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The Big Tall Shopping Debate

Happy Wednesday leggy lovelies. Now push your work to one side, pull up a chair, and grab a cuppa.  It’s time to have a big juicy discussion about shopping.

I’ve been writing, raving and ranting for All the Tall things now since November 2010. In that time I’ve discovered — with your help —  lots of new suppliers of long-length clothing and large-size shoes. But I’ve also witnessed Tall ranges shrink in size or vanish forever.  (Disclaimer: I take no actual responsibility for the demise of these ranges. All I do is bloody well promote them).

But why are all these Tall ranges failing when the demand for clothing in longer lengths is so evident? Why am I left with even less choice on the highstreet now than I had a year ago?

In short: What are the Tall specialists getting so wrong?

Are the highstreet’s Tall ranges designed by not-very-tall people?

Topshop’s Tall range had always been my go-to when I needed a quick clothing fix. I’m lucky that I live in London and that most stores near me do contain a Tall range.

"Tall" Crop T-Shirt, Topshop £18. Sure, it's nice. But does it belong in the Tall range?

But over the last year I’ve noticed that its clothes have become a bit… senseless. Cropped tops. Cropped trousers. Yes, I get that this is in fashion. But I can buy cropped stuff ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE SHOP. It’s perhaps no coincidence then that I noticed more Tall range items in this year’s January sale than I ever had before. Tall women don’t need (and a good deal don’t want) short stuff. Am I right?

Shoe shops can be the worst offenders. A few will make shoes in bigger sizes. But how many women with size 10 feet actually want a six-inch stiletto on their shoe? (For those that do… I applaud you. But seriously… has anyone stopped to actually think about the needs of women with feet of this size?)

What’s worrying is that retailers seem to respond to a dip in their Tall range sales by shrinking its stock or – as evidenced recently by New Look and Dorothy Perkins – taking their Tall clothes off the highstreet altogether and bunging them into a warehouse for online shoppers only. Not good when you need a dress, like, tonight. Is it really the case that there aren’t enough women to justify these Tall ranges being instore… or is it that the quality and style just needed stepping up?

Do we need a better fit?

I’ve posted before about sizing issues in Imperfectly Proportioned.  Some retailers seem to think that adding a few inches onto the bottom of a “normal” length dress will suffice. But then the waistline ends up somewhere around my bust line and the sleeves don’t fit my broader shoulders. So I won’t buy.

Do we need to get EXCITED by shopping?

Just yesterday on the blog, All the Tall things reader Lucy wrote “So sick of tall ‘fashion’ specialists that take two seasons to catch up with what everyone else is wearing”.

Perhaps because they carry a smaller selection of clothes, Tall ranges can sometimes be less fun, less innovative and less trend-led than their mainstream counterparts. If you see an exciting shoe in a shop, you can almost guarantee that it won’t be the one that goes up to a larger size. I often find my eyes drawn to the boring looking shoes, simply because I know that there’s a much greater chance that they’ll be stocked in my size.

What DO we want?

What has been your Tall shopping experience and how can Tall specialists serve us better?

Is there a particular item of clothing that you always struggle with? Which Tall specialists – either online or on the highstreet — do you like? And which ones aren’t up to scratch? Go on, be completely, 100% honest.

Let me know your thoughts. I would be very interested to know how you feel about the subject. And there’s an ever-so-slightly-massive-but-secret reason behind my question.

Lots and lots of love,

Laura xxx

Shoes, as voted for by you…

You may remember a few weeks ago voting in the poll: “What’s your perfect heel height on a night out?”

Most of you wanted to forget heels altogether, with flat shoes proving the most popular and gaining 29% of the vote. 2 inch heels came a very close second, favoured by 27% of voters. So here’s a selection of shoes in sizes 9+ to fit your requests for evening time. See you on the dancefloor.


aura schofield fashion for tall women clothes for tall women fashion blog for tall women

Red ballerinas, French Sole £121 (Up to a size 44)

aura schofield fashion for tall women clothes for tall women fashion blog for tall women

Pointed leopard pumps, Office £56 (Up to a size 9)

Pewter Sandals, Amber and Jade £72 (Up to a size 12)

Pewter jewelled leather sandals, Next £32 (Up to a size 9)

laura schofield fashion for tall women clothes for tall women fashion blog for tall women

Studded leather Peeptoes, Office £65 (Up to a size 9)
























2 Inch Heels…

Yellow kitten heel slingbacks, Next £25

Pintuck strappy heel, New Look £19.99 (Up to a size 9)







laura schofield tall fashion blog clothes for tall women

Etta Pewter, Amber and Jade £55 (Up to a size 12)

Corsage Shoes, Very £38 (Up to a size 9)

Leopard shoes, Kathryn Kerrigan, $199 (Up to a size 46)


















Me? I go for something a little on the higher side.

Nude Court Shoes, Next £26 (Up to a size 9)


So I’m currently lusting after these naughty nudies…

L xx




Reader Poll: The height of glamour? Have your say…

Are heels a Do or a Don’t for evening when you’re a tall woman? Cast your vote in the poll below…

Ballet pumps have been a firm fixture on the highstreet since Kate Moss teamed them with a waistcoat and skinny jeans in 2004, but few celebrities have sported flats on the red carpet.

So it came as some surprise when last week they popped up on a Chanel couture runway. Models at last Tuesday’s Paris show — beautifully conceived by superstar designer Karl Lagerfeld — must have let out a huge sigh of relief as they were handed their footwear… each was sent down the catwalk in flat pumps with little transparent ankle straps. An ever-evolving Lagerfeld told his bewildered fashion press: “I was sick of all those Eiffel Towers”.

Chanel appeared to be breaking all the rules for eveningwear; Lagerfeld’s pumps weren’t merely accessories to a casual collection — instead he paired them with beautiful, embellished dresses. But the contrast worked…  proving that women can feel glamorous, feminine and comfy on a night out. Great news if — like many tall women — you feel self conscious when wearing heels.

While I welcome this uncharacteristic move by Lagerfeld, and understand the reservations many leggy ladies have about becoming even leggier, I’m still very much a heels devotee for the evening. I love the pump for its cuteness and practicality, but heels show your legs off, encourage you to stand correctly, and instantly make you feel more groomed and polished.

With so many choices now available on the highstreet (but rarely in size 9+), I’d love to know your views on the perfect heel height for a night out. Cast your vote on the poll, tell me what kind of shoe you’re looking for, and I’ll seek out the best available in larger sizes.

[polldaddy poll=4476404]

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