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Leggy Baby Mama

What I love about writing a “niche” blog like this, is that I can talk to women who immediately get it. I can share my experiences about being tall — honestly and openly and without restraint — because you’ve all ruddy well been there. We all identify with eachother’s experiences of living as a leggy lady in a munchkin world, and when someone needs help, we’re all on it. 

But there’s one big thing that I’m yet to experience, something that brings with it a whole new batch of tall-related dilemmas. Motherhood.

I’m hitting the big 28 tomorrow, and another birthday brings with it a few nosey-parker questions from friends and family about when I might be making some leggy babies of my own. But as much as it’s very much a part of the master plan, I think it’s still a little way off for Timbo and I at the moment. 

So I’m not very qualified to talk on matters of mummy-hood, and rather than just blag it, I’d like to hand you over to a lady who’s actually done her research. (And she really, REALLY has).

Enter Jane.

You may remember her from a few Tried It On features about a year or so ago. I’ve been missing her outfit submissions and regular comments on the blog; but she’s got a fair old excuse. She’s just become a mummy to a gorgeous little boy called Tommy.

This isn’t really a fashion post (although Jane does share some very useful pointers regarding maternity-wear a little further down). It’s actually about the taxing task of picking a tall pram. Yup, not even something I’d considered being a problem. Which, of course, like everything in life, it is…

Jane tell us “The vast majority of pushchairs on the market are unsuitable for people with an inner leg measurement of 34 inches plus, because they have cross bars which catch your toes as you walk, or the handles are not high enough. I have tested (and I am being quite serious here) virtually every pushchair on the market over the course of the past couple of months. We’ve managed without one until now, using a range of slings. But little T is not so little any more and my back is starting to give way. 

My criteria are city based – I need a pushchair I can nip on and off buses with, and squeeze between narrow shelves in shops. I also wanted one which could be either parent-facing or outward facing. So here are the options I have whittled down which are both relatively light, and pushable by a tall mummy walking at speed:
Bugabo Bee Plus
Uppababy Cruz
Stokke Scoot
I chose the Bugaboo (below) in the end because it is the lightest and fashion-wise, it’s also he most attractive option.

Unfortunately as I was preggers in summer, the maternity wear I wore is no longer in the shops. However, I highly recommend H&M for maternity skinny jeans in 34″ leg, and Asos & Topshop maternity ranges for summer dresses.”

Sound advice hun. If you’ve got some words of wisdom about tall maternity and motherhood, then please do share them below.

L xx

P.S. Wow… I did not know how much prams cost until I started looking at them online. Even if babies are a fair way off, I might start putting the pennies in the piggy bank….

It’s Fridaaaaaay! Time to get waisted.

Top won’t stretch far enough? Maybe you need a Haramaki.

No, I’m not drunk already. Haramaki is a Japanese word that translates as belly (hara) wrap (maki) – a band of material wrapped around your middle. Worn originally by Japanese Samurai warriors, these handy little elasticated waistbands are now enjoying something of a renaissance. When the lovely Catherine of UK supplier Nukunuku got in touch to tell me about them, I decided I had to give one a whirl. (Nukunuku means “warm and cosy”. Cute or what? Just saying the word makes me feel snug). Apparently they’re quite popular amongst her tall customers, who can never seem to get their t-shirts to meet their jeans. Sigh. Been there.

Haramki, Nukunuku £14

They’re useful for layering under a shrunken top… as if clothes weren’t short enough to start with, my washing machine is always determined to make things even shorter. If you’re pregnant, slip one of these over the top of your Topshop skinnies and no one will guess that your flies have been undone for the past nine months.  They’re also perfect for hiding that mince-pie and mulled-wine induced muffin top. Me likey.

Pre Haramki

Post Haramki -- warmer and at no risk of legging-induced camel-toe









Maiken’s Maternity Masterclass


Way back in December of last year, I wrote a post about maternity-wear for tall women (after making the appalling realisation that I wouldn’t fit in to Topshop’s Tall range if I ever did have a baby bump).

I managed to locate a few lovely suppliers of long-length maternity-wear (you can read about them here), but having never been pregnant myself, I wasn’t really qualified to comment on the challenges of dressing a bump-alicious figure. (And I’m still not, just in case my mum is reading this with excitement and my husband is mopping sweat from his brow).

Enter 6-foot-2 Maiken (she’s the Estonian yummy mummy who graced this very blog on Monday). After having her 7 month-old daughter Linda, she’s super clued-up about maternity fashion. Here she shares her little pearls of wisdom… to help you look chic and pretty while you’re brewing your own little leggy lovely…

Maiken and baby Linda

Hi, my name is Maiken and I have been an avid reader of All The Tall Things for about half a year now. I have found many good suggestions for locating long jeans and bigger than average shoes. However, there are the sartorial times, when “what” might take a backseat to “how”. I found myself in such a situation when I became pregnant with my daughter last May. I also had to continue working and the burgeoning belly had to be kept in somewhat decent outfits. So here are a few tips and tricks as well as ideas how to go through those last two trimesters while still looking lovely.

Dress, French Connection at ASOS, £36

Empire Lines and Leggings

While I have known ladies who could still fit into their pre-pregnancy pants (with the top button unbuttoned) well into their 8th month, I was not one of them. I ended up gaining 23 kilos (50lbs) and not all of it was nestled on my midriff. So I ended up wearing a lot of jeggings and leggings with tunics or empire-waist dresses. (Keeping things in the tunic and dress department meant that I ended up having clothes I could still wear once the baby had come out). Luckily the empire waist was still a big trend on the high street last winter, but it should be quite easy this year too… with all the capes and ponchos in the shops. High boots are also useful for when leggings come up too short.

A Flattering Fit

Maternity Jeans, Long Tall Sally £50

I had actually never worn skinny jeans before my pregnancy as I always thought it made my hips look too wide, but paired with a long top and nice boots, they make for a very flattering and slimming look. I did a lot of layering by wearing long-sleeved tops that would no longer reach my belly button with short-sleeve dresses.

Be Prepared

A woman’s body changes a lot during pregnancy… and it is no longer possible to just walk to the wardrobe in the morning and throw on your favourite outfit. So I spent a few Sundays putting together combinations that would work. It saved me on many a morning when I felt particularly large and ungainly.

 Maiken’s Shopping List:

  •  2 pairs of Jeggings (one size up with a generous elastic waist)
  • 1 pair of maternity skinny jeans
  • 2 pairs of Maternity Tights
  • Several tunics and empire-waist dresses
  • Empire-waist wool winter coat.

Some super tips there from a Mum who knows best. Maiken spent a lot of time in H+M when she was doing her maternity shopping… stocking up on items that would still be wearable long after little Linda was born. If you need a specilalist retailer (for long-length maternity trousers/ leggings/ empire dresses), then check out Long Tall Sally’s Maternity range, Pixie and Giraffe or the Tall Maternity Store.

L xx

All Bump and no Trousers.

Yesterday I announced to my husband that I wasn’t prepared to have children, ever.

A little dramatic perhaps, and not particularly fair considering the ideas and conversations we’d had pre-wedding, but my bold statement came with good reason. A few hours earlier I had started researching an article (that would be this one) about maternity-wear for stylish tall women. The choice available was not particularly overwhelming.

Upon discovering that Topshop trousers do not go up to the required 36” in their maternity range, I went into a bit of a blind panic… and I’m not even attempting to get pregnant. Most highstreet shops that are open-minded enough to have a tall range fail to combine them with their maternity wear.

I had always fantasised that when I did eventually become pregnant, I would be a glamorous Holly Willoughby/ Victoria Beckham-esque Mum-to be, and I was slowly coming to the realisation that my life could consist of tracksuit bottoms and smock tops.

But before you start taking your Topshop skinny jeans to the tailors for adjustment (The thought had crossed my mind), there are a few options available:

Bundle Maternity Jeans, Long Tall Sally £50

Long Tall Sally offers a small range of maternity clothes with some good basics – denim skirt, jeans, work trousers and leggings. Trousers go up to 36”. (International Delivery)

Pixie and Giraffe (Love this name!) specialises in maternity trousers for the very petite to the very tall mum-to-be. (Up to 36”). Managing director Katie Stagg saw a gap in the market when she became pregnant herself and was struggling to find clothes long enough. (International Delivery)

Beanpole Bumps has a range that includes long tops, nursing dresses, nightwear and swimwear for leggy mummies. Trousers go up to 37” and the website includes review sections from lots of happy customers. (Does not currently ship to US).

The Tall Maternity Store carries a wide range of casual and work trousers with up to a 37” inseam. (International Delivery). Founder Gillian aims to provide “first class customer service  and reasonably priced, good quality and fashionable maternity wear”. The range is currently expanding so expect new jean styles and a maxi dress to be added very soon. And if any mums-to-be have suggestions for new products… the team are always interested to hear from them!

Of course, there are a few saving graces for the tall pregnant woman; leggings are fortunately still enjoying a fashion moment (Topshop/ Dorothy Perkins are always good), empire-line tops can be worn again to save you money (Next, New Look and again Topshop are great for these), and stretchy dresses look fabulous on a statuesque frame (Isabella Oliver does the most heavenly slinky red maternity number… a little on the pricey side… but a pregnant woman still deserves to make heads turn….)

Tall Bronze Kimono Tunic, Topshop £35

Ruched One-shoulder Dress, Isabella Oliver £109

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