still too important to know how the photocopier works” meetings.

This smart, tailored pair from Reiss is long enough that it won’t prompt any raised eyebrows from your female colleagues (bless them, it’s hard working with leggy amazonians. Always getting overlooked for promotions…). Wear with opaques and an over-sized blouse with heels, pumps or boy-loafers.

The soft pleats make for a flattering fit and balance a long silhouette, while the quirky pattern is edgy enough for Friday night cocktails.

Send your “Tried It On” snaps to xx

L x

P.S. I’ll be posting about an American supplier next… feel like I’ve been ignoring the needs of you Stateside lovelies for a little while and I need to rectify this! 🙂

Tried It On: Big Girl’s Blouse

Hello you gorgeous tall things!

So I have been royally rubbish at posting of late. I hold my large (but reasonably-neatly-manicured) hands up in shame. Here come the lame excuses…

  1. Work has been manic (but fun!)
  2. My husband and I are currently dealing with a particularly stressful, nail-bitingly frustrating house move (not fun! Not one little bit fun in fact… and causing me to book more manicures).

But I haven’t forgotten you, and while I might not have been blogging quite as furiously/geekily as I normally do (and fully intend to once again!), I have been busy snapping outfits on my phone at every available moment.

So I do hope you’re sitting comfortably… because I’m about to send you on a bit of a Tried It On marathon.

For those who are new to All the Tall things, Tried It On is the feature that explores everything that the conventional highstreet (i.e. not the specialist tall ranges) has to offer… a surprisingly long pair of trousers, a generously proportioned dress, a swimsuit that stretches far enough…. Anything that I (OR YOU!) stumble across when shopping off-the-beaten-track of Topshop and Long Tall Sally.

Large blouse with pockets, Zara £29.99

And there’s another purpose to this Tried It On marathon. I need more clothing suggestions from you lovely people. So get out there on your humble highstreet, (wherever it may be in the world) and start taking those gorgeous clothing pics to share with us leggy lovelies. Send your images (along with the price, shop and your height) to, so that we all know where to get the goodies. All the Tall things needs YOU!

First up — and ticking the trends boxes for colour and oversized blouses — is this beautiful coral number from Zara. I can just imagine slinging this on over my skinnies on a lazy Sunday morning and heading out to grab the papers or enjoy a hangover breakfast in my local pub. Very easy to wear, and while it might swamp a shorter girly, it’s a great length for us lot.

More to follow shortly… 🙂

L xx

Channel the Chung

June's Edition of Vogue, out now

Alexa Chung — presenter, writer, designer’s muse, and the brand ambassador with the midas touch – graces the cover of this month’s UK Vogue. And the best bit? She’s also a beautifully tall (albeit not quite as beautifully tall as most of us lovely lot) 5’8.

The kooky Brit is the it-girl of the moment, with designers clambering to dress her and females the world over trying to emulate her tomboyish, low-maintenance style.

But just in case Karl Lagerfeld isn’t your best mate, Philip Lim isn’t knocking your door down and Mulberry haven’t named a handbag after you (The “Alexa” launched last year and generated a 9,000 strong waiting list) here’s how to “Channel the Chung” on a budget (and in your favourite tall ranges).

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