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Leggy Lust: The Evans Colour-Block Sandal

Work the current trend for colour-blocked mid-heels with these Evans sandals, available up to a UK size 10.

evansEvans £49.50


Leggy Lust: The ASOS Curve Blouse

Curvy leggy lovelies may like this lace-detailed dip-hem blouse. As worn by a 5’11 ASOS model…

ASOS Curve £30

Follow that Girl

I’ve noticed a distinct lack of tall models in the main section of the ASOS website lately, and since I tend to only buy clothes from there when I can see them on one of its 5’10+ girlies, I’ve not been quite so click-happy.

However, I was doing a bit of leggy plus-size fashion research at the weekend and discovered that at least three of the models in the Curve department (for women with a dress size 20-26) are 5’11.

Now, if any of these girls are a size 20+, then I’m Victoria Beckham. But at least they’ve got a little bit of meat on them, and their gorgeously long limbs should make it easier for curvalicious leggy lovelies to shop online.

Loving the abundance of midi-length dresses too… wish there were a few more of those throughout the store.

Anyone bought any tall-friendly ASOS purchases recently?

L xx

The Big Tall Body-Shape Post

Right, let’s get one thing straight. “Tall” is not a body-shape. The word “Tall” describes body length, and it actually means diddly-squat in terms of assessing where your curves are.

There are thousands of tall women, and they come in as many incarnations as women of average height. If you’re reading this blog post, I can be pretty certain that you’re tall. But what I don’t know is whether you’ve got big whammers, little boobs, a massive booty or a pancake-arse. (I’d jolly well love to know though, and you can tell me about it at the bottom of this blog post).

While it can be useful to look at advice in magazine “bodyshape” features about dressing a “Tall” figure (usually about how to balance out your height), it’s also important to consider the other things that make you YOU. So here are a selection of clothes for us girlies who are tall and…. something else…

Tall and Boyish

If you’ve got a straight up-and-down figure, then you can add curves with this season’s peplum shapes and waterfall jackets. Look for clothes that will add volume, but cinch them in at the waist to create a more hourglass figure. With your model-esque physique, you can really experiment with the trends, so don’t be afraid to try loud prints and off-the-wall designs. Skinny jeans will emphasise your enviable pins, and you can balance them out with a looser top. Use a big necklace to add interest and bulk to a small bust.

Your hero shops: Topshop’s Tall range for trendy styles, and quirky boutiques for something a little different.


Tall and Top-Heavy

If you’re top-heavy, you’ve got broader shoulders than hips, and more than likely a big pair of boobs. On jackets, avoid structured tailoring and shoulder pads which will make you appear boxy, and look for details like pockets and interesting zips which will draw the eye towards your middle. Dark colours will soften your top half, while brights and prints can be used on trousers to draw attention to your slim legs. Over-sized clutch bags and chunky bangles will also draw the eye downwards, so opt for these rather than statement necklaces and bold earrings. Don’t strap down your chest with high-neck tops; go for (slightly!) more open necklines and drapey fabrics to draw the focus towards your fabulous cleavage and away from broad shoulders.

Your hero shops: Long Tall Sally for feminine necklines and Miss Selfridge for killer bangles.


Tall and Pear Shaped

Pear-shaped ladies have a narrow top-half and wider hips and bum. Make the most of your slim shoulders and décolletage with strappy tops and strapless dresses. Jackets with shoulder-pads or detail on the shoulders will broaden your top half and balance your silhouette beautifully, but choose styles that finish above the hip-line for a more flattering look.  A flare at the bottom of your trousers will balance out your hips, and if you’re concious of your bigger half, wear darker colours on the bottom. A-line skirts and prom dress shapes will skim over your bigger bits and make you look super slender. Add a thin belt to show off your waist.

Your hero shops: Dorothy Perkins for ladylike dressing, and vintage shops for authentic prom dress styles.


Tall and Hourglass

Hourglass girlies are considered to have the most desirable bodyshape, but it can be tricky sometimes to work the trends when you (shock horror) have got boobs AND a bum. Make the most of your delicious curves with classic tailoring, and nod to the trends with your choice of accessories and colour. Choose jackets and dresses with a nipped-in waist, or add a belt to show-off your shape. When choosing jeans, note the wash… a fading down the middle will have an optical illusion effect, and make the wider part of your leg appear slimmer.

Your hero shops: Next’s Tall range for beautifully tailored pieces, and Urban Outfitters for on-trend bags and jewellery.

Tall and Plus-Size

If you fall into this category, then you might have had trouble finding long-length clothes in a big enough dress size. It’s very possible that you also identify with one of the categories above, so you could still find some of the previous advice useful. I hear from a lot of women who are Tall and plus-size, who say that there is no escaping the feeling of being ‘big’. So it’s really important that you choose items that will make you feel feminine. Take your time over your hair and make up (we women were born to be pampered — so don’t feel guilty!) and choose clothes that you LOVE… not ones designed to make you fade into the background. Go for soft fabrics that drape well, semi-fitted styles, and show some skin with a peek of cleavage. If you’re too scared to unleash your inner fashionista in your clothing choices, then go absolutely crazy with your accessories.

Your hero shops: ASOS Curve and Anna Scholz will tell you how tall their models are. Find the ones who are 5’11 (like the sexpot below) and stalk like mad!

So, as you all bleeding well know, we’re not just “Tall”. We also have body-hang-ups/super-fabulous assets that put us into sub-categories as well. And to further complicate things, you might — like me — identify slightly with two categories. For example, I’m quite broad shouldered (top-heavy) but my waist could do with a little more definition (boyish). It’s all about taking little bits of advice from here and there, knitting them together and embellishing with your personality to find your perfect style.

Which body camp do you fall into? Or perhaps you’ve got another body-hang up that needs addressing in a leggy way. Maybe you want large-size shoes that hide your cankles? Or your short legs and long torso have left you feeling stumped. Share share.

Most of us don’t fit the cookie-cutter exactly. And life would be pretty bloody dull if we did.

Five NEW ways to Work It

Warning. I’m about to say something a little bit ‘out there’.

*Deep Breath*


There, I said it.

Am I alone in despising the bell-bottom trouser trend? The one that died a death in the early noughties but still comes back to haunt us in the majority of Tall specialist websites?

Alright, I suppose they kind of balance out a tall figure, they disguise a clumpy shoe and they sort of “go with everything”. But that doesn’t make them FABULOUS. And ladies, there is absolutely no reason why you should be going to the office looking anything less than that.

So here goes. Five fun, sexy and MODERN office outfits, without a black bootleg in sight.

This work-wear post comes at the request of the lovely Ralista. If you’ve got a suggestion for a post, hit the Facebook page or Tweet me.

L x

Long, Tall and Curvy

I’ve read several magazine features about shopping “for your body shape”. Very helpful some of them are too.

But magazines like to put people in little boxes, and we all know that we can’t all fit in a box (especially those of us over 5’10. It would need to be a very tall box).

Most journalists will employ the following categories to divide us all up:

  • Pear-shaped
  • Top-heavy
  • Petite
  • Hourglass
  • Tall and Slim

UK Vogue October edition, out now

Which does tend to alienate one group of women. You don’t ever really see a guide for the Tall and Curvy, do you?

It’s a silly omission to make, because while I know a lot of gorgeous girlies who are tall and slim, I know several gorgeous girlies who are both leggy and curvalicious. (Or as my friend Tom likes to say, those that have got “even more to explore”…!)

So I thought I’d have a look at the different shopping options available for women who are taller and take a larger dress size. After all, curves are back in a big, beautiful way… just look at curvaceous goddess Adele gracing the cover of this month’s Vogue. Here are some addresses for your little black book…

Riding Boot, Evans £55

Evans is a great place for wider, longer shoes (the range goes up to a size 11).

Marisota includes clothes for women in sizes 12-32 and has a range of Tall trousers that fit up to a 34” inside leg (including its Tummy Tamer jeans… complete with concealed panel that claims to flatten the tummy).

Long Tall Sally stocks most of its range up to a size 22 (with a small selection up to a size 24).

Drape Dress, Anna Scholz £149

And don’t think that there isn’t room for plus-size beauty in high fashion… designer Anna Scholz has THE most incredible selection of clothing for women of larger sizes… Her range is adored by tall, curvy fashionistas like Queen Latifah (5’10) and Crystal Renn (5’9). 6’1 comedienne Miranda Hart wore one of Anna’s dresses to collect her British Comedy Awards gong earlier this year. Trousers, tunics, coats and more are available in sizes 12-28. (Warning: The models on her site are jaw-droppingly stunning. In a refreshing, real and total and utter sex-bomb kinda way).

And if you are tall and curvy…

  • Look for semi-fitted styles that follow the curves of your body and create a beautiful silhouette.
  • Don’t be afraid to show some skin! A peek of a cleavage or a show of leg actually has a real slimming effect.
  • Make the most of hourglass curves with soft fabrics that drape well.
  • Stand tall. I know I always say it (!). But gorgeous curves look even more sensational on a longer frame. Enjoy 🙂

L xxx

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