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Filling the Gap

In search of some quality basics in longer lengths? ATTT reader and fellow blogger Jessica has spotted that Gap’s Tall Collection is now available in the UK and Europe.  I love the cute printed racer-back dress and classic trench.

gap tall

Most of the trousers are cropped for summer, but at an on-trend ankle-grazing length rather than a full-on pedal-pusher.

Great to have another go-to for long-length staples. Plus, if you enter GAPSTYLE at the checkout, you can get 15% off your purchase today.

Has anyone bought from the Tall range before? Perhaps you Statesiders — for whom Gap’s Tall range is mega old news — can give us your verdict.

L xx

New Tall Brand Alert: Taller than your Average

Hey leggy lovelies,

Well, 2013 has been an exciting year for tall ladies. First New Look saw the light and resurrected its Tall range back from the ashes. Now I’ve heard on the down-low (thanks PR guru Emily!) that Dorothy Perkins is following suit, and, even — dare I whisper it — ASOS is dropping hints about getting in on the act.

It’s like we actually exist or something.

What makes me really giddy with joy though, is when one girlie takes the plunge and steps out to deliver her own fabulous range for tall women, and 5’11 goddess Irene has done just that, with Taller Than Your Average. And only gone and bleeding well got it into Sefridges. Respect girlfriend.


I popped along to the Launch party last week at London’s swanky W Hotel for yummy elderflower cocktails, some very good tunes and a nosey at the collection. This girl knows how to throw a tall bash.

With TTYA Founder Irene.


Elderflower. There is no better ingredient.


Natty nail bar. Even nattier headress.


Tall girlies together: Me, Irene and the lovely Marsha Campbell of Style of a London Tall girl (You may recognise her as manager and stylist extraordinaire at Long Tall Sally’s Chiltern Street store).




My faves from the collection include the roll-neck dress ( I want some super long sleeves!) and the slouchy basic tee.

Have a look at the website and let me know what you think.

L xx

The Surprisingly Spacious Volkswagen

Most of you have probably seen the new VW advert, but I thought I’d include it on the blog for you overseas leggy lovelies who might enjoy watching the dating misadventures of a fellow tall girl.

Sore point… I actually went in to cast for this and DIDN’T get it! I know, preposterous. Still, it was a novelty to be surrounded by a sea of women over 5’10. (And very little men).

Let me know what you think!

L x

All the Tall things in Elle Magazine

I’ve definitely had a few big, whooping, dancing-on-the-ceiling moments since starting this blog. Getting emails from teenage girls who are learning to embrace and love their height (at an age when I was still doing everything I could to blend in). Reading your comments when a post has struck a serious tall chord. Chatting to other leggy bloggers online and seeing the big tall sisterhood grow into a force to be reckoned with.

I’m still learning lots and I definitely don’t get it right all the time, but it’s those aforementioned instances that make it so ruddy worthwhile.

Today I had another of those heart-flippety moments when I saw my little blog on the pages of Finnish Elle magazine.

Yikes. Best invest in a new camera for my outfit posts. Not sure my humble iphone is going to be up to scratch anymore.

Thanks to Elle magazine for featuring ATTT, and thanks to all you leggy lovelies for your continued support. Let’s make 2013 the year of the tall girl

L x

P.S. Obviously “leggy lovelies” is the same in Finnish as it in English.

P.P.S. Anyone reckon they can translate?!

“You’re not a short guy, I’m just a tall girl… so we’re never, ever gonna fit.”

Calling all picky tall ladies. Here’s your new anthem.

Now, you know I’m a big advocate of the “fall in love with whoever the hell you want” way of thinking. But leggy songstress Adjoa Skinner rallies the opposition party well with her soulful voice and funny lyrics in “God Made Me Tall”.

I found this talented missus on Long Tall Sally’s Facebook page this week, and I’ve now listened to the entire album; quirky, honest and very easy-on-the ear. Let me know what you think.

Any other leggy songbirds making sweet music out there? Share you stuff with us! xx

Camden Town

Camden is a bit of a Marmite town for most Londoners. You’re either going to fall in love with its lock markets, vintage shops and smell of freshly cooked noodles, or you’re going to run screaming from its pink-haired punks, fetish shops and overwhelming smell of weed.

I’m definitely in the LOVE camp. I used to work a lot at the MTV studios there, and would regularly mooch in the market on my lunchbreak or go for drinks in the Hawley Arms after work. There is a smelly leather stall that sells the best holdalls, and its Asian-style nightclub Gilgamesh beats all the poncy central London nightspots hands-down.

So it seems appropriate that my favourite shoe in Barefoot Tess’s current collection shares its name with this London borough. With its on-trend studs and perfectly sized heel, you’re going to want it in every single colour-way.

It goes up to a US size 15 (That’s a UK size 13 to us Brits… hell yes), and UK girls can get a pair for £37.18 + Shipping. Delivery to here is about 30 quid, so it’s not cheap, but that’s a flat rate. And to me (ever the sucker for a marketing ploy) that just says BUY MORE SHOES.

Also, I thought I’d share with you the new Remington TV advert that I’ve been working on. I had a gorgeously girly pamper weekend with the lovely ladies who participated in it, and it made me think it would be wonderful to do some tall-girl makeovers on the blog very soon. You may spot some clothes (and a beehive!) from a previous blogpost  (and that’s me in the voiceover too!) . Watch out for it on telly 🙂

Outfit One: Pink Top, H+M/ Pleather Skirt, Topshop/ Necklace, New Look

Outfit Two: Black and White Embellished Blouse, Mango/ Velvet Peplum Skirt, Mango.

L x

Amber & Jade pop up in Richmond

Pretty shoe brand Amber & Jade has a new collection out for Autumn/Winter 2012, with prints, colour, brogues and boots for ladies with size 8-12 feet.

The sexy dog-tooth Abigail courts and their super-sized bows are seducing me.

If you’re based near the Surrey/ London area, then for two weeks you can try them for size at the new pop-up shop in Richmond. The A&J girls really are super-helpful and lovely, and it’s a great opportunity to meet them and try out their gorgeous footwear in person. (At a London A&J event I was struck by just how sturdy all the shoes were). You could even pop to one of founder Catherine’s (now legendary) “wine & chocolate” parties on a Thursday night.

Alcohol + shoe shopping. Dangerous. But ruddy brilliant.

L x

The Paralympic Ball

Sorry for the lack of postings. The summer of madness is nearly over, and Tim returns from a business trip this weekend so he can resume his role as my chief outfit-snapper. (I’m sure he will be so thrilled to get back to it…).

I decided that I’d include some in-the-mirror self-portraits for you in any case, because I’ve got some new clothes to share, and — furthermore — I’m missing you all. 🙁

On Wednesday night I had the rather ruddy great honour of being the red-carpet presenter for The Paralympic Ball. My role was to interview the celebrities and paralympians, and present the event video, which raises awareness of the ball and the charity it funds.

My interview victims included Jon Snow (charming), and Prince Edward (surreal), but it was the paralympians themselves who completely took my breath away. You may have realised by now that I lead a somewhat… um… varied existence. I’ve had some truly weird, wonderful and wacky experiences during my career, but Wednesday’s event was by far the most humbling. I spoke to Derek Derenalagi, an ex-soldier who — immediately after having both his legs blown off by a Taliban bomb blast in Afghanistan — thanked God for his survival. He’s since become a Paralympic GB discus thrower. Lee Pearson was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, and his inability to ride a bike led to his parents buying him a donkey instead of a BMX. He later joined the Riding for the Disabled Association and has now won ten gold medals in the equestrian arena.

Let’s be honest, if anything is going to put your “my feet are so annoyingly big” problem into perspective, its meeting people like Derek who don’t actually have feet. I don’t quite know how to get from the last paragraph (about amazing human achievement) into the next paragraph (about what I wore to the ball), without coming across as more than a little bit shallow, but fashion is what this blog is all about. It’s perhaps just worth reminding myself that a mad dash around Oxford Street to find a suitably long ballgown is not a particularly big deal.

Turns out, I didn’t actually need a ballgown (thanks for your helpful suggestions on the Facebook page in any case). Despite buying a beautiful black and lacey one in House of Fraser’s JS range, I later received instruction that I was to adopt a more dressed-up corporate look.

Instead I wore a new skirt from Zara, (with a fancy leather peplum-ish frill — £59.99), with my Next blazer, a black H+M jacket, some Dotty Perks kitten heels (I go a bit lower when I’m on the interview trail!) and some chandelier earrings for a bit of sparkle.

Below is a pre-event pic, and also yesterday’s outfit photo — I thought I’d wear the skirt again but dress it down, Alexa-chung styley, with a fine-knit top (Topshop Tall, £18) and my New Look studded wedges.

And obviously I’m now in possession  of a slightly unnecessary ballgown.

It’s actually a little bit too big around the boobs so I may take it back (and I’d rather not fork out 92 quid on a dress I’ll hardly ever wear), but I thought I’d include a photo, because it does fit me perfectly length-wise if I’m wearing flats, and there are still some available online. And I secretly want to be a mermaid when I grow up.

L xx

P.S. (Ignore the online review of this ballgown from the 5’3 girl… she must be falling over it in her 4 inch heels… I’m 6ft, tried on two different sizes and they were both long enough).

P.P.S. Anyone else been totally captivated by the Paralympics?

The Olympics. Are you addicted?

I really thought I’d just watch the opening ceremony, dip into a couple of the games and mostly have a little whinge about the extra traffic in London. But now I’m completely possessed by this Olympic spirit.

I’ve suddenly became a beach Volleyball expert. And started looking forward to the athletics. And I’m throwing an Olympic-themed barbecue on Saturday. I’m an addict.

This morning things got a little out of hand. I found myself sitting in my living room (by myself I might add) glued to the television, experiencing heart palpitations and and generally screaming my throat raw as I watched rowing leggy lovelies Helen Glover (6’1) and Heather Stanning (5’11) storm to victory in the Women’s Pair Final.

26-year-old Glover’s story is particularly inspiring; she hadn’t even stepped onto a boat until hearing about a new scheme called “Sporting Giants” — a drive by the UK Talent Team to find tall men and women who could potentially become the next set of Olympians. So in 2008 (yes, that was just FOUR years ago — I Kissed a Girl and Sex on Fire were in the charts, so pretty much yesterday), she started rowing and began her journey towards winning the first British gold medal in the London 2012 Olympics. Wow. Take note little leggy lovelies. That could well be you.

So to celebrate a serious triumph of the Tall, I thought I’d drop in a few patriotic pieces to add to your wardrobes — all made with champion-sized limbs in mind.

Clockwise from Top-Left: Pumps (Up to a Euro 44) £130, French Sole , Striped Top, Long Tall Sally £28, Camden Jeans, Long Tall Sally £50, Shoes (Up to a Euro 43), Irregular Choice £59.99, Peplum Dress, Topshop £48, Union Jack Sweater, Topshop £46.

Don’t forget that Anna Watkins will be rowing in the Double Sculls final with her partner Katherine Grainger on Friday. You can catch my interview with her here, where she talks heels, confidence and going for gold. (Now I’m super excited about the fact that I’ve interviewed an Olympian. Go me).

L xx

Coffee and a Catch-up?

Hey gorgeous lovely beautiful sexy tall things!

(Too much?) Okay, I am just mega sorry that I have neglected your long-length fashion needs for the last week.

June and July were already set to be busy months for me work-wise, but then I got a new job. So juggling that with my prior work engagements — while also covering the occasional bout of sick-leave, has meant some seriously long days. Luckily I am loving every minute of it, but leaving for work at 10am and arriving back at 4am on a couple of days this week has meant that my blog time (not to mention the slightly less important sleep time) has had to take a back seat. And I’ve been experiencing constant blog-guilt and withdrawal symptoms. (Honestly, I hope when I have a child I love it as much as I do All the Tall things…)

The good news though? When things calm down, this new job is 3-4 days a week. Which is exactly the kind of work that I’ve been after since I launched All the Tall things. Now I’ve got a good chunk of spare time to focus my energies on building this blog into a successful, recognisable brand for tall women. (Hey, we can but dream eh?). I’ll still be taking on bits of freelance work (modelling/ presenting fashion shows… it’s all blog research at the end of the day!) but now I get to really focus on you lovely ladies.

Those of you who read the blog every day (I ruddy love you!) will know that I’ve had a freakin’ rubbish start to 2012. My gorgeous hubby suffered a brain tumour, had to endure some rather horrific surgery and post-op complications, and boy has it changed my perspective on life. I’m not any closer to jumping out of a plane, but I am hell-bent now on only doing the things that make my little stone-cold heart sing.

That doesn’t mean I have to behave like a grown-up though.

A few weeks ago I went to meet Judy Rich, the founder of Long Tall Sally. (You may remember that I interviewed her last year for this very blog). This time, our conversation was more about, um… me. And what I want to do with my business. (It’s very strange referring to All the Tall things as a business. It’s just me, on my laptop, sitting in my slippers and having a good old rant). While she’s unable to mentor me (due to an ever so GLARINGLY OBVIOUS conflict of interest), I have to say that I’ve never met anyone so completely inspiring, so wonderful to be in a room with. She blooming rocks. And as I was sitting in her North London house, surrounded by pretty persian rugs, antique coffee tables and old club chairs, I realised that I just want to actually be her. But also be me.

So whether that’s turning the blog into a huge success, developing my own clothing range or becoming a mentor for tall women struggling to cope with their beautiful height, I’ve now got the space to do it. I’ve got the fire in my belly and I can’t blooming wait.

Obviously I’ve also been having a lot of fun too. I’ve had to squeeze in a little bit of play time. On Friday my friends and I threw a surprise party at mine for our newly engaged pals Katy and James. (You wanna see the sapphire and diamonds on that girl’s finger… seriously blingin’).

And more excitingly, over the last few weeks I’ve been gradually decorating the All the Tall things office in my house. If I’m going to turn this blog into a brand, then I need a work-space that reflects my vision. Here’s a little sneak preview. (It may need a blog post all of its own once decorating is complete…)

So how have you all been? Any new long-length purchases you’d like to share? Got some gorgeous new shoes on your feet? I’ve missed ya.

L xx

P.S. I promise that tomorrow I’ll be talking FASHION, what with this being a fashion blog and all…

P.P.S. Hubby is doing very well now… back at work full-time and slowly getting his face moving again. He’s a proper little trooper.

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